Tuesday, April 12, 2011

White Collar - Favorite Season 1 Episode - Poll - Part 2

Happy White Collar Tuesday! Less than 2 months to go before season 3 begins. We're starting to get interviews, pictures, and all kinds of goodies. Today let's look back of the final 7 episodes of season 1, when the music box was a mystery and Neal's focus was on finding Kate. Choose your favorite 2 episodes so we can have the ultimate episode poll next week. For me, it's hard to pick between Home Invasion because I love Alex and it was funny seeing Peter and Neal try to live together and Out of the Box with its perfect cliffhanger. Bottlenecked is a definite pick for me.

1.08 - Hard Sell - Peter and Neal infiltrate Wall Street to take down a bogus stock scheme.
1.09 - Bad Judgment - Neal and Peter take on Fowler and a bribed judge.
1.10 - Vital Signs - When Neal finds that June's niece has been taken off the donor list, he and Peter investigate a doctor with his own agenda.
1.11 - Home Invasion - Alex! Peter moves in with Neal. And there's a case about stolen Chinese artifacts.
1.12 - Bottlenecked - An old rival of Neal's challenges him to recreate a Ben Franklin bottle of wine.
1.13 - Front Man - Neal is kidnapped by an old rival and Peter has to get him back.
1.14 - Out of the Box - Garrett Fowler offers Neal a life with Kate in exchange for the music box.

Results from Last Week:

The favorite season 1 episode (first half) was Free Fall with 42 votes (44%).
The Pilot was the second favorite as 32% with 31 votes.

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