Tuesday, April 5, 2011

White Collar - Favorite Season 1 Episode - Poll - Part 1

Happy White Collar Tuesday! Today we flash back to season 1. Looking at the first 7 episodes of White Collar, we had some great quips, better characters, and interesting cases. Which was your favorite? I'm leaning towards the Pilot, simply because I loved the case, Mark Sheppard as guest star, and it did a really good of introducing the characters. Here's a brief synopsis of the episodes we are voting on:

1.01 Pilot - Neal trades prison for the FBI to help Peter catch the Dutchman, who is faking Spanish Victory bonds.

1.02 Threads - During Fashion Week, Peter and Neal catch the Ghost who embeds euro counterfeiting info in a dress.

1.03 Book of Hours - A church Bible is stolen; Neal and Peter must get it back to stop a mob war.

1.04 Flip of the Coin - An Iraqi war veteran is framed for looting and it's up to the team to prove how.

1.05 The Portrait - Peter and Neal must find a stolen portrait and determine its rightful owner - an art museum or Holocaust survivor.

1.06 All In - Neal infiltrates a high-stakes gambling ring to find a kidnapped FBI agent working undercover.

1.07 Free Fall - Peter must prove Neal innocent of a diamond forgery, while Garrett Fowler investigates them both.

Results of Last Week's Poll:

Burke's Seven won with 32% of the votes.
Power Play (one of my top 10 favorites) placed second with 23% of the votes.
In third place came Under the Radar with 19%.

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