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Supernatural - 6.17 - My Heart Will Go On - Recap

Previously - Ellen and Jo knew John Winchester, Ellen hated being out of the loop, Ellen and Jo died nobly, Cas rebelled against the Apocalypse, Balthy admired, Raphael started a civil war, souls are powerful, Rufus was awesome, a worm-possessed Bobby killed Rufus, Eve is ticked, and Bobby grieved Rufus - that's a lot.

In Chester, Pennsylvania, a man drinks and works with tools. His beer is suddenly moved and when he goes to get it, he starts a chain reaction involving nails, a broom, a skateboard, and balls. It ends with beheading by garage door in a truly gross still. Moral: Either drinking and tools are a lethal combination or never prop up your garage door with a two-by-four. You choose. Several people complained about the Rube Goldberg-esque, complicated death but I thought it was fun. But no, I haven't seen Final Destination. Ominous music plays as we pan in on the condensation where the beer used to be. You know, in case, someone missed that it started the whole chain of events.

In one of tonight's funniest scenes, Dean and Sam watch while Bobby researches and downs a constant stream of hunter's helper. They mouth a conversation that boils down to: "You talk to him." "No, you talk to him." Frankly, I'm surprised Sam didn't start right in because he's usually the brother sent in when sensitivity is needed. This time it's settled with rock-paper-scissors. Sam is visibly stunned when Dean, who usually chooses rock, picks scissors. I am greatly amused by Sam's surprise and Dean's smirk. Jensen and Jared have the brother thing down to an art. It's in their faces. Sam clears his throat, but Bobby starts the conversation: "Are you two going to just stand there like the ugly girl at the prom or are you going to pitch in? This so-called Eve, mother whatever, ain't gonna gank herself." Ha! Dean says Bobby hasn't slept in days and needs a break but Bobby sloughs it off. Sam mentions Rufus' death and Bobby denies that his drive isn’t about Rufus. Yeah right! Dean: "Bobby, he wasn't just a poker buddy." Bobby: "You know when I knew Rufus was done for, the day I met him. The only question was who first - Him or me? Now you want to stand there and therapize or you want to get me some coffee. Make it Irish." Poor Bobby.

Dean and Sam head in the kitchen. Dean: "Well, he's doing fantastic." Sam: "Yeah, this isn’t about Rufus at all." Dean asks what they should do. "I mean we can't just sit here and watch him poop out his liver." The writers are fascinated with the word "poop" these days. Like elementary kids. Sam suggests they all go on a job. Dean starts, "Hey Grumpy.." but Bobby's right behind him, and while he does want coffee, he doesn't want to go on a job. He kicks Dean and Sam out "for the love of Pete" and the Winchesters are stunned. I understand Bobby here but he shouldn't be there drinking alone.

The brothers pack their stuff and for the love of Detroit, what are they getting into? A black vintage Mustang with orange stripes. It has the original Impala license plate, KAZ 2Y5, which is a dead giveaway that it's not in SPN world. Plus the Mustang is the car Kripke originally wanted for the series. Now I like a Mustang as much as the next woman, but this is sacrilege. The Impala is as much a part of the show as the brothers. It would be like suddenly seeing a short, blond Sam in the passenger seat. Very unsettling. Sam wants to wait until "she" gets back and anyone who hasn't seen the promos wonders who "she" is. Dean says "she" called from the road and is on her way so there's not much they can do. "You really want to sit around and smell him stew in his juices." That sways Sam, "Drive." They pull out and it's a crime to put those ugly orange stripes on a beautiful Mustang - Impala notwithstanding. I wonder if TPTB thought we would not notice a new car without them. They of little faith. (shakes head)

Bobby goes for more alcohol when a shotgun stops him. Howdy, Ellen. It's great to see you again! "Tell me you haven't been drinking this whole time." Bobby: "You're worse than the boys. I'm working." So how does alcohol help medieval research?" Ellen doesn't buy it either. "I'm gone for a week and this place goes completely to hell. What is wrong with you, Bobby Singer?" "Get a pen. It's a long list." "You smell like a bar.." I love watching these two banter. It' s the highlight of this episode for me. Ellen distracts me by mentioning hunting with Jo. Good to know she's alive somewhere else. Ellen stops unpacking groceries to empathize with Bobby over Rufus' death. It's a small moment in a small scene, but it's clear how significant they are to each other. Ellen: "Go wash up. I'll fix you something." Moment over. This is why they are perfect together. They show they care and move on before things get maudlin and uncomfortable. I don't know why I didn't see Bobby and Ellen together earlier. Bobby calls Ellen a pain and she responds, "That's why you married me." Love, love it! What an excellent alter-verse this is. As Bobby walks away, the smile fades from Ellen's face and she mourns for him. Excellent scene by two accomplished actors.

I wish we could stay in the moment but we're at Beheaded's house with Dean and Sam. No spirits but they do find a string. In a garage. I don't think that's special but it's glitter means something to Sam. He rubs it on a flower pot and proclaims the think glittery streak it leaves behind to be gold. Now my geology days are far behind me, but no way gold leaves that streak on clay. The clay would streak on the gold. Moh's hardness scale, folks. Besides, real gold isn't glittery. Sam asks, "Why would a handy man have gold just lying around in his garage?" Better question - who takes gold and turns it to a thread? Waste of good gold. My gut tells my brain to shut up and move on. Dean: "I mean accidents don't just happen..accidentally." Huh? That's T-Mobile ad logic Dean. Although in Supernatural, accidents and coincidence always end up anything but. They split up. Sam to records and Dean to interview.

At a jerk lawyer's office, Dean sits patiently while the lawyer yells at his mom. Dean's there as a genealogy student. The lawyer is too busy to talk about his dead cousins but Dean presses on. In a rush, he goes right for "what's wrong with your family." "Something so dark it would sully future generations." You sound more like a tabloid writer than a genealogist, Dean. Jerk Lawyer agrees, especially when asked about slaves, Nazis, and gypsies. "Routine question." BWAH!!! Laughing too hard to breathe here. Way to get yourself thrown out without answers. Dean warns that Jerk Lawyer's life is in danger and he might die, which he takes as a threat. Meanwhile Sam leaves the courthouse; the family is squeaky clean there too. "What, no severed horse head?" Sam: "Four generations of picket fence." Dean steps into the oh-so-wrong Mustang wondering why the Walton's are dying. I wonder if I would like the Mustang if it had been the original car. I probably would have. I'm easy that way.

At the Tourists for Castro Travel Agency, Anne Witting tries to convince a customer that Priceline is not the answer. In alter-verse Cuba loves Americans and cigars aren't embargoed. However, the power of William Shatner is still absurdly strong. Fate stops time to move the doomed woman's keys. As time unfreezes, Anne loses another customer and that's the good news. She picks up the keys, knocking a vase on the copier. Unlike normal people, she touches the copier as it's sparking and leans over it to turn it off. Hey Brilliance, back off or at least go around to the plug and not over a sparking appliance. Her scarf gets caught in the paper entrance, strangling her. Score one for my friend Airbat who called it from the beginning of the scene. A callous Fate writes the death in her notebook. When Dean and Sam break in, they find another gold thread. Problem is she's not related to Jerk Lawyer. So much for the cursed family theory. May I point out that once again the brothers investigate a crime scene sans gloves.

Dean calls Ellen, who explains that 75 people died in "accidents" nationwide. "I've got Jo and her crew working on a cluster in California." Let's think about that sentence folks. Jo and HER crew? Things are definitely different here. I wonder if Jo is Bobby's daughter instead of step. Speaking of, Ellen takes a beer away from Bobby who protests as I laugh. She has Bobby working the gold thread clue, proving she wears the pants in this hunting ring. Dean asks how Bobby's doing. "Oh don't worry. I'm kicking his a** back to hells and happiness." Ha! She's just what Bobby needs. Ellen assures Dean that he'll be okay and Dean asks if she is. Aw! This Dean is more up with feelings talk than "real" Dean. Ellen: "Oh honey, you're sweet. You know me, I just worry about you boys." Aw! Ellen exposits all victims had relatives on the Titanic. She ends the conversation to add salt and beer to the stew. Ha! For those of you keeping track, Dean and Sam are staying in the White Star Motel, named after the company that owned the Titanic. The floor is similar to first class public rooms and its fussy wall design is modeled after the Titanic's gilded furnishings. The rectangular pattern on the divider is similar to the doors and second class furniture. Although the Titanic was not all black and white, the set people did a great job invoking the spirit of the Titanic in the room. I love when they add in these kind of details.

Sam researches the Titanic and exposits the ship missed the iceberg thanks to First Mate I. P. Freely. Not surprising, it's Balthazar, who has a 6th grade humor. Ugh! The brothers break out handy angel-summoning ingredients that I guess they keep in the Mustang. How many times have they called angels? Balthy: "Boys, boys, boys. Whatever can I do for you?" For the record I like Balthy. They question him about the Titanic's real story. He is no James Cameron fan; he likes Celine Dion even less. "Because that go-awful Celine Dion song made me want to smite myself." Bwah! Sam asks who Dion is. "Oh she's a destitute lounge singer somewhere in Quebec." I snicker snort. Although in all fairness, Dion did fine before the Titanic film; he'd have to strike down Disney's "Beauty and the Beast" instead. Sam and I are astounded by Balthy's audacity; he's shocked the Winchesters belittle the lives he saved. Sam: "You totally Butterfly Effect-ed history." Dean: "Dude, rule #1 - no Kutcher references." Ha! Balthy explains the Apocalypse was averted, but details were changed like no Impalas. Dean and Sam look puzzled while I rant about a world without Metallicar. "Trust me it's not important." Say what? She's on record as the most important object in the universe. How did they stop Satan in this world without her?

Balthy also mentions that Ellen and Jo are alive, throwing the brothers for a loop. Balthy yammers in the background but what's important is watching Dean and Sam process that info. Excellent job from both. Balthy: "Anyway, let's agree I did a good thing. One less Billy Zane movie and I saved two of your closest friends." Ha! Who's Balthy after next, Leo and Kate? Sam reminds him that people will die and Dean says they can't stop it unless they know who's doing it. Balthy: "I'm sorry. You have me confused with the other angel. You know the one in the dirty trench coat who's in love with you. I don't care." I wouldn't care either Balthy but you just made Destiel somewhat canon and for that you must die. Writers, please stop catering to a small faction of the Supernatural fandom for your jokes. It annoys the rest of us who have to listen to them. Thankfully Balthy disappears. Dean: "Son of a b***" I completely agree. He should have vanished earlier and saved us from the writers.

The brothers call Bobby who recaps for the inattentive. He says it makes sense and Sam and I do a retake. Bobby names the Fates monster of the week. Sam clarifies for us and Dean calls him a nerd. I expected a comeback here to make this the new Jerk - B** combo. Nope. Bobby: "So if you get creamed by a garage door or crunched by a copy machine, they're the ones who hammer out the details of how you die." No wonder the deaths are creative. It must be tiring to go centuries saying heart attack, car accident, cancer , repeat. Did the Fates create bird flu too? They use gold thread to assign your death "and then one of them writes it all down in her Dayrunner of Death." Bwah! I'm using this line somewhere. Bobby suggests the angels resink the Titanic, since they can't Fate. Dean says no way, but Bobby counters: "Big difference between dying awful and never being born, Dean." Dean emphatically declares they will not sink the boat, giving Bobby pause. "What's got your panties in a clench?" Dean's "nothing" is a neon sign. "Try that again." I love when Bobby goes all parental on the Winchesters. Dean explains that Ellen and Jo will die if they resink the Titanic. It hits Bobby hard. He glances at a picture of Ellen and him. "OK, you two, listen up. You make sure…keep those angels from sinking that boat. You understand me." I expect to hear "Yes sir." It's that much of an order. Fabulous scene! Bobby completely changes his tune when itinvolves people he loves.

The brothers question how to keep that order. Dean: "Wow, he's bad enough with her. Think how he'd be if she were gone." Poor Bobby. Sam reminds us they need to save 50,000 people and Dean has no freaking clue how to do it. Their only lead is Jerk Lawyer, so they follow him. The Mustang's doors squeak like Metallicar. Aw. They call out to Jerk Lawyer who almost gets hit by a car. Sam pulls him out of the way and he accuses them of almost killing him. Right before he gets hit by bus #666. BWAH! Dean: "You've got to be kidding me." Nope, that bus really has an ad of Jerk Lawyer giving a thumbs up. Dean and I are amused; Sam not so much. "Yeah Dean. I'm pretty sure 6 seconds is too soon." I snicker anyway. Looking over, Sam sees Fate, whom he says looks like a librarian. Shout out to all the librarians in the world, but trust me, we don't look like Elle Woods in glasses. Dean: "Your kind of librarian or my kind of librarian?" Sam: "Well she was wearing clothes if that's what you mean." Ha! Dean starts over but Sam stops him. Dean: "We're not on the hit list. We have nothing to do with the boat. Let's go talk to her." By talk, he means shoot with a gun. Not sure this is a smart plan because if guns don't kill her, and what god gets taken down by bullets, then all they will do is tick her off. They already have enough powerful creatures ticked at them.

For plot reasons, Sam doesn't protest. They enter a dark restaurant with a clock ticking in the background. Nope that's not more ominous than the strident music. Fate turns on the gas but not the pilot light to the burners. The brothers search as their flashlight goes out. Sam asks if Dean has a lighter. I asks if they remember nothing from their earlier encounters. Dead flashlight always means run; it's never the batteries. That's Supernatural 101, guys. They enter the room with Dean trying to flick his Bic to no avail. It sparks as they enter the room of gas, which for some reason they could not smell. Yeah right! This whole scene screams of check your brain at the door.

Cas zaps them to White Russia just in time. Dean asks, "Are you aware about what your frat bro did?" Ha! I can see Balthy in a frat house. Cas is aware of his impetuousness. I'd call it reckless endangerment but semantics. Dean: "Well, riddle me this. If Fate's going after the boat people, why'd she try to waste me and Sam?" Cas: "Well, I imagine she harbors a certain degree of rage toward you." Sam, do you really have to ask why? Cas: "Nothing of import; just the tiny matter of averting the Apocalypse and rendering her obsolete. I think maybe she's a little irritated about that." Um…question? Wouldn't the Apocalypse render her obsolete? After all, kill billions of people and there's no one left for you to screw with. Sounds like the Winchesters kept her in the game. Dean: "So we've p*** Fate off personally." Stellar. That's what? 382 Big Bads who want you dead. Cas says she won't stop until they die, so they have to kill her first. He makes it sound so easy. Of course, Balthy has a weapon. How convenient these heaven weapons are! Dean: "You need new friends Cas." Cas: "I'm trying to save the ones I have Dean." The first time, I thought he was talking about angels in the civil war, but popular opinion says he means Dean and Sam. Either works for me. They all agree it's time to "tempt Fate" or in other words, the Winchesters are bait AGAIN in heaven's war. At least this time Cas lets them know about it in advance. How sweet!

Back at Bobby and Ellen's, she hangs up the phone admonishing Jo to be careful. The death's are picking up. Ellen questions how Dean and Sam can stop Fate. Bobby: "It's the boys. If anybody can pull this out of their a**, it's those two." Bobby protests Ellen saying they should sink the boat. "Because right now they're all dying bloody. It's not the same as never being born." OK. This is the second time we've heard this. That's about as clear foreshadowing that Supernatural gives. Does this mean something for future episodes? Or is it the writers' hamfisted way of showing Bobby changed his mind because he loves Ellen and Jo? There are far better ways to segue into a conversation with Ellen than this. Bobby: "You're talking about people. People who are loved, who'd be missed." Sorry Bobby, but if they never existed, they aren't missed. Just saying. Ellen knows something's up. "Oh please, you are a neon sign. So I can beat it out of you or we can just skip that part. Dealer's choice." Bwah! Love this side of Ellen. She'd definitely win. I feel cheated that we don’t see Bobby explain, but love her reaction. "So not just me, but Jo too?" The camera pans in on Samantha Ferris and Jim Beaver's eyes. You see every flicker of emotion. Brilliant. Bobby promises that they won't sink the boat and I think Bobby promises are a lot like Winchester ones. Shouldn't happen. Ellen braves if it was meant to be then que sera. Bobby refutes Fate and Ellen says to relax. "I can't. We need you, especially me." Yes, this conversation actually brought tears to my eyes. And yes, it is allergy season. Aw, Bobby gets screwed thrice this episode. Ellen smiles and says she knows as they join hands. The sad music of unhappy endings trolls as we pan out. Man, I love these two. Somebody better write awesome alter-verse fanfic because I totally ship Ellen and Bobby now. Is it just me or did this conversation remind you of the Tess-Dean conversation in In My Time of Dying, with Ellen playing the Tess fate card and Bobby taking Dean's "I make my own destiny" pro-freewill stance.

In a break from sadness, Dean and Sam walk through a park tempting Fate to the tune of Blondie's "One Way or Another." Perfect! They avoid skateboards, bikes, and dogs. There is no way to say in words how funny this is. It's all in how uncomfortable the brothers' body language is. Watch it while listening to Blondie. They stop outside a crowd watching some idiots juggle hatchets, knives, and flaming torches. For reasons unknown to general mankind, instead of going around the crowd, they walk straight through the performance. Way to be rude guys! The funniest parts are Dean's facial expressions with the dogs and Sam getting stuck between flaming torches. These two are great at physical comedy. They manage to get safely past a man messing with a nail gun and wonder if Fate's around. Dean: "I mean who do you have to kill to get killed around here." Watch what you wish for. A large appliance falls above them a la Mystery Spot.

Cas (or Fate) freezes time right before the Winchesters become sidewalk goo. Fate, whose real name is Atropos, approaches Castiel. Cas says she looks good, but she's not buying it. Considering you have been portrayed as an old crone in Greek mythology, I'd say you've looked worse. "Talk. About what? Maybe about how you and those two circus clowns destroyed my work. You ruined my life!" Someone is defined by their work. Try a hobby. Cas: "Let's not get emotional." Seriously, Cas, the woman screams drama queen. "Not get emotional. I had a job. God gave me a job. We all had a script. I worked hard; I was really, really good at what I did until the day of the big prize fight. And then what happens? You throw out the book." Change isn't easy for gods. I love her uptight character because even though her job involves killing people, she still reminds me of past co-workers. So intense she's frightening. Cas preaches freedom, but Atropos calls it chaos. Based on what I've seen on Supernatural, she has a point.

Atropos is in a tizzy because she went to heaven to find God and no one would talk to her. I'd guess she stomped her feet and pouted. "But I don't know what happens next. I need to know; it's what I do." Cas tries to fire Fate but I'm not sure he has that power. OK, Cas pushed her over the edge now - well the Titanic thing too. "You changed the future. You cannot change the past. That is going too far." Cas blames Balthy when Fate drops an anvil right on my skull. It was Cas, not Balthy? Balthy works for Cas? Since when? Cas wanted souls from the Titanic to fight his war? What in Hades is going on here? Fate suggests Cas is minting souls like money, which sounds like a bad soul inflation scam. Nothing good comes from that. She threatens Cas, who goes all heavenly dictator on her. He says she has no choice but she counters that she will kill Dean and Sam if he doesn't resink the Titanic. Cas asks if she wants to test him and it looks like a holy showdown will commence. Fate agrees Cas may be able to kill her, but she has two bigger sisters. "Kill me, Sam and Dean are target 1 for simple vengeance. You're not fighting a war or anything right? You can watch them every millisecond of every day because maybe you've heard, Fate strikes when you least expect it." Cas swallows because she's got him. He calls off Balthazar who is about to knife her. Balthy: "Oh, awkward." Fate: "Set things right before I flick your precious boys off a cliff just on principle." BWAH! I love Fate. She needs to come back. Balthy: "Um, sweetie, before we go, I could remove that stick from…" Fate cuts him off. Being repressed and uptight works for her. Balthy: "Well, leave it inserted then." (loud guffaws echo the house) They all disappear as the appliance crashes to a sidewalk without Dean and Sam.

In a twist of Fate I never thought to hear on Supernatural, the power ballad roar of Celine Dion crashes through the Impala's speakers. I'm not sure how to react. I'm appalled and amused by the music, thrilled to have Dean's baby back, and stumped by what just happened. Dean is thrown too as he turns the music off and hits Sam awake. They argue about who had the strangest dream. "20 bucks says mine was weirder." Dean cries Titanic, stunning Sam. Dean: "What? Is something on my face?" Sam: "Did it not sink because Balthazar.." Dean finishes, "Had a hate on for Billy Zane? Why are you having my dreams?" BWAAH!! Cas interrupts which is good because I don't get why they still remember if the past was restored. Cas says he forced Balthy to resink the Titanic, which spawns a round of Liar, Liar. Sam claims Cas exchanged 50,000 lives for them. Cas: "It's the only way to ensure you were safe." Now, I should be saying Aw right here but instead I wonder what Cas is hiding. I don't buy this explanation. Maybe I want Cas to be the bad guy, but when he spouts off the "never born" philosophy of Bobby and Ellen, I can't help think it will come back to haunt us. Dean mentions Ellen and Jo, and they are sucker punched again. He asks the question I've been shouting for a minute now. Why do they remember? Cas: "I wanted you to know who Fate really is. She's cruel and capricious." I'd say she sees her job as a sacred duty and is very diligent doing it. Dean calls her something else. I'm not sure she's as bad as Cas wants them to think. Cas talks of making your own destiny and touts the fight for freedom line. It's all very patriotic and victory pep talk. I would be really moved if I didn’t distrust every single thing that comes from Cas' mouth these days. Dean: "Did Balthazar really unravel a sweater over a chick flick?" Cas lies badly, reinforcing my distrust. Start spilling Cas or become this season's real Big Bad. Dean: "Might be time to take away his cable privileges. Besides, Titanic didn’t suck that bad." My mouth drops open along with Sam's. I like Titanic and know guys who do but I didn't think Dean would publicly sing its praises. "Winslet's rack." OK, got it. While Sam and Dean smirk, Cas disappears.

Dean thumps his baby twice as the brothers head into Bobby's. Why they were asleep in the yard baffles me but I no longer understand angels. Bobby's sound asleep and snoring on the couch. Sam: "I guess things are back to normal, huh?" Dean: "Normal. Awesome." They agree not to tell Bobby about this adventure and I'm with them. See how remembering heaven in Dark Side of the Moon worked out for them. Sometimes ignorance really is bliss. Dean says to let Bobby sleep. "It's probably the best he's felt all week." Dean walks over to Bobby and takes a book off his lap. He covers him with a blanket and turns off the light. Bobby must be exhausted because hunter's don't usually sleep that deep. As Sam watches Dean with a wistful(?) sad expression on his face, I'm struck by how often in his life Dean probably did this. As a kid, he almost certainly threw a blanket over a sleeping John. As a teen, he surely removed books from a sleeping Sammy. It's a touching gesture that gets to me because I read so much into it. It's a symbol of the love the brothers have for Bobby and a desire to take care of him like he cares for them. I sigh contentedly at this episode….right until I see Bobby's picture on the end table. I know we are supposed to remember the same picture with Bobby and Ellen in it. I, however, wonder why Bobby displays a picture of himself. He doesn't seem the type. And once again in this episode, my head wrestles with my heart. This time, my head wins.

I enjoyed this episode. It might be post-hiatus glow, but I thought the humor was funnier than most episodes. I loved the physical comedy, body language and facial expressions that sold every moment. I thought the one-liners were particularly great. Bobby and Ellen are made of solid win and I wish we had more moments with them. The depth of emotion was perfect for me. Enough to show how much the characters mean to each other, but not overblown with dramatic speeches and glorified sentiment. I even like my suspicions of Cas because if rumors that they will kill Eve off this season are true, I would love a twist with Cas as the season's true Big Bad. However, I didn’t mention the Things That Confuse Me List because it takes a notebook this episode. There are so many times we have to suspend belief that I have a hard time shutting it all off. The best way I can describe it is that while my heart and my gut give this episode an A+++, my head can't get beyond a low B, dimming some of my joy. All in all, this would been in my top 3 episodes this season, if I could shut the nagging voice in my brain off. You know, I'm going to view this as the Bobby and Ellen show and just forget all the pesky angel stuff. Yep, now this episode is made of win.

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