Friday, April 1, 2011

Supernatural - 6.15 - The French Mistake - Favorite Scene Poll

OK, say it with me: "Only 14 days until the end of the mini-hiatus!" Everyone excited now? Tonight's previously run episode (read repeat) was The French Mistake, and after the downers of Unforgiven and Mannequin 3, we got some humor at last. Just for the record, I find this episode growing on me. Being a non-fan of meta episodes, I originally thought that I liked it because I had such low expectations. After seeing it tonight, I think it's simply a funny episode and well-done.

Since we have so many choices in this round for favorite scene, let's each pick our top 2. I'm torn. The bad acting scene makes me howl every time, Kripke's death was epic with the music to match, and the brothers' reaction to first seeing "Ruby" is priceless. Still, I'll have trouble deciding because Real-Misha tweeting while Fake-Misha tweeted may be my absolute favorite demolishing of the 4th wall ever. Can we call it the 5th wall, it's so awesome? Have fun voting and don't forget to comment below. Also, help me out by commenting on your favorite line too. I think we need a follow-up poll for this one.

Results from Mannequin 3 favorite scene poll:

The Impala attacks had 76 votes, 25%
Sam waking up from hell memory was second with 24% (69 votes)
The brothers talking at the end received 51 votes
My favorite "Ben lets dean have it" came in fourth

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