Friday, April 8, 2011

Supernatural - Weekend at Bobby's - Favorite Scene Poll

One more week....time for the happy dance. While Supernatural will air a new episode next week (signal applause, big grins, and general joy), we did have Weekend at Bobby's tonight. A little odd that we did not get And then There Were None - can anyone explain that one? Still, WaB is one of the best episodes of this season for me. And no it isn't because Jensen Ackles directed it. It's because it had great insight on one of my favorite characters, lots of Crowley snark, and the debut of the funniest hunting partnership around - Rufus and Bobby. Plus, wood chipper trumps everything. For me the best scenes are Rufus and Bobby burying the okami, Bobby killing the okami with the wood chipper, and of course, his verbal smack down of the Winchester duo. They sorely needed someone to say it. So, what was your favorite part? Vote and sound off below.

Results of Last Week's Poll - Favorite Scene in French Mistake:

Bad acting - take 228 = 178 votes or 33%
Fake-Misha tweets a lot = 68 votes (12%)
Fake-Gen introduced at the Padalecki McMansion = 52 votes (8%)

All in all, great choices!

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