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White Collar - Treasure Theories - Poll

Calling all White Collar fans - welcome to White Collar Tuesdays. Since we are unfortunately in hiatus, I am going to pass the time with polls, articles, recaps, and general White Collar fun until new episodes return. Today we start with 2 polls but I would love your suggestions. Please leave in the comments what you would like to see featured on White Collar Tuesdays.

Poll #1 - Who stole the treasure and left it for Neal?

There are lots of possibilities with this one. Some are plausible; some would take massive ret-conning. Here's my breakdown.

Not on my radar:

Adler - While Adler obviously had the location, resources, and manpower, he was going to kill Neal for stealing his treasure. The only way this works is if he had a split personality and nothing hinted at this.

Peter - This would take a huge rewrite for the character. I don't see Peter becoming the bad guy next season.

Elizabeth - Equally ridiculous to me. She and Peter are the moral compass of the show.

Diana/Jones - Again it wouldn't fit the characters, especially with the con vs. normality theme they pushed this season. Plus, they are very loyal to Peter.


Neal - He is a con man and has been known to pull off some amazing jobs, but ever since the Peter-Kate cliffhanger, I don't believe what they are trying to make us think. He did find Adler's warehouse very easily, he may have the resources to pull off the job, and he definitely has the skill. My problem is that he would not have much time to pull the con together, he was wearing the anklet when he went to the storeroom (not smart if you know the stolen treasure is there), and the job would require a lot of manpower.

June - She has a lot of resources, knows her way around the criminal world, and is still very much a mystery to us. She also has access to Neal's apartment so she could get the picture and leave the key. However, this is too big a heist for someone out of the game for that long. If June is the mastermind, I will be pleasantly surprised. It would definitely give her a bigger place in season 3, but Neal would need a new place to live when she was caught.

Matthew Keller - He escaped jail, can plan big cons, and seems really resourceful. He also hates Neal and needs to keep a low profile. If Keller stole it, I don’t know why he would lead Neal to it. He's more likely to hide part of it and use the rest to pay off the mob before buying a fortified island. (I still hope we see him again though.)

Neal's dad - We know he was a crooked cop. SPOILER - We've heard he will appear in an episode in season 3. What better way to get back into your son's life than with a multi-billion dollar gift. Still, we know little about him. Surely, if he had this many resources and was this involved in the criminal underworld, Neal would have heard about him earlier.


Alex - Probably the best contender is Alex. She has the criminal connections, skill, and most importantly, she's the only criminal Neal knows besides Mozzie who is likely to share with him. There is also still the very real possibility that she knew more about the warehouse's location than she let on.

Mozzie - He's clever and has a way with information gathering. If anyone could find where the warehouse was, it is Mozzie. Like Alex, he would share with Neal and he has great access to Neal's things. He's in touch with practically all the criminal players in New York and they seem to have a grudging respect for him.

Sara - She has a wide variety of resources and knows a lot of criminals. True, she did put them away but she's got connections. More importantly, she needs a story next season if she's going to be a regular. Being Neal's girlfriend doesn't seem like enough. Or maybe it's just that I might like her better if she goes rogue too.

Unknown person who will be important later - In all honesty, I expect the heist to become another music box scenario where we don't know the real culprit for a couple of years. Why then would it have to be someone we've already met? Shadowy government conspiracy? Mob family? Person from Neal's past? Half the fun would be in the clues we got prior to meeting them.

My vote - Neal's dad. Sure it's unlikely, but think of how much fun we could have with it.
What do you think? Vote, then comment below!

Poll #2 - What do you think Neal will do with it?

Thanks for voting! Don't forget to leave your comments and theories. Hiatus goes by faster when we all discuss.

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