Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Supernatural Fandom (Huge Sigh) - A Call for Truce

Supernatural is my favorite show. I love the banter; I love the family first attitude; I love the action and classic rock. Normally, I love everything about this show, including our passionate, loyal, and driven fandom. I can't say that today.

Most Supernatural fans are fabulous people. They rise to a challenge, be it to win a TV Guide cover or help out in Haiti. They support each other and encourage each other to try new things. They give positive feedback for whatever new skill you are learning from how to make a fanvid or a first try at fanfiction or even recaps when they don't always agree with you. When someone is new to the fandom, they are welcomed with open arms. I've received a lot of well-wishes from Supernatural fans and I've watched them rally to comfort the worldwide Supernatural community when disaster strikes. Compassion is strong with this fandom.

Unfortunately, we can be divisive, petty, and brutal too. Today, I watched a website get taken over by brother wars. It was ugly and it was unnecessary and it was equally bad on both sides. Unfortunately in this fandom, personal attacks, name calling, and a self-righteous tunnel vision abound. From the ones who "start" things to the ones who will not let them go, today the words "Supernatural fan" leave a bad taste in my mouth. It leaves me heartsick and questioning.

Is this really the same fandom that banded together to win the TV Guide cover? Is this really the same fandom who let the CW know exactly what we thought when they postponed Like a Virgin? It seems like the only time we work together is when we feel we have to prove something or when someone outside our fandom attacks our show. Now, before I get people hating me, I know this isn't everyone. It isn't even the majority, but it gives all of us a bad name - something the cast and crew of Supernatural do not deserve.

I'm a big fan of differing opinions. I am a big fan of being about to share both your praise and your concerns in an online fandom. Having to only talk in hyperbole of how awesome things are does not help anyone and will kill a fandom fast. All I'm asking is for us to remember that we are on the same side. Our love of Supernatural and other similarities need to overshadow our different opinions. Mostly, we need to respect each other and we need to grow a thicker skin.

I am sick of going on the internet and seeing a logical debate or an opinion lead to bitterness and name calling. I don't care if you prefer one brother over another or you love/hate season 6 or if you think angels were the best/worst thing that ever happened to the show. I encourage you to talk about what you don't like as well as what you do. Just please, can we start doing it without endless sarcasm and personal attacks? And yes, it is coming from both sides. If we can't agree on a subject, how about agreeing to disagree or even, maybe, ignoring the person? Let's not add insult to insult and keep escalating matters until there is only anger and pettiness left. Let's not fly off the handle at every little thing, assuming someone is saying something they may not be. Let's agree that everyone has the right to their opinion and speak with a little tact instead of making matters worse.

At the end of the day, what matters is the Winchester brothers riding in that sweet Impala with Bobby and Cas at the ready. What matters is that we have more seasons to enjoy the dynamics, twists, and great one-liners. Let's not be the show's biggest demons because sometimes I think the real Big Bad of Supernatural is ourselves. We can do mighty things when we work together. Let's band together to make the online Supernatural world as awesome as our love for this show.

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