Friday, March 11, 2011

Supernatural - Like a Virgin - Favorite Scene Poll

So, we've hit a short hiatus which means no "What Did You Think..." polls until a new episode airs. However, I don't like the idea of not talking about Supernatural until April, so I thought we could talk about our favorite scene after a rerun airs. Feel free to add favorite lines, etc. in the comments. Also add if your opinion of the episode has changed at all.

Before the poll though, here are the results of the fan poll we did earlier asking Supernatural fans what gender and age they were. Thanks to everyone who participated!

Female = 84% and male = 16%. There were 1,274 votes placed. I guess that stereotype is true - that most of the online, vocal fans are female. Makes me appreciate our vocal male fans even more. I would say that there are plenty Supernatural male fans who may be intimidated by the fringe ultracrazy part of SPN fandom. They scare me too!

The age poll was more interesting to me. We had 1600 people vote. In the end it broke down like this:

20-29 years old = 45%
13-19 years old = 20%
30-39 years old = 17%
40-49 = 12%
50-59 = 4%
60-69 = 1%
70-79, over 79, and under 12 = less than 1% each

Now on to the poll, what was your favorite part of Like a Virgin? PICK TWO!!!

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