Monday, March 14, 2011

Supernatural - Season 6 - Twists and Spoilers - What's Your Theory?

So Paley gave us a lot to think about. Here's some things we know about the rest of season 6 - SPOILERS AHEAD.

1. Sam's wall crashes hard in the finale.
2. At least 2 people die. Kripke calls them unexpected.
3. The final two episodes, although airing on the same night, will not run seamlessly. They will be two different episodes.
4. There is a "larger" and "more epic" confrontation with Eve than we expect.
5. The angel civil war will get extended playtime, including Castiel's childhood and new lieutenant, Rachel.
6. This season ends on a cliffhanger that will leave us "tearing our hair out." That's a given, from Kripke.
7. The season finale sets up a whole new beginning.
8. The brothers stay a "cohesive unit" and Dean goes into big brother mode.
9. We've got some big twists coming our way.
10. Episode 20 will be very emotional.
11. The brothers go back in time to get the Colt.
12. All signs point to a season 7 renewal.

Now comes the hard part - figuring out what it all means. So give us your best theories, throw out the things that have been niggling at your since they aired. It sounds like all bets are off in these last episodes. Also, feel free to add in what you want to see happen. We've heard the amulet is not coming back this season (sniff), but I for one am hoping that Bobby and the Impala make it out in one piece. That means out on earth in our reality, by the way, not stuck in purgatory or on an astral plane.

What's your theory? Here's part of mine - reposted from my earlier comment on SpoilerTV, but what can I say, it's almost 2:00 am here and I have to work tomorrow.

Cas has been secretly working with Crowley the entire time in order to win the angel war. Cas did that burn thing knowing beforehand that it would get them both exactly what they wanted. When Crowley shows up again, Cas picks him over the Winchesters leading to betrayal on a cosmic level (or normal SPN). Rachel will have something to do with it to. Perhaps Eve does too.

So that's my opinion, but I'm rarely correct when it comes to SPN finales.

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