Sunday, December 19, 2010

Supernatural - Weekly Question #3 - Nominating Phase

Supernatural - Weekly Question #3

Results from last week's contest:  The votes are in for Best Death and the winners are.....

Best Visceral Death - Ruby in Lucifer Rising (209 votes) and then Zachariah in Point of No Return (177 votes)

Best Emotional Death - Sam in All Hell Breaks Loose (266 votes) and Ellen and Jo in Abandon All Hope in second (253 votes)

Best Gory Death - Dean in No Rest for the Wicked (252 votes) and the couple eating each other in My Bloody Valentine (220 votes)

We had over 900 votes in the last poll, which is pretty amazing for being about only one show. Let's keep it up and maybe the hiatus won't be so bad.

This week's topic: Best One-Shot PiP (Person in Peril)

This one is harder than I thought.  Many of my favorite characters have been in more than one episode, which automatically keeps them out of the running in this race.  So long, Ronald Resnick, adios Gabriel/Trickster, sayonara Lisa and Ben.  We are looking for characters that have only been in one episode and who did not end up being evil.  Some seasons lend themselves to this; others are a bit harder.  I didn't include season 6 because we are only half way through the season.  I figure we can do season 6 over the even longer summer-hellatus.

Who are your favorite one-shot characters?  Which characters stuck with you long after the episode ended? 
Nominate your favorites either here or at SpoilerTV and discuss.  We will start voting on Wednesday (mid-USA time).  

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