Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Supernatural - Weekly Poll - Best One-Shot Antagonist/Monster (Season 1)

Best One-Shot Antagonist or Monster (Season One)

Our nominations are in and now it's time to vote for the best one-shot antagonist or monster. Today we start with season 1 and I will add a new poll every day until we've finished all 5 seasons. Voting will be for roughly 2 days each season. Vote, pass the word to other Supernatural fans, and please comment on your choices below. Doughnuts may not be love, but comments surely are.

Note: If you nominated a group of people instead of one person, I tried to pick the 2 most important for people to vote on. If there was a different person you wanted to represent your group, let me know and if it isn't too late I will fix it. Examples: for changelings I chose Katie and the realtor; for those infected with the Croatoan virus I chose Pamela, Mrs. Tanner, and Duane Tanner.

Also if you have additional ideas for weekly questions, please add them. We may have enough to get through the winter hiatus but we sure need more to get through the summer one. 16 weeks give or take will require a lot of comment-able ideas to get through.

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