Thursday, December 16, 2010

Supernatural - Weekly Poll - Best Gory Death

Supernatural - Weekly Poll #2 - Best Gory Death

We are now at over 700 votes in the Best Emotional Death. Voting will continue until tonight for Best Visceral Death and tomorrow night for Best Emotional Death.

Now it's time for Best Gory Death. Let's face it - Supernatural has some of the grossest, goriest deaths around and there are plenty of them. These are the 18 gory deaths as nominated by SpoilerTV viewers. Do you cringe at beheaded vampires? Do spell deaths turn your stomach? Do hell hounds have you fleeing a room? (Might need to call Dean and Sam for that one.) Cast your vote and leave a comment.

Oh and just a reminder, next week's question goes up on Monday night (central USA time) for people to nominate their choices. If you are unhappy with the polls, please make sure you check back on Monday and voice your choice.

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