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Quote of the Week - Week of June 12

A weekly feature highlighting the best quotes on TV as picked by the Spoiler TV team. We'd love to hear your picks too so please sound off in the comments below.

12 Monkeys -
1. Jennifer: "They didn't deserve to die. I made them. The Hyenas...they were my fault. And all the people in the hospital. Hundreds of people. Cole, is this what I become in the future? A woman who's failed everyone?" Cole: "No." Jennifer: "Then tell me what happens. How does this end?" Cole: "There are many endings." Jennifer: "Which is the right one?" Cole: "The right the one that you'll choose." (Justyna)

Bones -
1. Brennan: " ...please press the thumbs-up button. I find imbeciles amusing." (Kiarnould) ~Brenan says this to Angela after Brennan, Cam, and Angela watch a couple of dude bros in a viral video, wherein they accidentally decapitate a corpse.

Game of Thrones -
1. Arya: “A girl is Arya Stark of Winterfell and I’m going home.” (Nirat Anop, DarthLocke, and Justyna)
2. The Hound: “Those are your last words, 'f** you'? Come on, you can do better.” Man from the Brotherhood: “C***!” The Hound: “You’re sh** at dying, you know that?” (Nirat Anop)
3. Brienne: “You gave it to me for a purpose. I’ve achieved that purpose.” Jaime: “It’s yours. It will always be yours.” (Nirat Anop)
4. Lady Crane: "Trust me – if my soup didn’t kill you, nothing will." (DarthLocke)
5. The Hound: "F*** your name. Killed you once before, Dondarion. Kill you again." (DarthLocke)
6. Varys: "I can’t go off on a secret mission with the most famous dwarf in the city." (DarthLocke)
7. Cersei: "I choose violence." (DarthLocke)
8. The Hound: "Lots of horrible sh** in this world gets done for something larger than ourselves." (DarthLocke)
9. Edmure: "Tell me. I want to know. I truly do. How do you live with yourself? All of us have to believe that we’re decent, don’t we? We have to sleep at night. How do you tell yourself that you’re decent after everything that you’ve done?" (DarthLocke) ~ I love this one, because of who he also plays on Outlander

Orphan Black -
1. Krystal: “Ok, are you, like, blind? 'Cuz this girl looks nothing like me. Like, first of all, my tits are way bigger, and secondly, even if you could drag a comb through that hair, she's like a 7 on a good day and I've been told I'm a 10.” Sarah: “7?” Felix: “She has a point about your hair.” (Nirat Anop and Darth Locke)
2. Rachel: “You're not immune to me, you cockroach.” (Nirat Anop)
3. Susan: “You are betraying me. You are betraying your sisters and you are betraying yourself.” (Nirat Anop and DarthLocke)
4. Dr. Ian: “Technology is subject to natural selection too, Evie. It changes. It adapts. You're an engineer, you know that. Shh, shh. You built it. Let it take you.” (Nirat Anop and DarthLocke)
5. Krystal: "But I am, like, sick of being yanked around by my brain at this point -- chain at this point." (DarthLocke)
6. Scott: "Cosima is cut off in a Neolution power vacuum and he calls in a beautician?" Hell Wizard: "Sweet move, right?" (DarthLocke)

Outlander -
1. Jaime: “God, shield my beloved, my white dove. And the child that she may one day bear. Preserve her from violence and from harm. In this place and every place. On this night and on every night.” (Nirat Anop)
2. Claire: “Why did you pretend not to recognize me? I was afraid you would just blurt out my real name.”
Sandringham: “The last thing I would do, my dear lady, is to blurt.” (Nirat Anop)
3. Murtagh: "Is that supposed to be Gaelic?" Jamie: "At least it’s trying to be. What’s that word?" Murtagh: "That’s not a word. She’s even misspelled ‘help’." (Prpleight) ~It made me giggle.

Person of Interest -
1. The Machine: "You created me, your Machine. Is that what you regret?" (DarkUFO)
2. Finch: "You think you've won, but you haven't." (DarkUFO)
3. The Machine: "What is it?" Finch: "I promised you I would never hurt you again." The Machine: "I know. But in breaking this promise, you'll be helping to fulfill a much larger one." (Justyna)

1. Quinn: “It takes an iron spine and steady hand to do this job. I don’t know… maybe your mother was right, I mean come on, we all know you’ve had episodes. You’re great until you’re not.” (Nirat Anop)
2. Quinn: "Crazy white trash will live to see another day." (NIrat Anop)
3. Rachel: "Oh my god, your dad helped you get into Wharton? Rich white girl problems are the worst." (NIrat Anop)

Wynonna Earp -
1. Waverly Earp - "Champ, your drunk and apparently a raging homophobe." (Daynah)
2. Wynonna Earp: "Welcome aboard the Earp Express. May you enjoy your trip to hell." (Daynah)

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