Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Teen Wolf - 5.02 - Bingo Card

Less than 24 hours from the season premiere, we're back again with another Teen Wolf episode.  Woo hoo!  That means another round of Teen Wolf Bingo.  The official card is here or make you own cards with the links below.  I've added a lot of new items to our list.  Let me know if you have others.

The list so far: Scott/Stiles asks if someone's okay, Deaton is no help at all, Malia makes inapropos comment, Kira acts awkward or stutters, Werewolf powers go wonky, Big plot twist, A parent is helpful, Death in school, woods, or hospital, Peter or Stiles snarks, Lydia finds something horrible, Scott gives a stirring speech, Someone lies, Lydia stares blankly into space, It rains in Beacon Hills, Awkward talk in locker room, Malia looks confused and/or kick butt, Someone is thrown against a wall, Someone's shirtless, A teen skips school, A scene so dark you can barely see, Kira brings out a sword, Someone's eyes glow, Someone in school when shouldn't be, Bromance moment, A formerly "dead" person appears, Someone growls, Stiles makes a funny face, Someone kisses, Someone mentions Greenberg, Recurring character bleeds, A party breaks out, Someone plays lacrosse, Music played way too loud, DoucheDad flashes his badge, Someone bleeds on hospital floor, A new bad guy is revealed, Someone implies Liam's special, Anyone says "true alpha", Product placement phone shot, Someone should have listened to Lydia, Reference to character no longer on show, Slow motion for no reason

Online Bingo Card

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Teen Wolf Bingo
A party breaks outA new bad guy is revealedBig plot twistBromance momentRecurring character bleeds
A parent is helpfulA teen skips schoolPeter or Stiles snarksMalia looks confused and/or kick buttSomeone's eyes glow
A scene so dark you can barely seeKira acts awkward or stuttersSomeone bleeds on hospital floorWerewolf powers go wonkySomeone lies
Anyone says "true alpha"It rains in Beacon HillsDoucheDad flashes his badgeLydia stares blankly into spaceScott/Stiles asks if someone's okay
Someone plays lacrosseA formerly "dead" person appearsMusic played way too loudSlow motion for no reasonSomeone is thrown against a wall

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