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Major Crimes - 4.01 - A Rose is a Rose - Preview

Major Crimes premieres this Monday on TNT at 9/8 C.

When Major Crimes last left off, Philip Stroh was fleeing LA after escaping in the middle of the chaos of another serial killer case. The same serial killer that Julio wailed on in violation of his probation with IAB, that is. Picking up 5 months after the season 3 finale, life has pretty much gotten back to normal. Rusty is in college, Detective Oderno joins the team in Julio's stead, Julio completes anger management and is scheduled to return, and people still kill each other. In this case they kill two people, a mother and her neighbor. Since the murders take place in a neighborhood dealing with a rash of unsolved robberies, Major Crimes is called in much to Provenza's chagrin. He wants to turn the murders over to the local police force because he is determined for Oderno to be gone before Julio reports back to work that afternoon. It becomes a real bone of contention between Provenza and Andy, given that Andy prefers to work with Oderno. Meanwhile Rusty decides to try his hand at journalism, another thorn in Provenza's side. Luckily Buzz gives Rusty some great advice and a subplot that starts off tiresome becomes far more interesting.

Major Crimes has a way of backing into a season a bit slowly and this is no different. It's a typical case of the week and less salacious than the season 3 opener. Still the real power of the episode comes in the ties between the case and Sharon's personal life. She starts off the case in a rocky position because she hasn't been sleeping well. She's also a bit obsessed about Philip Stroh but who can blame her on that? While adamant in her own perspective in the beginning, she slowly changes her mind as the case progresses. At the end she also re-examines a relationship although the episode doesn't hint at which way it will turn out. In other highlights, Sykes really takes one for the team, Julio gets into an intense situation that tests how far he's come, and Lt. Cooper is back. The only real downfall in the episode is Rusty, who comes off more whiny than usual. Also people who have watched a lot of crime shows may guess the killer partway through. In the end, this episode is on par with other Major Crimes episodes but nothing spectacular. It's just nice to have the team back.

Major Crimes airs Mondays on TNT at 9/8 C.

Grade: B

Best Reason to Watch - connection between the crime and the characters
Best Scene - the interrogation room with Andy and Julio
Best Reaction - Provenza to Rusty wanting to report on their current crime for his college newspaper
Biggest Conflict - Provenza vs. Andy concerning Julio returning to the job
Best Advice - Buzz to Rusty
Biggest Hero - Sykes
Most Grumpy - Provenza of course
Biggest Moron - the actual killer
Biggest Whiner - Rusty
Biggest Huh? - Why can't Oderno be there when Julio comes back? Is Provenza concerned about hurting Julio's feelings? It's not like he doesn't know that someone filled in for him.
Best Consistency - the ?????? from last season is still ?????
The "Welcome Back" Award (character) - Lt. Cooper and Detective Oderno
The "Welcome Back" Award (actor) - Skyler Maxon from Faking It

Great Quotes -
"And when do mothers decide their children are out of danger?"
"Are you okay?" "Yeah, I think so. Have we met?"
"Hard to pick up rose stems with your hands full of other people's stuff."
"How do I start a conversation with a guy the day after his mother was murdered?" "Well if I were you, I'd try lying."
"I want to focus on catching the bad guy, not be worried the cop next to me is about to explode."
"I've been looking after my own best interests for a really long time..."
"There is nowhere safe. Nowhere."
"This girl is going to be in therapy for the rest of her life. A few more hours with us won't hurt."
"What can we charge Mr. Norton with so far?" "Um, felony floral arrangement."
"When have you ever seen me freaked out?"

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Screen caps by You Search,  Starry MagTV Addict, and TV Guide.

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