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Rizzoli and Isles - 6.02 - Bassholes - Preview

Rizzoli & Isles airs Tuesdays on TNT at 9/8 C

Coming off an excellent premiere full of heartfelt moments and huge personal stakes for Frankie, this episode is a more typical, low stakes case of the week. It starts with a group of professional fishermen staring down the only schlub not being sponsored by some big company. When he moves away from them all to find his own spot, he's shot in the back with a crossbow. Turns out fishing competitions net (sorry, bad pun) a lot of dough, as in half a million dollars for the winner. I'm as shocked as Jane. Who knew? The victim was a college professor of poetry, who in many various ways never fit in with the others. It didn't help that he came in on the scene and immediately started winning everything without any prior experience, which ticked everyone off. That makes all the competitors in the tournament a suspect along with his almost ex-wife and new girlfriend. While not bad per se, there is nothing new about this case and crime procedural aficionados will figure out the perpetrator fairly quickly. As with most Rizzoli and Isles episodes, this is more about the characters' personal lives and interactions than the case they're solving. Therefore the more interesting parts come from the subplots.

Character Subplots:

***Angela starts a "no white food" diet and feels great. Jane just feels hungry. I have to wonder if she even has a place of her own anymore because she's certainly not eating there, where she could probably find all the carbs she wants.

***Frankie loses a hockey bet with Korsak and is now paying for it. The most hilarious parts of the episode involve this as a running gag. He quickly learns never to bet with Korsak because he isn't the only one who's fallen for that in the precinct.

***Jane has an amusing attachment to a fish and a certain very persistent fisherman in the tournament, who keeps asking her out and getting rejected. He even brings up something that helps her make a break in the case.

***Drake continues to be mysterious and kind of a douche. I don't know about this new character.

***Nina is still pretty much in the background, helping with the case but she has a nice moment with Angela and meets Jane's fisherman stalker.

Episode Awards:

Best Scene - the elevator
Best Character Interaction - Frankie and Korsak
Best R & I Banter - the rowboat
Best Reaction - the police officer to Angela's baked goods
Most Fun - Frankie and his ???
Most Surprising - the end when Jane implies that she might ???
The "Say What?" Award - Fishing tournaments can net you half a million in one tournament. Are you kidding me?
Least Popular - yikes, the victim is universally loathed in the competitive fishing world
Worst Manners - Frankie
Biggest Awww - Skeet brings Jane out to his boat and shows her ????
Biggest Blech - cricket flour
The "Welcome Back" Award - Lochlyn Munro from Sliders and Charmed


"Don't bother. There's no food in there." "Nothing white." "Is this a goal…for humans…that eat food?"
"Francesco the Third, come to papa."
"Give my friend a proper burial?" "Do you like fish tacos?"
"He put a sex drawing in a fish book?" "What is wrong with you?"
"Is it the air? Is it the trees? Or is it just group insanity going…what are you doing?" "Fish scales." "Well can you sniff the tires and tell me where the car's been?"
"Let's not name the next one. It hurts too bad when you fail."
"So cupcakes, Red Bull, and a martini." "You don't have to get all fancy about it. I'd take coffee and a shot of whiskey any day."
"Waders are a nice look on you."
"You guys expect a lot out of your food. I just expect mine to get me from breakfast to lunch."
"You killed him because you were jealous."

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Screencaps by Edna and VK

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