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The Exes - David Alan Basche Interview

The Exes airs Wednesdays on TV Land at 10:30/9:30 C on TV Land.
David Alan Basche can be found on Twitter @DavidABasche and Facebook.

Currently starring on The Exes, David Alan Basche started acting in 6th grade playing the lead in Tom Sawyer when a guidance counselor suggested he focus his feelings into acting. He continued acting in school plays before entering college where he majored in communications until he found out he couldn't audition for lead roles without being in the performing arts school. Although his first major role was Norris in Oh, Grow Up, he is best known for playing Kenny in The Starter Wife and Mike in Lipstick Jungle. David has also starred in United 93 and had roles in other movies including Real Steel, The Adjustment Bureau, Sex and the City 2, and War of the Worlds, where he played stepdad to Tom Cruise's kids. He has guest starred on Law & Order: Criminal Intent, The Mentalist, White Collar, Law & Order: SVU, Royal Pains, and more.

The Exes is a comedy on TV Land about 3 recently divorced men living together in their divorce lawyer's apartment. Along with David, it has an impressive comedy pedigree with Kristen Johnson (Third Rock from the Sun) playing Holly the divorce lawyer, Wayne Knight (Seinfeld) as Haskell the schlub, and Donald Faison (Scrubs) as Phil the player. David plays Stuart, the slightly uptight, neurotic Felix-type who initially cannot believe his wife went through with the divorce. The three roommates adjust to life after divorce together, giving the comedy a surprising amount of heart. A bit raunchier than you'd expect from a network that routinely runs Andy Griffith Show marathons, there's no sitcom out there with better comic timing. You can find previous seasons on Hulu Plus.

David agreed to answer our questions below. You may also want to check out his promotional rap for the show and a recent article he wrote for Huffington Post about de-stressing as an actor. The Exes was recently picked up in Great Britain on Sundays at 8:30 on TLC. It can be found in the US on Wednesdays at 10:30 / 9:30 C on TV Land after Hot in Cleveland. You can ask about his fascination with Carrot Top on Twitter.

The Exes questions:

If you could sum up The Exes in 3 words, what would they be?

Idiotic, hilarious pals.

When Stuart first moved into the apartment, he was an emotional mess clinging to the hope that his marriage could be saved. How has Stuart changed since and what can we expect from him in season 3?

Stuart was first an emotional mess clinging to his marriage. Then in season 2, Stuart was an emotional mess starting to let go of his past. Now in season 3, Stuart is an emotional mess starting to date again!

As Stuart, you have done an episode naked, ballroom danced with Wayne Knight, and created a promotional rap just for starters. What new situations would you like to see Stuart in?

An episode where Stuart saves the guys from a mugger would be fun! Or he goes into space, maybe that too. Or he's befriended by Carrot Top.

In a recent article for Huffington Post, you suggested people stop everything and be grateful to combat stress in their lives. Would Stuart be likely to take this advice? If so, for what would he be most grateful?

Stuart would probably barely be able to put down the Swiffer for even a minute, but if he could, he'd be grateful he has two new good friends who've got his back.

In what ways are you alike and different from Stuart?

Remember the "emotional mess" part? Well I'm just...a mess.

What is your favorite episode/scene so far? Is there an upcoming episode that you are particularly excited about?

I loved getting kicked in the head by a stripper. It's gonna be hard to top that, but there's some great stuff coming this season, watch and see!

The Exes has had some great guest stars, including your wife, Alysia Reiner. What was it like to work with
your wife again? Who is your dream guest star?

Working with my wife is absolutely delightful, except for all the acting notes and direction she gives me all the time. Kidding honey, just kidding! (sort of)... As for another dream guest star, I'd have to say either Mel Brooks, Brittany Spears, or Carrot Top.

The cast of The Exes includes some big names in comedy. What is it like working on this set?

They're all hacks, you wouldn't believe the amateur shit I have to put up with!

Who on set is the biggest jokester? Do you have any anecdotes you can share?

KJo pulled a really funny prank one day, came in wearing a cast and neck brace and we all thought it was hysterical. Or did we?

General questions:

Who would you most want to work with in the future?

Jack Nicholson, Robert DeNiro, or Carrot Top.

What would your dream role be?

I'm doing it now. But I'd still like to play a nasty, despicably mean, murderous thug too. Seriously.

In an early interview you talked about creating a list of goals to help you start your career. Do you still keep a list? What are some of your current goals?

Thank God almost all of my goals have been reached, but yes, I still keep a list. One of my current goals is to direct a few episodes of The Exes. I'm working on that.

You have "There is no perfect" tattooed on your wrist. Why did you choose that motto?

Because it's true. And because I'm a perfectionist who needs a reminder that it's true.

Your family is known for supporting many humanitarian and environmental causes. What are some of the projects/issues you are particularly interested in currently?

My wife Alysia and I recently did some PSA's for "Actors For Autism". They're a great LA based organization that we really believe in.

Your home has been featured on Discovery Channel shows about the environment. What is the biggest tip you can give someone looking to make their home more environmentally friendly?

Live in a yurt instead. Or if you must live in a real structure, maybe switch to all natural cleaning products or just use white vinegar and water.

The Exes recently got picked up in Great Britain. Congratulations! Anything you would like to add for your British and other fans?

To our fans across the pond, I say cheerio! Our show's sense of humor is not quite as dry as you Brits might like, but hopefully it will suffice. And I love England! Fish & chips, warm beer, James Bond - what's not to love?

Watch The Exes Wednesdays at 10:30/9:30 C on TV Land.
David Alan Basche can be found on Twitter @DavidABasche.

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