Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Graceland - 1.06 - Hair of the Dog - Preview

If last episode was the set-up, this episode is the payoff in several areas. As Mike goes farther under with Bello, Charlie tries to recover from shooting up. Unfortunately she's also called in by her boss to answer questions about the Quinn fiasco. Still shaky and obviously coming down from a high, Briggs tells her that the FBI will figure it out if she goes. Charlie counters that if she skips it, the Bureau will order a drug test so she's screwed either way. Desperate to save her job, Charlie resorts to a dangerous game.

She's not the only one. Mike convinces Bello to rip off one of the most treacherous cartels by stealing $20 million in drugs. Enlisting Johnny's help because of his Navy experience, Mike creates a brilliant plan to tie both of his missions together with the hope of returning to D.C. soon. Of course when Bello changes the plan, Mike is forced to make another hard decision which could end up breaking his cover and leaves a life in danger.

Graceland has a strange ebb and flow with pacing which makes it challenging to know what to expect from one week to another. It excels most in fast-paced, tension-filled episodes where the stakes are high. Luckily, this is such an episode, so much so that it vies with Pizza Box as my favorite episode so far. While the dramatic scenes pack the biggest punch, there's a good mix of additional character background and the FBI's investigation of Briggs intensifies. Paige has almost nothing to do and Jakes is still MIA, but the focus on Johnny really works well. I also like the continuity between the events of last week and Abby remains a positive addition, although I am still suspicious of her. All in all, this is a very successful episode, a sample of Graceland at its best so far.

Recurring characters - Abby and Bello
Burning question - Where in the world is Jakes?
Best reason to watch - tie - Johnny and Charlie / Mike and Bello
Most intense scene - Mike at the FBI building
Most shocking scene - Charlie and Briggs
Worst scene - Date
MVP - Johnny in many, many ways
Biggest surprise - Briggs
The "Idiot with a capital I" Award - Mike - go back to stealth school, let Michael Westen give you spy tips, or head on over to The Following where you'll fit right in

Good Lines -

"I am a hero."
"I don't even want to watch the porno version of that."
"I love westerns because I'm a man. What I don't love is them recording over my episodes of Swamp Loggers."
"I love you." "I love you too."
"I thought it was only pilots who got shot down."
"…I'm about to go all Peyton Manning on you…"
"Oh God, this is messed up."
"Should we bring Gilligan along or what?
"Well remind me never to mess with you. You'd make a hell of a bad guy."
"Yeah let's just be glad that you didn't."

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