Monday, July 1, 2013

Necessary Roughness - 3.04 - Snap Out of It - Preview

Secrets are revealed and the job gets harder as Dani faces a client who does not believe in therapy but may desperately need it. Ioan Gruffudd, of Horatio Hornblower and Fantastic Four fame, guest stars as Nolan Powers, a highly successful motivational speaker who disdains therapy in favor of his catchphrase, "Snap out of it." On the eve of a major book promotion tour, Nolan admits that he wants to kill himself to Dani but then spins it as an offhanded remark in the middle of a migraine to Connor. Dani is not so sure and it causes friction with Connor. As Nolan begins to act in increasingly bizarre ways, Dani is puzzled about how to aid a client who doesn't want her help.

Meanwhile more is revealed about Nico's purpose at V3 when the government asks him to step up his investigation while Troy is out of town. Nico agrees to the added danger but only if he gets a favor in return, which leads to an even bigger mystery. Also Dani's potential love life gets a bit spicy with the addition of a V3 agent from LA named Sam, who manages the career of Cindy, the actress Dani helped in the second episode this season. He's definitely interested but Dani is not sure about mixing business with pleasure. TK however has no qualms about that initially. He and Sheera, the model he met last week, are hitting it off splendidly when they decide to pitch Brickhouse Lingerie to Connor together. Sadly they seem to be more compatible in bed than in business and things get tense.

This episode has a great guest stars. Ioan Gruffudd is always a personal favorite of mine and he does a great job with a challenging role. The addition of Sheera and Sam is inspired and I certainly hope we see more of both again. Sheera is not your typical TV portrayal of a model. She's a graduate of business at Stanford and has a definite plan for her life. She's not the type to sit back and let others control her "window of opportunity," which makes her more interesting. The tension between her focus and TK's pride makes for good scenes and possibly a very lucrative product line. I can see why Connor finds it appealing. As for Sam, he seems like he would be good for Dani. He's charming, appreciative, and direct. I've got no idea if he will be a recurring character or if he will be part of a dreaded love triangle, but in this episode he comes out likeable.

Best scene - tie - the end with Nico and the scene where Dani and Nolan talk
MVP - scissors
Most fun - TK and Sheera pre-business
Best guest star - Sheera - she could have come off as one-dimensional and annoying but there is far more to this character
Biggest question - Why in the world are the therapist office's walls glass? That is hardly private.

Best lines -

"At least we tried."
"Could you please stop punching for one second?"
"Did I just get Jetered in my own home?"
"Don't play poker with him 'cause he'll motivate your money right out of you."
"I am assisting you to a little fun."
"So what's the but? The but with 1 't' not 2."
"Take your bricks out of my house."
"You are hitting all the quadrants."

Necessary Roughness airs Wednesdays at 10/9 C on USA Network.

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