Thursday, March 21, 2013

White Collar - Best Season 4 Episode - Round 2 - Polls

UPDATE - We will be taking a short weekend break in the polls due to family commitments. Please join us back on Monday once I figure out what to do with our tie. This is a first for me.

Welcome to round two of our quest to crown the best season 4 episode of White Collar. Yesterday saw no surprises, just like the first set of polls in round 1. The closest match was between Family Business and The Original, where the later won by 56%. Joining The Original in round 2 are Wanted, Compromising Positions, and Gloves Off. This leaves us with the elite 8 to see which episodes will advance to round 3. While I do not expect any close battles here it should be interesting to see what happens as we continue. It's about to get tough. Happy Voting!

Here's a brief synopsis of all the season 4 episodes:

White Collar Season 4 Episode Guide

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