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Supernatural - 5.15 - Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid - Quotes

Oh Bobby and Sheriff Mills, how I miss you. This is one of those underrated gems in season 5. While equally depressing as the rest of season 5's pit of despair, it also brings amazing family moments, action, and of course quotes. Clay the undead killer zombie was a riot! It had good flow and more insight into Bobby's head space. Most importantly we got to shoot zombies. What's not to love!

Funny/Snarky quotes:

15. Digger: "Heads up. Fargo."
14. Dean: "What's that smell? Is that soap? Did you clean?" Bobby: "What are you? My mother. Bite me."
13. Dean: "He's a monster." Sam: "He's a soccer dad."
12. Karen: "Whoops. I scare you?' Dean: "No, no, no. There's nothing scary about you at all."
11. Bobby: "Don't you ever get tired of being wrong?" Dean: "I'm making this stuff up as I go. Sue me."
10. Dean: "You know how many times we've called? Where have you been?" Bobby: "Playing Murderball."
9. Dean: "What…what about Benny?" Clay: "He killed me. He shot me in the back. I'm supposed to let him get away with that." Dean: "Hold up. Are you confessing?"
8. Karen: "I don't know what it is. Since I got back, I can't stop baking." Dean: "Hmm, when do you have time to sleep?" Karen: "I don't. Must be the excitement." Dean: "Or being dead."
7. Dean: "Remember the guy you said that was dead and couldn't possibly commit murder? There he is." Mills: "And?" Dean: "And? And you're welcome. For catching the undead killer zombie."
6. Dean: "You gave yourself your own nickname? You can't do that." Digger: "Who died and made you queen?"
5. Dean: "Oh I'm sorry. We're a little tense right now. Who's old lady Jones?" Bobby: "The first one to come up." Sam: "The first one to go bad." Bobby: "Oh she was always a nutty broad." Dean: "Nutty how? Nutty like the way she ate her husband's stomach? Was that the level of nutty she was in life?"
4. Dean: "You got anymore ammo? I'm running low." Bobby: "Yeah we've got plenty. Just run back past the zombies. It's in the van where we left it." Dean: "A simple no would have been fine."
3. Dean: "Are you crazy? What the hell?" Bobby: "Dean I can explain." Dean: "Explain what? Lying to us or the American Girl zombie making cupcakes in your kitchen."
2. Dean: "Awesome. Another horsemen. It must be Thursday."
1. Clay: "I can't believe you were going to kill me." Dean: "You're a zombie." Clay: "I'm a taxpayer."

Story-moving quotes:

12. Guy: "Uh you mind telling us who the hell you are?" Sam: "Friend of Bobby Singer's." Guy: "The town drunk." Sam: "No I…I thought he was the town drunk." Guy: "Who told you that?" Sam: "Bobby Singer."
11. Sam: "Okay. I'll head to town and rescue everyone. It should be easy." Dean: "Sounds like." Sam: "I'm going to need some help." Dean: "How about the sheriff?" Sam: "Uhhh. Last time I checked the sheriff was pretty pro-zombie."
10. Dean: "There's nothing to think about. I'm not going to leave Bobby at home with the Bride of Frankenstein." Sam: "Then what do you want to do? Just…just walk in there in front of Bobby and blow her skull off?" Dean: "If she decides that Bobby's face is the blue plate special I'd like to be there."
9. Dean: "Who is that?" Bobby: "Karen, my wife." Dean: "Your new wife?" Bobby: "My dead wife."
8. Mills: "Whatever he is or isn't, that don't give you the right to shoot him in the middle of the street." Clay: "Shoot me?" Mills: "You're free to go Mr. Thompson." Dean: "Free to go?"
7. Mills: "Agent Willis, this is Sheriff Jody Mills…Bobby?" Bobby: "Oh….excuse me." Mills: "Is this Bobby Singer?" Bobby: "Listen I don't know this is but this is Agent Tom Willis of the FBI." Mills: "Bull cr***."
Sam: "So uh….so you know Bobby Singer?" Dean: "That…that is a fun coincidence."
6. Dean: "So? I'm going to have to go back there and…and…and kill her. That's the only thing I can think of." Sam: "If he sees you, you're a dead man." Dean: "Well then I guess I won't let him see me."
5. Digger: "I saw Clay Thompson climb into Benny Sutton's trailer through the window. A couple minutes later Clay walked out and Benny's dead." Dean: "And uh is this the guy you saw?" Digger: "Uh he was all covered with mud but yeah. That's Clay." Sam: "You are aware that Clay Thompson died 5 years ago." Digger: "Yep."
4. Bobby: "Death came for me. He brought Karen back to send me a message." Dean: "And you? Why you?" Bobby: "Because I've been helping you, you SOB's. I'm one of the reasons you're still saying no to Lucifer, Sam."
3. Sam: "So what do you think?" Dean: "There's nothing to think about. I'm not going to leave Bobby at home with the Bride of Frankenstein." Sam: "Then what do you want to do? Just…just walk in there in front of Bobby and blow her skull off?" Dean: "If she decides that Bobby's face is the blue plate special I'd like to be there."
2. Dean: "Let me get this straight. You're Clay Thompson and you died 5 years ago." Clay: "Yes." Dean: "And 3 days ago you climbed out of your grave and you killed Benny Sutton." Clay: "Yes." Dean: "So you are in fact a dead guy."
1. Karen: "There's something else too. When I came back, there was a man." Bobby: "What do you mean a man?" Karen: "At the grave. He was so thin like a skeleton and he told me to give you a message."

Emotional quotes:

8. Sam: "So you knew about this?" Bobby: "Yeah." Dean: "I think what Sam meant to say is you lied to us?" Bobby: "Look I told you there was nothing here and there isn't. Not for you." Dean: "There's zombies here."
7. Dean: "Look Bobby I feel for you but you have got to acknowledge that you're not exactly seeing this straight." Sam: "Bobby whether you admit it or not, these things are turning. We have to stop them. All of them." (Bobby draws a gun on them.) Bobby: "Time to go." Dean: "What?" Bobby: "You heard me. Off of my property." Sam: "Or what? You'll shoot?"
6. Bobby: "You remember what?" Karen: "Everything - the demon inside me, you killing me. I remember." Bobby: "Then you know why I can't do it again."
5. Dean: "So this was like a hit on your life?" Bobby: "I don't know if they wanted to take my life or my spirit. Either way they wanted me out of the way." Sam: "But you're going to be alright. Right Bobby?" (Bobby doesn't answer, just looks back into the funeral pyre.)
4. Dean: "He's crazy." Sam: "It's his wife Dean." Dean: "So he goes Full Metal Jacket on us? We're his family Sam."
3. Dean: "And what would you do if you were us?" Bobby: "I know what I'd do and I know what you think you've got to do but I'm begging ya. Please. Please, leave her be."
2. Dean: "So then you know that Sam and I would never let anything happen to Bobby. He's like a father to us."
1. Dean: "Hey I don't know squat from shinola about love but at least you got to spend 5 days with her right?" Bobby: "Right which makes things about a thousand times worse. She was the love of my life. How many times do I got to kill her?"

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