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Supernatural - 8.16 - Remember the Titans - Quotes

This episode won't win any awards but at least this time there was some snappy dialogue, especially in the beginning. I adored the trooper and his instance that zombies are real. Supernatural has been doing a great job of making the police extra funny this season. I'm thinking we need to do a poll on our favorite law enforcement quotes in SPN, although since great law lines came right from the pilot it might be a massive undertaking. What were your favorite lines by police figures in Supernatural? Sound off in the comments below.

Funny/Snarky quotes:

12. Trooper: "Since when have the feds started tracking zombie activity." Dean: "We don't track zombie activity because there's no such thing as zombies." Trooper: "Unh huh."
11. Sam: "So you know who this is Dean, walking us to our deaths?" Dean: "Don't know. Don't care."
10. Trooper: "People don't walk away from that. Zombies do."
9. Dean: " Alright, you're not welching on that deal. Not on my watch. If you die, it's going to be because of something normal." Sam: "Heart attack?" Dean: "Exactly. Yeah eat your burger."
8. Dean: "Balls!"
7. Sam: "Whatcha got?" Dean: "Dragon penis." Sam: "What?" Dean: "Ancient Greek hunter by the name of uh Dracopolis. Uh near as I can tell he was a bada**, whose name incidentally in Greek…" Sam: "No, no, no. I…I…I…I got that. Thanks Ace."
6. Dean: "Really Sam? Trash talking a god. Seriously?"
5. Dean: "That's the dead guy?" Trooper: "Dead my a**. That's a zombie boys."
4. Hailey: "So we're hanging our lives on the writings of a dead man, who's named after genitalia." Dean: "It's a loose translation."
3. Dean: "Ah I've got to say I am a little disappointed." Sam: "Yeah because you wanted to shoot zombies." Dean: "Damn straight I wanted to shoot some zombies."
2. Sam: "Do we call 911?" Dean: "And tell them what? That the…the dead guy we stole from the morgue is alive and having a coronary."
1. Sam: "Um we need to think Dean. Wha…what do we know of that has uh Jason Bourne fighting skills, dies a lot, and has a history with violent women?" Dean: "I don't know. You."

Story-moving quotes:

10. Zeus: "This is the son of Prometheus and he's cursed to suffer death every day. I must admit I could never have conceived such a horrible fate for such a beautiful child. Just goes to show we must all leave room for happy accident."
9. Dean: "Alright so the way we usually handle this is we summon the b** and we work him over until he undoes whatever it is he did." Hailey: "Summon Zeus."
8. Zeus: "Oh come now. Can't we do this civilized?" Dean: "Well it depends on you. All we need is to break a curse you put on a little kid. So how about you say yes and we all go home?"
7. Hailey: "My friends were gone and when I found him, his clothes were torn off, his eyes were frozen solid, but he was still alive. I just knew there was something off about him. The way that he would…" Dean: "Die every day?"
6. Sam: "All you do is die. What's that supposed to mean?" Prometheus: "Once a day for as long as I can remember. After a few hours, I'm back." Dean: "What? You're like a real life Kenny?"
5. Dean: "Yeah and if things go all Dawn of the Dead on us you'll be our first call." Trooper: "Boys, aim for the head."
4. Sam: "So full powered, really? Then why'd it take you 7 years to track down Prometheus." Artemis: "He was hiding." Sam: "Hiding from you? So the god of hunters couldn't find a shack in Montana."
3. Dean: "You better start talking. What are you and if you say zombie, I swear…" Prometheus: "What? No I'm not anything." Dean: "Look 2 minutes ago you were room temperature. You're something."
2. Sam: "The best I can tell Prometheus." Dean: "Seriously?" Sam: "Yeah." Dean: "But didn't he…he steal fire or something?" Sam: "Yep, he uh Ocean's 11'd Mount Olympus and stole the flames of Olympia."
1. Dean: "So no word from Cas, Kevin's taking his sweet little time and you're acting cagey. We need to leave before I start climbing these walls." Sam: "Well uh, in that case I can give you zombies."

Emotional quotes:

8. Prometheus: "Look I don't know what I am okay. I don't know who I am. All I know is all I do is die. So if you want to shoot me, shoot me. Just promise me you'll finish the job because I can't take this anymore."
7. Prometheus: "Yeah I guess but none of that…none of that means anything unless I can save my son."
6. Hailey: "Look at me. I'm sorry that I ran out on you all those years ago. I was scared. I didn't understand what was going on but we have a child and whatever you have, he has. I need to know how to stop it. What curse?"
5. Sam: "How do you know Dean? Bobby, Rufus, now Prometheus. You think any of them chose death? No. The life chose for them."
4. Dean: "Wait. I'm sorry. You…you…you just discovered that you have a 7 year old son and you want to walk away?"
3. Sam: "You know, I'm starting to think maybe I was being na├»ve." Dean: "What are you talking about?" Sam: "When I said that I could just will myself into coming out of these trials unscathed." Dean: "No, no, no. Stop with the sullen emo cr**. Alright that's…you're not going to die like Prometheus."
2. Dean: "Listen you can run and hide and die for all eternity. It's your choice but Sam and I are going to go after Zeus with or without you." Prometheus: "I'm in."
1. Dean: "We are going into this deal blind and I don’t know what's ahead or what it's going to bring for Sam. Now he's covering pretty good but I know that he is hurting and this one was supposed to be on me so for all that we've been through, I'm asking you. You keep a lookout for my little brother okay."

Eye-Rollingly Bad Dialogue:

Trooper: "Article said it all. Dead as dog poop."
Artemis: "Now…I'm your worst enemy."

Quote Awards

Let's Hear It for Self-Preservation Award -
Trooper: "That's grizzly country. You couldn't pay me enough to hike those woods. Not without a bazooka."

Rufus Actually Said it but it's still Golden Award -
Dean: "Whatever it was, guy's dead now. Alright. Remember what Bobby said. Hmm, wood chipper beats everything. Yeah well, so does grizzly bear."

I Feel Your Pain Dean (aka The Most Overused Trope in Genre TV Right Now) Award -
Dean: "Wait so now you have amnesia."

I've Watched This Show 8 Years and I Just Don't Buy It Award -
Dean: "Well uh, here's to that crazy little wildcard called love. How did you know Artemis had the hots for Prometheus anyway?" Sam: "Intuition. Uh luck."

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