Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Supernatural - Ultimate Episode Contest - Wildcard Poll #1 - Polls

The Best Comedy poll is done and our winner is......Changing Channels. Nothing like TV spoofs to make a SPN fan laugh. Written by Jeremy Carver, our new show runner, it was a perfect blend of comedy, surprise, and drama - a classic SPN episode.

We next turn our attention to the Ultimate Supernatural Episode Contest. This will be a comprehensive battle to crown 1 episode the best of Supernatural. With 149 episodes, there will be some tough choices made, some hair pulled, some disappointment when a favorite is out, much joy when a favorite makes it to the next round, and hopefully thousands of great comments to get us through the hellatus as one strong, happy-ish, united fandom. Since a head-to-head contest has to be in multiples of 2 to be even, only 128 episodes will make it into the actual contest. 101 of them have already ranked in. It's now time to pick the remaining 27. Each wildcard episode will go against another wildcard episode. The winner advances to the contest. In order to make 128 episodes, the top 3 losers by percentage will also be in the contest. We will have 4 days of wildcard polls before starting the official contest. If you have any questions, please ask in the comments below.

Don't forget that we are also nominating favorite quotes by episode for our Best SPN Quote Contest later in the year. Today we are at Provenance and Dead Man's Blood. If you are looking to nominate other season 1 quotes, go here.

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