Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Supernatural - Favorite Season 7 Episode, Round 1 - Poll

Today we start our season 7 episode poll. Winners of the wildcard placement were: There Will Be Blood, How to Win Friends and Influence Monsters, Of Grave Importance, and The Mentalists. Still it will be an uphill battle for any of these to take the top prize.

Contest rules are you can only vote once per poll. Polls will be up for around 24 hours, closing at 10 pm the next day (St. Louis, USA time). This will allow me time to put the new poll up. Episodes will go head-to-head, meaning that the winner of each poll will advance to the next round. Brackets are determined by where the episode placed overall in the original and wildcard polls and follow a similar format to NCAA basketball. Just remember, voting is fun but comments make hellatus pass by faster.

We will also continue nominating for our favorite quotes contest. This time we've got Hook Man and Bugs. I don't know about you, but I had a hard time finding quotes to nominate. Not the strongest episodes quote-wise. Of course, they are not the strongest episodes period.

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