Saturday, September 16, 2017

Teen Wolf - 6.19 - Broken Glass - Preview

The calm before the storm. Like most penultimate episodes of Teen Wolf, Broken Glass finds the team gathering strength to defeat the Big Bad. Argent hunts for Derek Hale in order to recruit him in the upcoming battle. Scott and Malia train with Duke to fight an enemy they can’t look at. Nolan and Liam, creating the night’s most awkward duo, head to the hospital so Nolan can share secrets. Lydia and Peter mostly hem and haw and ask pointless questions until they figure out what it takes Mason about 30 seconds of drive time to realize - the big attack is going down that night, Mason also helpfully explains that the episode title is taken from Kristallnacht, the night that Nazis executed a brutal, surprise attack against thousands of German Jews.

Overall, this episode is a lot like moving your pieces into place before the battle commences. It is heavy on exposition, as all the characters take various roads to end up with the same conclusion - war is nigh. The biggest plot drag is actually Malia and Scott, mostly due to Deucalion’s incessant chatter, but Argent and Derek get a small action scene and a lot of great banter. I really like these two together.  The other duos also get some fun banter, making this episode a bit lighter compared to the previous one, even if the stakes are a lot higher.  The episode also answers where Parrish is and what’s happening to Ethan, tying up a couple of loose ends.  Mostly though, it's big job is to amp up excitement for the final episode and the cliffhanger promises a bang-up end to the series.

Grade: B

Best Reason to Watch - the cliffhanger
Best Pairing - Argent and Derek
Best Dialogue - Kate and Argent / Scott and Deucalion
Best Quote - “If you’re coming for my friends, you’re coming for me.”
Biggest Kudos - music director
Most Shady (Even without Being in the Episode) - Gerard, whose motives may go deeper than hinted at before
Most in Need of Dying - Shady Guidance Counselor #2
Most Cathartic - Gabe and Nolan
Most MIA - Stiles, Jackson, and Creepy Corpse Kid
Most Welcome Return - Derek Hale
Least Welcome Return - Kate Argent
The “Et Tu, Brute?” Award - Sydney
The “This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things” Award - Derek and the car
The “Who’s on First” Award - Lydia and Peter

Other Quotes:

“Do you ever see anything remotely optimistic?” “It’s optimistic if you prevent it.”
“...he was the ally we needed at the time but you’re the one we need right now.”
“How dead are we now?” “Quite.”
“I didn’t think it was possible but I’m actually starting to wish I was blind again.”
“So you believe it too. You believe in werewolves.” “I believe in Derek Hale.”
“That is disturbing on multiple levels.”
“That was the only part of the plan that I liked.”
“You think someone with that much hate is going to have any love left over for you.”

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