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Quote of the Week - Week of April 3

A weekly feature highlighting the best quotes on TV as picked by the Spoiler TV team. We'd love to hear your picks too so please sound off in the comments below.

The 100 -
1. Alie: "With everything I can do for you, why would you do this?" Raven: "Because you stole my memories, you crazy b**."
2. Octavia (to Bellamy): "You're dead to me."
3. Murphy: "We talked about restraint." Ontari: "You told me not to kill him." Murphy: "Next time I'll be more specific."

Agents of SHIELD -
1. Fitz: "There is no time! She glimpsed the fourth dimension. Time is an illusion, it's how we perceive the fourth dimension." (Swanpride)
2. Lincoln: "I never saw the original Terminator." Coulson: "You are off the team." (Swanpride)
3. Coulson: "Well, at least this day can't get any weirder." (later) "Day just got weirder." (Swanpride)

The Americans -
1. Gabriel: "You would be living in a burning house." Phillip: "What's new?" (Bradley Adams)
2. Elizabeth: "What can we do?" William: "If we believed in God, I'd say pray." Phillip: "You think this is funny?" William: "He's not a young man, not in the best shape, infected with a deadly pathogen. He ought to be in a hospital, hooked up to an IV. We all should. I think it's hilarious." (Bradley Adams)
3. KGB Guy (to Nina): "Your sentence will be carried out shortly." (Andy)

Banshee -
1. Brock: "I know Hood just well enough to know that I don't know him at all." (Bradley Adams)
2. Calvin: "I'm going to wait for the right moment and then I'm going to f** seize it. I'm going to remind the Brotherhood who the f*** we are. Sometimes I wonder if I'm the only one who sees how batsh*** crazy this world has become. Watts has lost his vision, f*** Watts. He doesn't care that our families are in danger, that our future is on the brink but I do. Fortune favours the bold. Power comes from being willing to do whatever it takes. Justice at any cost." (Bradley Adams)
3. Brock: "What are you doing here, Hood?" Hood: "I was thirsty, thought I'd get a beer." (Bradley Adams)
4. Hood: "Let me guess, the inbreed drug dealer didn't listen to the twenty-four year old girl." (Sandi)
5. Dick Webster: "Who the f*** are you?" Carrie: "A concerned citizen." Dick Webster: "I don't think you want to mess with me." Carrie: "I do." (Sandi)

The Blacklist -
1. Red: "It’s curious. I thought you were the cabal's most loyal soldier and yet here you are under the patronage of a new benefactor." Solomon: "I was loyal to the cabal, right up until they tried to kill me. I'm totally violating my non-compete agreement but what the hell."
2. Ressler: "We're part of a special task force." Shirley: "Yeah, you seem pretty special."
3. Solomon: "Your target is Elizabeth Keene. She is to be taken alive and unharmed but please feel free to kill anybody else."

The Catch -
1. Reggie: "You're kidding me. I leave you two alone for 2 minutes. Now we have an international incident."
2. Susan: "Look, I know this is not a good time for you guys with the divorce and everything so I completely understand if you can't…" Valerie: "Suze, you are my sister." Alice: "Let us do this for you."
3. Ben: "There's nothing a con man hates more than another con man." Ben and Reggie: "Unless you're working together." Margot: "That goes without saying."

Crowded -
1. Martina: "I'll get you a tissue." Anne: "Thank you, Martina, and could that tissue be made of glass and filled with vodka."
2. Bob: "Alice, I don't know why a gorgeous woman like you puts up with a guy like me, but how about you and I go eat something fancy at someplace stupid past our bedtime?"
3. Martina: "What do we do? Bail? Would that be rude?" Mike: "Are you suggesting we screw them just to be polite?"

Fresh Off the Boat -
1. Honey: "I've seen what those women have to say when I'm in the room and I can't imagine what they say when I'm not. I didn't want them to turn you against me. This neighborhood was unbearable for me before you got here and I don't want to lose you." Jessica: "Honey, I promise you that will never happen. I got your back, girl."
2. Jessica: "This whole time I thought I was the queen, controlling the chessboard. Turns out I was just a pawn in your little game." Honey: "I am so sorry, Jessica." Jessica: "For what? This was amazing. It was like real-life Melrose Place but even better because I was in it. Jessica Place."
3. Louise: "Son, I'm gonna level with you. This is strange, like 'I don't want to tell your mother' strange. Let's find come up with a better way to channel your energies, a way we're okay with other people knowing about."

Heartbeat -
1. Pantierre: "How are you?" Evan: "Still terminal but I should be over it in a few weeks."
2. Callahan: "How can I upgrade your work experience?" Ji-Sung: "Remove yourself from it."
3. Callahan: "Hey, that's radioactive. What are you doing?" Pantierre: "Chill, Silkwood. It's just a demo."

iZombie -
1. Dale: "Well if it isn't Blaine John DeBeers McDonough Doe Jingleheimer Schmidt. Are you here to confess?" Blaine: "Uh, I was just looking for the morgue." Clive: "Picking up or dropping off?"
2. Ravi: "I don't see any post-concussion red flags but if your memory loss persists, you should get a MRI or a CT scan. Maybe a PET scan. Anything with an acronym really…just as long as it tests brain function."
3. Ravi: "Yeah um…remember how I was telling you about that guy whose life you ruined. You know how you turned his fiancĂ© into a zombie, then cost him his job, killed a bunch of kids that were close to him, kidnapped him, locked him in a freezer, and tortured him before finally stabbing him to death. Yeah, this is him." Major: "Hey."

Limitless -
1. Rebecca to Brian: "Did you plug it in?" (Jimmy Ryan)

Nashville -
1. Will: “The only real success I’ve had is writing with somebody else.” Gunnar: “If only you knew more people to write songs with.” Scarlett: “I know, right? Like his CMA award winning friend who is also his roommate?” Gunnar: “Or an incredibly talented poet who just finished co-writing her own record?” (Jessica VanWinkle
2. Autumn: “You’re not the only Harvard girl at this table.” Layla: “No way.” Autumn: “Harvard Elementary. Houston, Texas. Oh, and my first boyfriend also turned out to be gay.” Layla: “No. It’s like we’re the same person!” (Jessica VanWinkle)
3. Frankie: “I got one day sober, and after 15 years, that’s kind of humbling to say. A good buddy of mine reminded me that this is a daily battle, and thanks to him, my daughter, and my Lord, I’m winning today.” (Jessica VanWinkle)

Rush Hour -
1. Lee: "In China it's one strike and out. Not commit one crime, get 2 crimes free."
2. Lee: "Sleight of hand and misdirection, the tools of a pickpocket." Jay: "I prefer morally flexible freelance master of the impossible."
3. Carter: "You're like the world's worst action figure. Detective Nerd. Pull his cord and hear him say something corny."

Stitchers -
1. Danny: "NSA recruits out of high school?" Cameron: "LAPD recruits out of Betty Ford?" Danny: "Punk." Cameron: "Drunk."
2. Kirsten: "He is your brother." Theo: "See, this one's got a heart." Camille: "Yeah, that's a recent development. Not sure I like it."
3. Cameron: "I'm gonna go see a psychologist." Camille: "About time." Cameron: "Heard that, Millie."

Supernatural -
1. Sam: "Dean, this is exactly how we screw ourselves. We make the heart choice instead of the smart choice." Dean: "Oh okay, thank you Dr. Phil. Cas is family." Sam: "Yes and his choice deserves to be respected." Dean: "Even if it kills him?" Crowley: "It's killing me. I would rather stick white-hot skewers in my eyes than listen to you two b** bicker."
2. Dean: "Nice digs. The Crypt Keeper out of town?"
3. Jofiel: "It's so perfect. Castiel, one of heaven's most wanted, possessed by heaven's most hated."

The Walking Dead -
1. Negan: "We p*** our pants yet?" (Andy)
2. Negan: "Which one of you pricks is the leader?" (Andy)

 Wynonna Earp -
1. Revenant: "Hey, this ain't Wyatt's gun." Wynonna: "Ugly and dumb. You sure we haven't dated?" (Donna Chidley and Dahne)
2. Wynonna: "Special deputy…Cross-border task…Crazy chick with a gun." (Donna Chidley and Dahne) ~
Wynonna Earp, trying to catch a revenant (demon) in a night club and needing to clear the club
3. Dolls: "Black Badge is about flying under the radar. You flew over the radar in a flaming pink jet. You mad a spectacle of yourself, deputy." Wynonna: "Pink!" (Donna Chidley) ~ Obviously Agent Dolls is not happy she wasn't very discreet in the club.
4. Levi: "You're just a girl." Wynonna: "I am THE girl with the big a** gun and one by one I am going to blow you all to hell."
5. Revenant: "He can only be activated by a blood sacrifice." Doc: "You outlaws sure have gotten dramatic since you were human."

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