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Teen Wolf - 5.11 - The Last Chimera - Recap / Review / Episode Awards

Note - This review was based off the screener sent out by MTV. Some things are slightly different, like in the episode airing there was a previously section but not in the screener.

Previously on Teen Wolf…there were no previouslies so let me summarize. It all went to hell. The pack was broken, the school was broken, Theo was revealed to be a murderous liar who lies, steampunk scientists did not get ganked, Lydia and Sheriff were barely hanging on, Kira was gone, Malia was being pursued by her own homicidal mom, Scott and Hayden died…for about 2.2 seconds so, yeah, and Parrish was revealed to be a hell hound long after I stopped caring. Time to build the pack back up, starting with the foundation of Scott and Stiles.

In a creek of weird bowling ball stones, Lydia walks the path of Theo's now dead sister. Valack coaches her to provide more details in his search for answers, helping by drilling a hole in her head because….he's the absolute worst doctor in the history of doctors. Lydia complies and we both jump when DeadRaeken grabs her arm to show Lydia her gaping chest wound. She's missing a heart. Um, say what? Valack thinks organ transplant and he's right, just not at a hospital. The steampunk scientists took DeadRaeken's heart, still in perfect condition due to hypothermia, and put it in Theo to make him a genetic chimera too. Maybe that's why he was more successful than the others. He literally has his sister's heart. Oh and ewww. I didn't think the steampunk scientists could go higher on my to die list, but hey, they did it in 2 minutes. Congrats, creepers. Valack still has questions though. "But why him? Why choose a 10 year-old willing to kill his own sister?" I think you answered your own question, Valack. What 10 year-old not only watches his sister die instead of helping but is actually part of the plan that kills her? Say it with me, folks. Theo CANNOT be redeemed. You can't fix psycho. You just can't. Lydia asks the more pertinent question. "Why do you care?" Good question since Valack's role in this whole sordid play is still very vague. Will he end up being the good guy or just the lesser evil at the moment? If the steampunk scientists are older than dirt, how'd he even get in with them? More importantly, will we find out before I don't care anymore? Valack at least answers one question. The steampunk scientists are doing all of this to….create the perfect killer? That's it? What kind of goal is that? You bend the law of physics and your big plan is to create a monster? Hmm, no points for you. Valack is all hung up on how Theo fits into everything. Here's an idea. Ask him yourself. After all, Theo and his "should be dead" B pack arrive at Eichen House to visit Lydia. That can't be good.

B Pack take out the red shirts when who should appear but Creeper Orderly. Come on, Theo. Do us all a favor and take him out too! No? Darn. As for Theo, he doesn't care about your stinking visiting hour rules, silly orderly. He's taking Lydia…but not before she recaps 5A for anyone who forgot. The most important part is that Sheriff is dying. Oh heck, no! Not on my watch! Luckily StepDoc (formerly HotDoc - thanks Ivan for the update) is there to save the day. While some newbie nurse hassles Stiles over insurance, StepDoc is tries to keep Sheriff's insides from coming out. Sheriff of course is more worried about Stiles. "Where's my son? Where's Stiles?" Awww, you just take care of you now, Sheriff. Thankfully, Mama McCall comes to the rescue like always, taking care of the insurance like a boss. She calls Scott but Stiles nixes her call to Malia because…Jeff wants Stiles alone and grieving at the hospital? Sadist! Newbie Nurse is determined to make everything harder too. "Is there anyone else we need to notify? A next of kin?" Stiles: "No, it's me. It's just me." Awww, baby. My heart hurts for you already. With ever wonky werewolf powers, Scott isn't doing hot either. He isn't healing, he can barely make his eyes glow, and walking is beyond his capabilities as the floor lurches and he faints. Poor baby! Can nothing go right in Beacon Hills? As Scott lies alone on the floor, Stiles sits alone crying in the waiting room. We're only 8 minutes in and I can't take the pain. Jeff Davis, you leave my poor babies alone. You hear me! Dylan O'Brien again sells his emotions with nary a word and my heart breaks in two with his worry and fear. Parrish however has skeevy dreams about showering with Lydia, so moment over. Please excuse me while I drink an entire gallon of brain bleach. I don't care if Parrish suddenly realizes that Lydia is in trouble, this wholly inappropriate relationship needs to go. Now! I've already lost ALL respect for Parrish because of it.

Deputy Red Shirt is also less than okay with him. (Since she surprisingly survived season 5A, she needs a new name too. Any suggestions?) She tells Parrish they have far too many other things to worry about, including his bar-bending act, so he can stuff it and find Lydia on his own. DRS: "Do you have any idea what's going on? The high school sign somehow ended up in one of the hallways, the library is completely wrecked, there might be a prehistoric animal running around the streets, and I am starting to seriously think about a transfer." About time someone decided to leave this hell hole. Go with that thought. Parrish instead goes with his inner hell hound and finds a catatonic Lydia lying near the nematon. It's his new lot in life as he also finds a still passed out and bleeding Scott at the McCall house. Nothing they can do there so it's off to the hospital they go as Mama McCall wakes Stiles to say his dad will be just fine. Hallelujah! With tears of relief filling his eyes, Stiles can barely believe it as he and Mama McCall share a moment. Since joy is no longer allowed on Teen Wolf, Lydia managed to claw a warning on the nematon of a bloody sheriff's badge. Sure enough, it all goes south fast. A rash crawls up Sheriff's neck and StepDoc doesn't know why. Since things are sufficiently tense, it's time to emoangst with Liam, who nobly yet stupidly wants to tell Deputy Red Shirt that Hayden is dead. Mason nixes it as the bad plan it is, especially with Scott's blood all over him. Beating someone to a pulp will do that. Pressing questions like why Super Special Snowflake Liam can take down a true alpha…AGAIN, even one on wolfsbane, must wait. Mason does his best Stiles speech. "Although the last few hours haven't been your best, this is no way to fix it. She's gonna find out. It's not gonna hurt any less coming from you." Liam agrees and gets distracted by Hayden's scent since, you know…not dead. Big sigh. If they resurrect that club too, they owe me a new TV. Mason convinces Liam that Hayden is dead while the audience sees her reflection behind them. I don't care one jot.

I do however care deeply about Scott and Stiles' broken bromance. Parrish admits Lydia while Scott heads upstairs to find his former best friend in the middle of a breakdown and yelling at everyone. "Somebody needs to tell me what's happening to him!" Mama McCall: "We don't know." Ouch! Stiles sees Scott, who's still bleeding by the way, and immediately turns all that rage on him. He takes Scott down, showing how injured Scott really is. Stiles: "You trusted him. You believed him. Right, huh? So where were you? So where the hell were you?" StepDoc breaks them up and Scott exposits, "Look, your dad's not the only one who got hurt." Stiles: "Oh, you'll heal." Scott: "I'm not talking about me." That gets Stiles' attention. Downstairs, ScienceMom does her best to reassure herself although she has been here before with Lydia's grandma. She whispers that they will get Lydia the best help but draws the line at Stiles. ScienceMom: "No, no you don't. You're not coming in here. Get out!" She's at Stiles freak out level here and won't let Stiles confirm his theory. ScienceMom: "I know who did this. You! All of you! Get out!" Stiles wants to check the back of Lydia's neck because Beacon Hills Memorial is the least competent hospital in all of Fictionville. Seriously, who admits a catatonic teen and doesn't at least do a cursory examination? You'd think someone would notice her gaping neck wounds. Time for a mini-pack powwow. They exposit that Theo attacked Sheriff to keep Stiles from helping Scott but aren't sure why he needed Lydia. Parrish: "We need to find this kid." Mama McCall: "Isn't that a little dangerous, especially since he almost killed my kid?" Good point. Stiles argues that Theo doesn't want Sheriff dead, a point Parrish finds hard to swallow, but Theo did tell Stiles where his dad was so there's that. Mama McCall: "What do you want to do? Talk to him?" Stiles: "If it saves my dad, then yeah." I'm with Stiles here. Time to cure Sheriff. Scott wants to come too but Stiles nixes that idea because Theo thinks Scott's dead. Mama McCall nixes Stiles because she's not stupid. Parrish is just confused. Welcome to the Teen Wolf fandom, sir. You fit right in.

True to form, Stiles is right. There's no need to find Theo because he willingly comes to Stiles. Scott hides at the top of the stairs to monitor Theo's heartbeat and Stiles tosses Scott's shirt at Theo when he comes in to disguise his scent. It's a better plan than the mountain ash barrier, which of course doesn't work. Stiles: "Did you kill my best friend?" Theo: "Let's be honest Stiles. Is he still really your best friend?" Ouch! Stiles doesn't answer. Double ouch! Stiles: "Are you gonna let my father die?" Theo looks genuinely surprised to hear of Sheriff's woes so something's amiss. Theo: "I'm not the bad guy, Stiles. I'm just a realist. I'm a survivor. If you knew the things that I know…" Stiles cuts him off to demand details. Theo: "I know what's coming. I know what the dread doctors created and I know what Parrish is." Oh sit down, Theo. We all know what Parrish is and not just a skeevy adult having sex dreams about a teenager. Stiles confronts Theo about assaulting Lydia but Theo calls her, "collateral damage." Reason #459 of why Theo must die, just not before 5B ends. He's too much fun to die too soon. Exposition over, he heads out so Stiles tries to stop him but he pushes Stiles against the stairs, knocking him unconscious. For those keeping track at home, this is the 3rd brain trauma of the night but not the last. Here's hoping the kids have insurance too. All these jabs to the head can't be doing Lydia, Stiles, or Scott any good. I do like how Stiles keeps hearing his dad's voice when he's out though. It's like Sheriff is motivating him to keep going and to stay focused. Meanwhile, a bewildered ScienceMom for some reason decides to allow Eichen House to take Lydia away. Say what? Why would she agree to send her daughter to the same place that killed her mother-in-law instead of say, leaving town as fast as humanly possible to get help somewhere safe? Come on, people! Parrish objects strenuously, vowing to rescue Lydia, but things make a whole lot more sense when Eichen House Head morphs into Valack. Yikes, that's some powerful Jedi mind control. I guess Science Mom gets a pass for possibly the worst decision yet, and let's face it. Lydia's parents aren't going to win any awards.

Shockingly neither is StepDoc. Liam and Mason pester him about dead bodies to the point that anyone with half a brain would be suspicious. Instead of asking pertinent questions like, "Why are you sure your girlfriend's dead?" or "What the heck is going on here?" he tells them to go home. That's some seriously shoddy parenting there and StepDoc was so good at it in season 4. Maybe he's exhausted. I think Mason is too because instead of escorting Liam home, he mentions the nematon so Liam switches gears. Mason: "I need to learn to shut up." Yes sir, you do. I foresee more fun with holes in our future. Oh joy. They skedaddle to the completely wrecked library where Liam has PTSD and Mason channels his inner Giles to find an obscure book about lay lines. Remember them? He uses them to figure out where the nematon is although Lydia and Stiles tried for weeks. Still this is Super Special Snowflake Liam so I'm sure his inner supernatural tracker will lead him right to it. At least they confirm the nematon has its own supernatural force field that keeps people from seeing it until it wants to be found. That makes slightly more sense than the theory that it moves around the forest in an elaborate game of tag. Mason wants to copy the map but Liam rips it right out of the book, causing Mason to look on in shock. Best reaction of the night. They head to the woods but no such luck until…Mason remembers Liam is a Super Special Snowflake, assuring Liam that he's the bestest guy ever and that trying to kill Scott was not his fault. It was that pesky supermoon and Liam's own emotions over Hayden. Liam doesn't buy it so Mason gives him every excuse in the book. The whole point of this scene is to convince viewers that Liam is not a world-class douche for trying to kill Scott. How much it works depends on if you ever liked Liam in the first place, so no. Mid-pep talk Mason decides they can only see the nematon with Liam's glowing werewolf eyes. Viola, up pops the nematon with its 4 bodies, minus B Pack.

Since finding the nematon won't change anything and we already know Hayden isn't there, we thankfully go back to Scott and Stiles….where it's chillier than the Arctic. Yikes! Scott goes to help Stiles up but Stiles brushes his hand away and walks right past him. Ouch. Scott says Theo's heartbeat held no clues but it did jump at hearing that Sheriff is being poisoned so they surmise that he didn't know. They brainstorm what everything means and I'm delighted to see them work in tandem like they used to. This is the most time screen time together Scott and Stiles have had since 5A's premiere. Smart Scott takes the lead and realizes that Theo didn't attack Sheriff; it had to be another chimera. Things are going so well…right until Stiles locks Scott out of the car, saying he can do the rest himself but Scott disagrees. Scott: "Do you even know where you're headed? Come on, let me help. I can find the clues that you can't." It's a rational proposition but Stiles is not in a forgive and forget mood. He starts the car but Scott stands in front of it and refuses to budge. Yes! Best Scott move in a long time. He won't give up on their friendship and he's sure not giving up on Sheriff. Scott realizes what we all knew before secrets and lies tore the brothers apart. They are always, always stronger together and so is this show. You cannot have Teen Wolf without the Scott and Stiles bond. You just can't. Scott knows that but Stiles is still hurt that Scott believed Theo over him. Scott: "You can't do this alone, okay? You need me. You need all of us. I can get more help. I can text Liam." Stiles: "Liam just tried to kill you." Very, very good point. Scott: "Okay, then at least let me help." Stiles: "You believed him." Scott: "You trusted him too. Theo got to all of us." Hmm, I don't agree with that. Stiles said over and over again that they couldn't trust Theo. He used him when he had to but I don't buy that Stiles ever trusted him. Now, Theo DID get to him. That I believe 100%. Theo masterfully screwed with everyone's head. Stiles: "You know you don't even know the real story." Scott: "I don't need to. All that matters right now is your dad." I agree with this too, although I hope we don't miss out on Stiles talking to Scott about Psycho. I'll be ticked off if they just gloss over that scene too.

However this is not the time for it. It is time for a Scott McCall pep talk. Scott: "Come on, Stiles. We survived an alpha pact, a dark druid, professional assassins. We can survive dread doctors and chimeras too." You bet you can! Together. And together, Stiles realizes they don't have to track a chimera. They just need to find the latest missing teen and just like that, they're back on the same side. Don't get me wrong. They are NOT okay, but there's a glimmer of okay and their screen time isn't separated. That's a wish list checkmark right there. The two find the chimera using Stiles' police connections and Scott breaks into his locker to track his scent. He also calls Malia to help over Stiles' objections. Urgh! I like Malia. I don't care if they are broken up or not, but I better get my Malia time and it better not stay awkward between these two. Frankly Stiles needs Malia because the kid they're looking for is dripping silver goo and hunted by the steampunk scientists. We all know how that ends. They track him to the tunnels, where Malia and Scott briefly angst over Stiles. Malia: "He didn't want you to call me, did he?" Scott: "No. Is it that bad?" Malia: "We kind of broke up I guess." Scott: "Yeah, we kind of broke up too." Ouch! 3A, leaving hearts broken all over the place. Mainly the viewers'. Scott offers to be Malia's sounding board but she brushes him off. "I said I'd help find this kid and I'm doing it to try to save Stiles' dad. Don't ask me to talk." Methinks Malia is about to break up with the pack. Urgh! Scott tries one more time to fix the pack but Malia catches the scent and it's off they go. Sheriff however, isn't going anywhere as poison spreads throughout his body. StepDoc is stumped so he goes to the one fountain of answers, Mama McCall. Smart man. StepDoc: "If you know something about this that I don't…" Mama McCall: "Me?" StepDoc: "Yes, you. Nothing seems to faze you and not to sound accusatory but it's obvious you know something." Mama McCall: "Knowing something is different from understanding it. Yeah, I could tell you things - really bizarre things - but right now I can't tell you anything that is gonna save his life." Mama McCall counsels buying as much time as they can because it's up to their kids now.

Well one of their kids; Liam and Mason are still playing at the tree. Speaking of bizarre things, it goes from being about 6 am to dusk in a millisecond. Instanight, a Beacon Hills phenomenon. Seriously, one minute they find the nematon in the bright sunshine and now it's suddenly evening. It does allow the police to sneak up on them though. Huh? Oh forget it. Logic left ages ago. Hayden leads police to the bodies but no one seems surprised to find a shocked Liam and Mason there. I'd feel like Liam at seeing Hayden again but she was only dead for 2.2 seconds so I can't summon the energy to care. Back in the tunnels, Scott realizes this is the only new set that is going to survive season 5. Maybe. Stiles doesn't care because he's freaking out about his dad. We get it. You're worried. Stop yelling at everyone. Chimera #512 tires of it too and throws Stiles into a wall, making it blackout #2 for him and a fantastic flashback for us. Stiles remembers his mom's funeral, when his dad told him, "Hey, you've still got me." Baby Stiles and Sheriff hug as my heart melts. Awww. Even better Sheriff Yoda tells Stiles to wake up and the dream melds into Scott taking Stiles' hand to help him up. I like that Sheriff's voice encourages Stiles every time. I like Scott at his side even more. While Scott makes sure Stiles is okay, Malia pins the chimera but the steampunk scientists are coming. Malia lets up but Stiles pins the hapless chimera to the wall instead, who gets amnesia when he changes. Stiles and I find that convenient so Stiles grills him until Scott says to get the chimera to the hospital and save his dad while Scott and Malia stall the steampunk scientists. Malia, being smart, is not too keen on this plan but Stiles goes for it while Scott starts bleeding again. Stiles and Chimera #512 don't get very far because a barred gate is in the way. Chimera #512 decides to use his super powers to break the lock but it requires him to change, which often leads to him going out of control and clawing people to death. I'm just not feeling this plan. While it's a typical bad Teen Wolf plan, it makes for one heck of a plot device. As the chimera changes, Stiles realizes one of his claw spikes is broken and viola. We have an answer.

Conveniently our chimera friend stays in complete control and Stiles gets word to Mama McCall. Not quite sure if Chimera #512 will get away from the steampunk scientists though. That's up to Scott and Malia, who are in a standoff with them. Er, more accurately Scott and Malia are standing around while the steampunk scientists sloooowly make their way down the hall. It's like watching slow moving zombies. At least it gives Malia time to freak out. "Scott, we're gonna die down here." Scott: "No we're not." Malia: "How can you be so sure?" Scott: "Because you're not the only one that I called." WOO HOOOOO!!!! It's Argent! Man, I missed you. 5A wasn't the same without your wisdom and guns. He tells Scott and Malia to duck but no one gave him the memo on the steampunk scientists' ammo stopping power. Oops! He blasts them anyway as they all run to swelling hero anthems playing in the background. If anyone deserves that anthem, it's Argent…or maybe Mama McCall. She corners StepDoc to insist that he perform emergency surgery right now on Sheriff. StepDoc is reasonably puzzled but Mama persists. "He's being poisoned by bone marrow. I know it doesn't make any sense. I know what it sounds like, but you have to open him up. Do it now!" Being smart man and not caring that there's no way in Hades Sheriff's crummy insurance is going to cover this, he follows Mama's orders. As Sheriff worsens, he finds and removes the bone shard. Since Teen Wolf isn't Teen Wolf without a questionable slow-mo moment, Scott, Malia, and Argent enter the hospital only to get that silent reassuring look only Mama McCall can give. Sheriff is okay. Whew! Team Pack saves their own once more and most importantly, they did it together. As an exhausted Stiles lies with his head on the hospital bed, Sheriff awakens. He strokes Stiles' arm, waking him. Sheriff: "It's okay, Stiles. You've still got me." Both Stiles and I tear up and he grabs his dad's hand. Sniff, sniff. These two are awesome.

With 5 minutes left in the episode, Theo and Hayden traverse the same tunnels as Team Pack. Why? They're looking for Chimera #512 too. Popular kid. Hayden's confused about how she can track him but Theo says it's the jaguar in her drawn to the berserker in him. Okay…why is that exactly? They never did explain why Kate could control berserkers. Hayden's too busy being confused about why she's even with Theo to pursue answers. Does she even remember what happened? And Hayden is finally interesting to me again. She realizes that steampunk scientists got Chimera #512, which ticks Theo off because they keep getting in the way of his pack. Even more worrisome to his ego is a symbol of a broken circle with a smaller broken circle in the center etched into the wall. Theo: "It's a symbol, a symbol of an alpha and his pack." Hayden: "Who's pack?" Theo: "Scott's." Say what? Scott has a team emblem? Good for him. Jumping back to Eichen House, Valack is impressed as well. "It was more than a symbol, wasn't it? It was a promise to reunite them." Lydia agrees. Valack: "Has Scott done it yet? Will he be coming for you?" Ha! Even Former Triclops wants the pack back together. Lydia: "Someone's coming but it's not Scott." Duhn, duhn, duhn. Enter Theo and B Pack. Like Theo, Valack insists he's the good guy. He's keeping Lydia safe from the steampunk scientists, who don't yet realize that Lydia is the key. Theo's pack is more concerned about Valack's treatment methods. Chimera #492: "She doesn't look good." Screamer: "She's got a hole in her head. That's not a good look for anyone." Ha! Very true. Theo goes all noble and yet shady, which causes Valack to question his motives. "Now what would a pack of chimeras want with a banshee?" Theo: "I don't want a banshee. I'm looking for a hellhound." I guess that makes Parrish the hot girl now. Right on cue, he melts the gates to rescue Lydia. Valack: "You wanted a hellhound. I think you found one."

This is now my third time watching this episode and while not perfect by any stretch, it did what I needed it to do. Like Mama McCall stated in the midseason finale, I needed hope. Hope that the pack would right itself and come back stronger. Hope that my favorite bromance wasn't gone. Hope that the show would fix the issues of seasons 4 and 5A. I don't expect 3B quality but I do expect Teen Wolf to keep righting itself. I see aspects of this throughout. First and foremost, it gave Scott and Stiles screen time together. They cannot begin to fix the mess between them if they are never in the same room together. For a vast part of this episode, they are working together as a team. Each brings their own skills to a mutual task and it's one of the few times when a Teen Wolf plan actually works because of it. While it is clear that Stiles is holding a major grudge, Scott is working diligently to piece back the pack he lost and it is one of the better leadership moments in Scott's history as true alpha. He will not let Stiles go off on his own and he's not losing his best friend without a fight. I love that. It shows Scott's strength even as his werewolf powers are failing. The heart of this show has always been and will always be the bromance of Scott and Stiles and to see him fight to keep it alive is awesome. Here's hoping that Stiles bends soon too because that's #1 on my wish list. I also like that once again Mama McCall calms the storm and saves the day. I really cannot overstate how awesome she is and having Argent back is a bonus too. Of course the best part though is that Sheriff is back with the living, safe and sound. Team Parent must prevail. The pack depends on it.

Grade: B+

Best Reason to Watch - less filler, more story, more questions
Best Scene - Scott won't let Stiles leave without him
Best Awww Moment - Sheriff wakes up and tells Stiles that he's still there
Best Entrance - Argent
MVP - brain injuries because I swear our heroes lose consciousness more times in this episode than in all of seasons 4 and 5A combined
Best Catch - Scott figures out that Theo didn't attack Sheriff, but another chimera did
Best Flashback - Stiles and Sheriff at the funeral of his mother
Best Silent Moment - Mama McCall reassures Scott, Malia, and Argent with just a look
Best Reaction - Mason to Liam ripping the page out of the book
Worst Doctor - Valack, who drills into Lydia's skull
Worst Plan - Thinking anywhere in Beacon Hills is safe, much less Eichen House. Really, ScienceMom? Didn't your mother-in-law prove it's not safe? You need to leave Beacon hills for safety. How about fleeing with your catatonic daughter to Europe where she can hang out with Jackson?
Worst Parenting - Lydia's mom has the excuse of being freaked out. What's Hot Doc's excuse? If your kid comes up to you asking about if their friend's body has shown up, you need to start asking questions. Lots of questions. Specifically, why exactly do you think she's dead?
Biggest Blech - Parrish is still having sex dreams about Lydia and almost causes a car crash because of it
Biggest Ho Hum - Liam realizes Hayden is alive. Whatever. We didn't even have time to miss her.
Biggest Shock / Best Back Story - Theo let his sister die so that he could take her heart and become a chimera? That's just cold, man.
Biggest Question - Who's the last chimera?
Biggest Ouch - Theo calls Lydia "collateral damage"
Biggest Eye Roll - Stiles and Lydia search everywhere for the nematon but who finds it on his first try? Why, it's Super Special Snowflake Liam Dunbar of course.
Biggest Hmmm - If you figured out how to live forever, why would your #1 ambition be to create the perfect killer? The steampunk scientists need to rethink their life goals.
Biggest Understatement - Mason tells Liam that this hasn't been his finest moment
Biggest Freak Out / Most on Edge - tie - Stiles and Lydia's mom
Best Return - Hot Doc
Least Welcome Return - Creeper Orderly / steampunk scientists
Least Effective Bragging -We all now know what Parrish is, Theo. Sit down.
Least Surprising - Valack is pretending to be the Eichen House Director so he can take Lydia
Most Awkward Relationship - tie - Scott and Stiles / Stiles and Malia
Most Missed - Kira and family
Most Shoddy Hospital Work - Did no one do a cursory check of Lydia to see if anything else is wrong? No wonder this hospital has such a terrible mortality record. It's not just the supernatural wreaking havoc but the fact that Mama McCall may be the only competent person on staff.
Most Wonky Werewolf Powers - Scott, who doesn't seem to be healing and even faints
Smartest Cookie - tie - Hayden's sister finally realizes that she needs to leave Beacon Hills / Hot Doc realizes that Mama McCall knows more than everyone else
The Am I Missing Something?" Award, part 1 - Did they ever clarify why jaguars and berserkers are drawn together…or how Kate could control the berserkers…or what the point of bringing Kate back was?
The "Am I Missing Something?" Award, part 2 - Since when does Scott's pack have a symbol?
The "Nope, That's NOT Even a Little Suspicious" Award - Liam keeps grilling his dad about whether Hayden's body has been found. Way to keep him from thinking you're a psycho killer if it did, Liam.
The "Say What?" Award - Stiles never trusted Theo.  He used him to get what he needed but that's not the same thing as trusting him.
The "Oh Baby" Award - Stiles' tears hurt my heart so watching him cry alone in the waiting room while waiting to see if his dad is going to make it is painful
The "If At First You Don't Succeed" Award - Why do they keep trying to shoot or claw the steampunk scientists? At this point, I'm thinking some kind of electromagnetic weapon instead.
The "Not Them Again" Award - steampunk scientists really need to go
The "When in Doubt" Award - just trust Mama McCall because she's always right
The "Out of the Frying Pan" Award - First, Valack takes Lydia. Now Theo is coming after her. Neither is a good alternative. Now would be a great time for her to save herself.

Best Quotes -
1. Scott: "You can't do this alone, okay? You need me. You need all of us. I can get more help. I can text Liam." Stiles: "Liam just tried to kill you." Scott: "Okay, then at least let me help." Stiles: "You believed him." Scott: "You trusted him too. Theo got to all of us." Stiles: "You know you don't even know the real story." Scott: "I don't need to. All that matters right now is your dad. Come on, Stiles. We survived an alpha pact, a dark druid, professional assassins. We can survive dread doctors and chimeras too." Stiles: "We're not looking for a missing chimera. We're looking for a missing teenager."
2. Sheriff: "Hey, you've still got me." / Sheriff: "It's okay, Stiles. You've still got me."
3. Mason: "I need to learn to shut up."
4. Parrish: "We need to find this kid." Mama McCall: "Isn't that a little dangerous, especially since he almost killed my kid?"
5. Chimera #???: "She doesn't look good." Screamer: "She's got a hole in her head. It's not a good look for anyone."

Screencaps by Screencapped, WereDeer Stiles,  and Status Stilinski

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