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Younger - 1.06 - Shedonism - Preview

While last week's episode of Younger dealt with Girl Power and the ability to make things happen through synergizing, this week focuses on what it takes to be a good friend. Do true friends support everything? Do they allow the other to fail? Do they back off when their friend says to? Both Diana and Liza encounter people from their past who are sinking quickly and must decide the best course of action to take with them. For Diana the dilemma comes in the form of Annabelle Bancroft, a former friend and current Empirical Press author, played by TV legend Jane Krakowski. Krakowski soars as a boozy, drugged out, hard-to-please book diva who just wants to have a great time. She comes off as deliciously over-the-top much like in her Ally McBeal role. It isn't only Liza living the 26-year-old life, although Annabelle's version is definitely more likely to end with a stint or two in rehab.

Desperate to ditch her former best friend, Diana puts Liza in charge of Annabelle's book launch party with the understanding that Annabelle wants something young and fresh. It's a huge step forward in Liza's career and Diana makes sure she understands that. Diana: "Liza, I hope you realize the opportunity I'm giving you." Liza: "I do, Diana." Diana: "Good because my assistants don't stay assistants very long. They move up or they move out." It's do or die time for Liza and Annabelle makes nothing easier. Also weighing down Liza is her ex-husband, who is back in the picture asking for a favor. It soon becomes clear that his gambling problems continue even as his relationship with the woman he left Liza for is failing. Still Liza feels a connection when he orders her favorites for her and finds herself reminiscing about the past. Torn on whether to agree to the favor or not, it is ultimately something that Diana says that helps her decide. Trickier still is what to do about Kelsey when Liza finds her in a compromising position. The 26 year-old-life isn't any easier than the 40-something one when it comes to dealing with friends.

Highlights -

1. Diana's back story - Diana is one of my favorite characters but she's also the one we know the least about. It's great to get a glimpse of her former self. While we don't get enough details, it is fun to think of a Diana who is not as straight-laced and professional.

2. Jane Krakowski - Not everyone is going to like this character and she could get old fast, but for one episode I found her a lot of fun. Mostly I liked the dichotomy between Annabelle acting like she's in her 20's and Liza living it.

3. Liza gets more responsibility - For the most part, Liza's work life has been dull and can often be the slowest part of the episode. While she absolutely needs to keep working for Diana, it is fun seeing her rise to new challenges. Except for the cock joke. That was eye roll-worthy.

4. Josh is objectified - Let's face it. On most TV shows, it's the female who is objectified so it is a switch to see a male publicly groped. Let's just say that Josh and Liza's reactions made me laugh.

5. Liza is outed….maybe? - A character makes a comment that could be construed as knowing the truth about Liza's age, which freaks Liza out.

Other notes -

Caitlin is back in this episode.
Maggie asks her crush out on a date only to get a big surprise.
Lauren is helpful again.
The technology of the week is Vine.

Quotes -

"I believe it was Fitzgerald who said that the test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold 2 opposed ideas in mind at the same time." "I think it's highly possible that F. Scott Fitzgerald was drunk when he said that."
"I mean she's clearly in her 40's but she acts like she's in her 20's. Why would people do that, you know?"
"I still have my underwear on? This was a terrible party."
"I'm sorry. I took a Cross Fit class this morning and I think I tore my…everything."
"There's only one commandment. Close your hearts and open your legs for everything life has to offer."
"Well sometimes people need a second chance." "I don't carry dead weight well…in my personal life or in my office."

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