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Younger - 1.04 - The Exes - Preview

Younger airs Tuesdays on TV Land at 10/9 C.

This episode of Younger is all about 2 things: second chances and sex. Lots of sex. Bed-breaking, nirvana-ascending, "seeing yourself outside your body" type sex if the characters are to be believed. That's not typically my thing, but Younger does it well especially since it's all in the first 5 minutes. For anyone missing out on this show so far, Younger is about Liza, a 40-something woman pretending to be 26 in order to get a job in the publishing world. Liza's world fell apart when she found out her husband is a degenerate gambler and an adulterer. With no money to keep her home or even be able to officially divorce, Liza moves in with her best friend Maggie while her daughter Caitlin sojourns in India. Having been out of the workplace since Caitlin's birth, she finds that New York has no place for someone her age so Maggie persuades her to fudge on her résumé. Armed with some new highlights, sexy wardrobe, and a whole new vocabulary, Liza attempts to navigate a 20-something world and have some fun along the way. One such fun is Josh, her new boy toy who also thinks she's in her 20's. Mostly it's a take on the generation gap from a unique perspective and that makes it a whole lot of fun. It's also a bit edgier (read raunchier) than your typical TV Land show.

This episode makes me smile throughout since they mix in laughs and heart well. I especially love how real Liza keeps breaking through 20-something Liza as Kelsey's celebration gets progressively boozier and more out-of-control. By the time Liza gets a rude awakening, she's in full MOM mode. Good thing because Kelsey is about 2 tequila shots away from making a permanently bad mistake. Not that she hasn't made plenty before then, both personally and professionally. Thad needs to go. Now. I would have been happier if Lauren had stuck around instead of him. Surely Kelsey and she would have gotten into a spirited conversation about whether 'Nsync or Backstreet Boys was better, while Liza looked on like they were insane. I would have died laughing. Instead we get a great moment about taking responsibility for your own actions and an even better one about second chances. All in all, this episode was a good representation of Younger's charms. Don't miss out. Check it out Tuesdays on TV Land. It's one of only 3 comedies this season that I actually anticipate watching each week.

Check out Younger on Tuesdays at 10 / 9 C on TV Land and watch past episodes online at or Hulu.

Grade: B+

Best Reason to Watch - an increasingly frustrated Liza has enough
Best Speech - Liza
Most Energetic - Josh
Biggest Brat - Kelsey, who whines like a tween and blames her own idiocy on Liza
Biggest Douche - Thad
Most in Need of a Guest Star credit - Josh's abs
Worst Back Tracking - Nirvana reunion concert?
Worst Plan - drunk texting
Best Aim - Kelsey
The "I Feel Old" Award - I had to look up Andrew Keegan to figure out who he was. Thankfully I already knew who JT-Squared was although I never referred to him that way. To me he was that kid from Home Improvement.
Best Reference - Lohan / Gilmore Girls

Best Quotes -

"Alright, see. I told you. It's closed." "How is this even possible?" "Because it's after midnight on a weekday and he's not a coke dealer."
"Babe, you know I don't do Brooklyn. No offense." "Lots taken."
"Doesn't his penis need a break?" "Welcome to 26."
"Monks?" "Well monks who have dedicated their lives to lots of sex." "Just stay in the present and have lots of sex…hmm, I could probably be persuaded."
"We all get one mistake."
"What are you, the White House press secretary?"
"Wow that is some heavy stuff for a college relationship." "Well it was an Ivy League school."
"You and all the tequila you drank need to get in that cab this Instafare."

Scrrencaps by NY Post and TV Land

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