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Younger - 1.05 - Girl Code - Preview

Younger airs on Tuesdays on TV Land at 10/9 C.

In another charming episode of Younger, Girl Code is all about girl power at all levels and it works well within the confines of this show. As Liza gets more and more into her 26 year old life, Maggie feels more and more left out. To alleviate her friends' hurt feelings, Liza suggests they go to the art show Maggie is being forced to attend and make a night of it just the two of them. It's a great plan...until Kelsey invites herself and her friends to save Liza from having to hang with the much older Craigslist Maggie. It's part of the Girl Code. Liza finds herself in Kelsey's inner circle after performing some disgusting hygiene maneuvers for her and so Liza leaves the gallery with Kelsey and friends, abandoning Maggie to her fate. Needless to say Maggie isn't pleased when her night goes downhill drastically and Liza doesn't even bother to pick up the phone.

From there on, it's all about mending fences and this is where the story comes alive. Kelsey can't understand why Liza is upset because her roommate's mad at her. Once Liza makes her understand how much Maggie means to her, it's all out girl power as the younger generation comes in for the rescue. I really love how while the show makes fun of the 20-something life, it has done a great job of fleshing out Kelsey. She may not be the most sympathetic at first and she's definitely ageist, but she has a great heart and she goes out of her way to show loyalty to her friends. She becomes a sympathetic character despite herself and she shines brighter here than in any of the previous episodes. She also lifts Lauren up, who still remains a caricature at best. It's a tie between Lauren and Diana as to who the weakest link of the episode is, but Lauren gets bonus points for her great connections and belief in the Girl Code too. This episode is the first time that Liza's old and new worlds collide and it is refreshing that they can work together instead of tearing each other apart. This is my favorite episode so far but I'm all about girl power.

Other Tidbits -

1. There's no place for guys in a Girl Power episode. Josh only appears briefly and Thad, thankfully, does not appear at all. They aren't needed and the episode is richer because of their absence.

2. The best moment includes a Pretty Woman reference that older viewers will appreciate.

3. The weirdest moment includes a FRIENDS reference that slightly younger viewers may or may not appreciate.

4. Diana is getting desperate and while it's funny, it's not a good look on an accomplished, successful woman. She's better than this.

Quotes -

"It's like eating a hug."
"It's like observing flamingoes in nature: bright, colorful, and their heads all bent in an uncomfortable angle."
"I'm tired all the time. I'm either out partying or having sex and…" "Aww." "Alright yeah, I realized as soon as I said that I wasn't going to get much sympathy."
"It's not a proper walk of shame unless you've lost some clothes and some self-respect." "Are you slut shaming me right now?"
"We'll come up with something a little less gangster." "Oh no, you don't have to get involved." "Of course I do. If you're close…., then so am I. It's Girl Code."

Younger airs Tuesdays on TV Land at 10/9 C.

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