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Teen Wolf - 4.01 - The Dark Moon - Recap

Previously - Malia was a coyote and screwed Stiles, Kira learned Scott is a werewolf, Mystery Motorcycle Chick (Braeden) kicked everyone's butt, Lydia is a banshee, Allison died, Mama Fratelli tortured Derek and Peter about Kate, Kate did NOT die (big sigh), but did become a werejaguar and kidnapped Derek. Lots happened last season.

Vacationing south of the border, Lydia and Stiles bicker about "the plan." Lydia: "Stiles, this could be the stupidest plan we've ever come up with. You're aware of that right?" I have no idea what this plan is but I bet it is not the stupidest one this pack has created. That award is claimed by last year's teen armored car heist hijinks plan. There is no equal. Even Scott who is optimistic about everything thought that plan sucked out loud. In fact, I feel comfortable in saying that may be the worst plan ever created by reasonably smart people in the history of life and TV. No, this plan cannot possibly be worse. Stiles: "I'm aware it's not our best." Lydia: "We are going to die." Stiles: "Are you saying that as a banshee or are you just being pessimistic?" Lydia: "I'm saying it as a person who doesn't want to die." Ha! I am a big fan of Lydia and Stiles banter. Stiles suggests she leave all death predictions solely to banshee talk. They walk through increasingly worse lit streets, stopping by a guarded door where Lydia asks in Spanish about a fiesta. No dice until Stiles shows a skull card that grants them access to…another rave? Really? The creepy suspenseful music complete with barely lit hallway leading up to this was just a tease. Too bad. Teen Wolf and its freaking raves. This one isn't even Day-Glo like last season's. A minute of obnoxious music later and the guy I thought Kate killed last season spots Lydia and Stiles. He orders them drinks but Lydia puts their shotgun shell into it, granting them an audience with Mama Fratelli (Araya) but not us a reprieve from the constantly thumping music. What a shame.

Lydia starts negotiations for Derek's release while Stiles puts $50,000 on the table. Say what? I'm with Mama Fratelli here. "Now where does a teenage boy get money like this? Japanese mafia?" I want an answer Jeff Davis because that $50,000 in Yakuza money was confiscated in the murder investigation. Mama Fratelli: "Not smart to come alone." Stiles: "What makes you think we came alone?" Stiles and Lydia are channeling their inner mob boss here and it is very effective. They have grown up a lot since season 1. Constant death and mayhem will do that for a person. Mama Fratelli looks shocked, but I just eye roll because it's back to the rave we go. In the cheesiest moment this side of Baywatch, the camera slow pans in on Malia and Kira, who both look directly into the camera, hair blowing in the instant breeze. Bwah! That's so terrible it's funny. Mama Fratelli isn't laughing. "You brought a wolf into my home." Lydia dead eyes her before glancing at Stiles. Stiles: "We brought an alpha." Now it's Scott's turn to pose for the camera dramatically. Oh Teen Wolf. If only we could end the longest rave sequence of all time. Kira joins Malia, panicked because Mama Fratelli's henchmen scour the crowd for them. Kira: "What should we do?" Malia: "Blend in. Dance with me dumba**." Ha! I love Malia's lack of tact but Kira's dancing needs to go. She looks about as awkward as I would and I'm too old for that. Even Malia who has lived in the woods half her life is embarrassed for Kira so she helps her out. Seriously we've been at this rave for over 4 minutes now not including Mama Fratelli time. It's now officially filler. Argh! The new title card sequence is interesting though. Sadly Allison is gone (RIP) but Kira and Malia are in. Over all I like it but they should tweak the parts for Lydia and Derek as well since they did for Scott and especially Stiles.

Because it wouldn't be Teen Wolf without a lesson, Mama Fratelli and Lydia take a moment to explain the title. A dark moon is when "the moon is least visible in the sky" and is associated with loss and mourning. That hits Lydia hard but Stiles just glares. Mama Fratelli: "I wonder why when you and your friends have suffered so much loss you would risk it again for someone like Derek Hale." Stiles: "Cause we don't like to lose." Ouch! Stiles has definitely changed since his DarkStiles time. A walkie talkie interrupts and Scott tells Stiles to take $10,000 off the table. Lydia: "Maybe you should just take the deal." Who are these kids bargaining with the hunter mafia? Mama Fratelli makes with the knowledge though. She knows Lydia is a banshee. She also knows how to protect her place. The henchmen attack Scott, Kira, and Malia so it's back to the rave we go. At least this time, Malia and Kira kick serious butt complete with light saber nunchucks. Ha! It's the latest teen accessory. Scott joins by taking out a gunman, while the rest of these fools keep dancing like nothing happened. It's a facepalm moment. The pack heads to the hallway to join Stiles and Lydia, who keep negotiating. Stiles: "Just give us Derek. You don't want him anyway. Haven't you noticed what a downer he is? No sense of humor, poor conversationalist. Just come on. Take the money." Yikes, with friends like these, Derek. You can't get a break. Mama Fratelli has one more trick to play though and douses the hallway with wolfsbane fog. That's one way to neutralize an alpha. Kira goes down swinging, but not before Scott realizes that the Mexican Hunters' Club has no idea where Derek is. A somewhat faulty plan brought down by lack of good intel. Michael Westen and Annie Walker would be disappointed.

In flashback Stiles and Scott talk about Derek being missing for weeks. Scott: "He hasn't returned any of my texts." Stiles: "Does Derek ever return your texts?" Scott: "Once. Definitely once." Ha! Scott says this time's different. In the loft (home of the last rave) he found shotgun shells branded with the same skull on the card that let Stiles and Lydia into the club. It's the Calaveras crest, but this group will always be straight from The Goonies to me. Scott asks Lydia to use her best death whisperer senses. At least she's not kept in the dark like 3A. It's an improvement. Stiles: "Is he dead?" Lydia: "No, but I'm not sure he's alive either." Scott and I: "What does that mean?" Lydia: "I don't know. There's something not right. I just…I don't know." Lydia is obviously taking lessons in cryptic from every single freaking source of information on this show so she's contractually obligated to provide zero useful intel until it is too late. Nice. They decide to go to Mexico instead, leaving them in the mess they're in - locked in a impenetrable basement under the rave. Stiles clears one Bingo space by asking, "Scott, are you okay?" Seriously, hit the rewatch and count how often they ask each other that. Scott is indeed okay but they've taken Lydia because at least one person plus Derek must be in peril at all times. It's pack law. Flee the pack for your own good, people. Scott asks what they want with Lydia, but it's obviously not to develop her leadership skills like it should be. Mama Fratelli questions Lydia about how being a banshee works, but she demurs. Mama F: "I have a feeling you underestimate your abilities, Lydia." Lydia: "Trust me. You'd have better luck with tarot card." Ha! Sadly Lydia still knows nothing, so Mama Fratelli adds pressure by killing a henchman in front of her. Yikes! The girl's already scarred for life as is. Leave her alone, Jeff. Lydia: "What do you want?" Mama Fratelli: "Right now, I want to know about Scott McCall. I want to know what kind of alpha he really is?"

Back in the Staph Basement, Malia makes my night. They can't find a way out so Malia suggests they attack anyone who comes in and run. Kira: "What about Lydia?" Malia: "What about her?" Scott says they can't leave her, but Malia asks why not. Stiles: "Because we don’t leave without people. Remember, we talked about this. The rules of the wild kingdom don't apply to friends." Malia looks bummed as I crack up. Kira asks if coyotes abandon their own. Malia: "If she was weak and injured, yeah. If hunting had been bad that season, I would eat her. Then I'd leave." Stiles: "Believe it or not, that's progress." BWAH!!!! I adore Malia already. Let's hope hunting isn't bad this season or it's cannibal time on Teen Wolf. Scott changes the topic to Derek where the sum end is they know nothing. Thanks for clarifying. The Mexican Hunters' Club isn't giving up on answers though. They burst in tasers blasting to take Scott and Kira upstairs. Mama Fratelli and Lydia join them and they chain Lydia up right next to Scott. I'm surprised Scott isn't shirtless and chained to fencing a la the preferred Derek torture method. Instead they have Kira use their favorite generator to zap Scott into talking because "the fox has an immunity to electricity." Yeah, sooo….I don't get it. It's not like the current flows through the dial, shocking the person touching it. Anyone could do it. I'd actually rather it be Stiles because the Scott and Stiles brotherhood always leads to the best drama. To be honest it's a smarter play too. How does Mama Fratelli know Kira won't electrocute them all to rescue Scott and Lydia. In fact, I'm not sure why she doesn't even try. Oh well.

Since it's not Teen Wolf without torture (or a rave), Henchman tells Kira to electrocute Scott or he'll zap Lydia instead and banshees have no instant healing. Scott gives Kira permission to torture him and Mama Fratelli starts by saying Scott knows where Derek is. Say what lady? If they knew that, they'd never have joined this fiesta. Scott and Lydia are similarly confused but it's just an excuse to zap him. Kira refuses, Mama F threatens Lydia, and Scott tells Kira he can take it. This cycle repeats about 648 times. Thankfully we're reprieved as Stiles paces the Staph Basement. He asks if Malia hears Scott but her werewolf senses are on the blink because they always are on Teen Wolf the rave music's too loud so she can't concentrate. Stiles does his patented "deep breathing and babble while telling someone to focus" schtick that only makes things worse so Malia kisses him. Smart plan. It shuts him up and when they break apart her eyes are bright blue. Aww, Stiles is Malia's anchor. How sweet. Alas all she hears is Scott being electrocuted and Mama F's irksome portrayal of a trial lawyer leading the witness. Mama F: "You don’t know because you haven't figured it out yet." Thank you, Captain Obvious. It's all a time filling plot device that ends when Scott conveniently remembers a conversation he overheard in season 1. Facepalm/eye roll just doesn't cut it. Scott realizes that Kate Argent is alive and breaks his chains. Retconning Kate's non-death makes me feel like I'm in chains. For the love of all things interesting, "What's dead should stay dead." Resurrecting "dead" characters is the cheapest gimmick in all of genre storytelling and generally means you're out of inspiration and ideas. You're a better writer than this, Jeff Davis. Fix it. Now!

Stiles can't believe they're stupid enough to resurrect Kate either. "That's impossible. That can't be what he said?" Honey, I had the exact same reaction at the end of 3B. Stiles gives Malia the briefest of details as we zoom to the land of spooky fog where Kate currently resides, and giving us the only 9 seconds of Derek tonight. Amazingly he looks peaceful, asleep with arms crossed in front of him. Or dead in a mummy pose; you're call. Either way he's screwed because he's entombed and Mama F releases Scott and crew to find and rescue him. They haven't been all that successful recently so after Mama F threatens to off Scott if he ever makes another werewolf, she gives them a guide for help. Hello, Mystery Motorcycle Chick. Always good to see you, complete with your own entrance theme, Jungle by X Ambassadors. MMC means action. Woo hoo! This episode desperately needs some action, and no, I don't mean more torture. MMC is to take them to "la iglesia," the church. Stiles: "What's the church?" MMC: "It's not a place you'll find God." She takes off via motorcycle while the rest follow in Stiles' poor Jeep. Luckily there's more Malia shenanigans to make travel time bearable. She and Kira want to know about Kate. Personally I think you're lucky not to know, but Malia won't be placated. Lydia: "She was Allison's aunt and a total sociopath." So true. Scott is pained at the mention of Allison so Kira says he doesn't have to talk about it. But how would we get a nifty entire season 1 recap to fill time if he doesn't, Kira? Every road trip needs anecdotes. If I'd known season 4 was recapping season 1, I'd have concentrated on a season 2 rewatch instead. Oh well. Scott, Stiles, and Lydia exposit. Kate set the fire that killed all of the Hales in the house except Peter and Cora and whoever else they bring back later. Peter recovered psychotically and bit Scott before supposedly killing Kate. See, now you're caught up. Season 1 didn't have much overarching plot.

But that still doesn't explain the big question. Stiles: "Well we were at her funeral so I'd like to know how she got out of a casket that was buried six feet underground." RETCON ALERT! Apparently Mama F heard of Kate's death and examined her body. Kate was healing so they took her from the morgue, put her in the Staph Basement, and expected her to kill herself before the full moon to fulfill the code. Since Kate never followed the code, I have no idea why they thought she'd start with suicide. The whole thing's wonky since there's no way in hell Gerard wouldn't have confirmed his daughter was truly dead. His family has been hunters for generations. He knows the score. Even if he didn’t arrive until the funeral, he'd have someone watch the body. Besides Argent also knows the score. Don't think this retcon makes any sense, Jeff Davis. It doesn't and it's irksome. Instead of killing herself, Kate went all werejaguar. Malia doesn't blame her. Scott: "Would you kill half a dozen to get out?" Come on, Scott. This is Malia. Of course she would. Kate played dead for the henchmen, mauled them all, and fled. They explain the werejaguar bit with the same Jackson as kanima lore so it at least has a little continuity. Lydia: "What kind of shape is sociopathic b**?" Bwah! Best line of the night. The conversation stops when something hits the Jeep and it dies. MMC warns Scott they have to get there before nightfall so Stiles tells him to go with her. Scott: "Not without you." Aww. Stiles insists and things progress swimmingly until…Kira. No, no, no, no! The best thing about Allison dying was the end of these momentum-killing, sappy, snooze-inducing scenes of romantic anguish. I refuse to revisit them with Kira, who's basically Allison-light now. You hear me, Jeff? Refuse. I also refuse to transcribe Kira's awkwardly halting speech. Suffice to say it takes her a minute to say, "Be careful," and hug Scott to drippy music. MMC and I wear the same expression throughout, a combination of disgust, impatience, and a desire to shoot something to end this. Finally she speaks up and Scott hops on her bike.

As Kira makes the puppy dog face of woe, Malia is at least helpful. She finds a bone knife above the tire. Whatever threw that has massively good aim. The Jeep was moving while they did it. Lydia suggests walking to Stiles' horror. Stiles: "Hey I will never abandon this Jeep. You understand me? Ever." Aww. At this moment Stiles' Jeep officially joins Metallicar and Michael's Charger as actual characters in a TV show. Stiles has the same commitment to his Jeep as Dean has for Baby and it's adorable. I now ship Stiles and his Jeep. Malia warns Stiles to go faster because something is out there and chances are it's not bringing a tow truck and muffin basket. Meanwhile Scott and MMC stop to admire the scenery and exposit La Inglesia. It's not like they're in a hurry or anything so they talk of a church that survived an earthquake. It was built over the ruins of an Aztec temple, because that's always a good idea. Poltergeist anyone? The people there were also werejaguars. Even better. MMC suspects Kate and Derek are there, but she's never gotten as close to the church as they are now. In time honored TV fashion, the brightest of day turns into absolute darkness in about a millisecond as MMC and Scott finally get to the ruins. Guess that exposition pit stop and Kira awkwardness weren't such a bang up idea, huh? As they enter, Scott asks her intentions towards Kate. Sadly it's not kill her. MMC has orders to take Kate back to Mama F, which worked oh so well last time. Let's try a new plan. Scott decides to keep up a running commentary while entering a psychopath's spooky crypt and asks what will happen to Kate. MMC doesn't care since Kate's a mass murderer. Scott calls her on being a mercenary, but "A girl's got to eat." Ha! I adore MMC. She and Malia should team up. Scott asks if she would kill Kate if she was paid to do so. MMC: "If the money was good, I’d kill you." BWAH!!! That finally shuts Scott up as I laugh. As they step into the church, Scott halts. Something not human is with them but he also catches Derek's scent. That's good enough for MMC.

Back at the Jeep, Stiles and Lydia bicker about holding the flashlight steady. Lydia: "I'm shaking it like this because we're in the middle of nowhere with your broken down Jeep and we're being attacked by yet another razor-clawed monster and I'm terrified." She has a point, but Stiles has no sympathy. Stiles: "Well just be slightly less terrified." Um yeah, that'll help. He pulls out a piece of the Jeep's engine and tells Lydia to hold it. Lydia: "What's this?" Stiles: "I don’t know. I'm hoping it's not important." Ha! You're doomed. Stiles needs automotive classes like the entire population of Beacon Hills needs emergency training. You can't truly love your Jeep Stiles if you put her in danger and can't make her better. Just saying. In front of the Jeep, Malia and Kira stand watch but can't see without a flashlight. Um, what? Both of you have nifty infrared, glowing eyes. You know, the ones used for seeing things at night. Maybe you could use them. I'll never understand why Teen Wolf uses supernatural powers in such an inconsistent manner. Either Scott has supernaturally enhanced hearing or he doesn't. Either they can see at night or they can't. It shouldn't be determined by whatever the script needs at the time. Makes zero sense. Urgh! Kira plays light games with her sword and nicely spotlights some shadow creature in the distance so Malia chases it and Kira chases her. Stiles wants to join the chase but Lydia protests. "You fix the Jeep. Please focus." Smart plan. Kira hears something behind her and comes out swinging, almost taking Malia's head off in the process. Sadly, Malia couldn't see what creature it was, but it spliced her. The roar of a working Jeep brings both girls running back to it.

Meanwhile MMC and Scott walk down a cobweb-strewn corridor, where this time MMC decides to chat. Does no one have any tactical sense on Teen Wolf? Even worse, she brings up Kira so Scott can explain that they have not "defined the relationship." He hems and haws as badly as Kira, again halting what should be a suspenseful moment. Oh for the love of my sanity, spit it out Scott. MMC keeps pushing and for once I want someone to knock her unconscious. They go deeper into the crypt and finally shut up so the eeriness of the place can set the mood. Something raises a claw from a pile of bones and scorpions skitter over corpses. Not exactly a prime vacation spot. Next time you want to go to Mexico Scott, try Cancun. He pauses, saying something's behind them but neither see anything. They slowly move forward as Skeletor's freakier cousin attacks. MMC shoots and suddenly it's back to the Jeep where Stiles lectures Malia. Huh? Stiles: "You, you please don't do that ever again." Malia and I have no idea what he's talking about so he clarifies while I orient the scene change. Stiles: "I thought you just took off. I thought you were running." Malia: "I was running." Ha! Stiles: "No, I mean like I thought you were leaving." Malia: "I wouldn’t leave without you." Stiles: "Really?" Malia: "No, I would never leave without you." She looks to the back seat where Lydia looks uncomfortable and Kira doesn't care. Malia: "Them I would leave." BWAAHH!! Stiles looks back. "Yeah, it's progress." Ha! If you're going to interrupt the crazy Skeletor action, at least it was hilarious. I laughed so hard the first time I saw this scene, I almost dropped my laptop. Malia, never change. You are the bright spot of mirth this increasingly dark show needs. But still, can we go back to the crypt now? No? Darn. The camera pans in on Malia's cut by unknown assailant #52. You know what that means. Watch for anvils to upcoming episodes. Malia says she can feel the cut healing but the creature reeked of death. Don't they all?

At last we rejoin the crypt fight already in progress or at least hear gun shots since we can't see anything. Neither can Scott because he doesn't have nifty infrared eyesight tonight either I guess. (sigh) Skeletor grunts near them so MMC tells Scott to get behind her. Aww, she does care…or he's part of the Derek package deal. Take your pick. Scott refuses and lets out a roar that causes the whole place to avalanche. It's an awesome display of his alpha power. He needs to develop as an alpha and this was a great start. Scott: "I think I scared it." MMC: "I think you scared everything." Ha! Great line. The rock slide just happens to uncover the hidey hole where Kate stashed Derek and MMC recognizes its fancy seal of a werejaguar god. Scott listens for signs of life before punching in that beautiful piece of Meso-American art. The wannabe archeologist in me cringes. The Teen Wolf fan in me just wants to get Derek. As Scott and MMC look into the tomb, a human hand reaches out to them and Scott stares in shock. Why? Who knows because just like when Stiles perused the picture found on Mummy Mouth's corpse, we don’t get to see. No fair, Teen Wolf. At the same time, Stiles and the girls arrive at the ruins. Their headlights catch on Scott and MMC exiting, and Stiles runs to them before going still. Malia asks if that is Derek. Stiles: "Uh, sort of." A slow pan on the person between MMC and Scott reveals….Teen Derek? Say what? He looks as confused as I am. What the heck did Kate do to Derek? How exactly does one get age reversed? Is Kate now a witch? Have Teen Wolf writers been reading fan fic again? The trademark Teen Wolf ending plot twist strikes again and I am just as anxious for next Monday to come as ever.

Overall this did not feel like a Teen Wolf season premiere to me. Generally Teen Wolf is so jam packed of events and twists I can hardly breathe. This episode felt like 3-4 scenes stretched to fill time. There's the never ending rave, Scott gets tortured for half the episode, a recap of season 1 complete with retcon, and finally the crypt. It's a rare Teen Wolf episode when I think, "I wish there was more action." It's never happened for a premiere. Now I'm not saying it was a bad episode. To be honest, Malia of all people saved it. Her matter of fact statements made me laugh throughout and gave the episode a necessary lightness. I hope they allow her character to continue in this vein since I predict this season will be as dark as the last. Speaking of, I also loved the lighting here. I could see more than half of it, a Teen Wolf record. It was nice to see the cast's facial reactions. I also loved Mystery Motorcycle Chick's return. Her entrance to Jungle was fantastic, one of the best character entrances of the show. Her time with Scott was a highlight as well, along with Scott stretching his alpha muscles to roar away Skeletor. I'd like to see Scott hone his abilities more this season and grow as a leader. I'd also like that for Lydia, who did not come off as well here. I loved her banter with Stiles but I don't need to see her jealous about Malia. She's too strong a character. They need to let Lydia grow up. While smart and strong against Mama Fratelli when negotiating, she fell back to season 2 Lydia, all wide-eyes, hunched shoulders, and breathy voice, when they were alone. That's too juvenile for someone who has experienced what Lydia has. I'd like her to confront things on her own terms and harden up a little more. She can be scared but she needs to come off as less of a child while doing it, at least lifting up her head and not hunching her shoulders. Still she was better than Kira in this, who wavered from awkward to stalker to clueless. The drawn out goodbye to Scott and dancing were the most painful things I've seen on TV in a long time. Kira deserves better than getting all the pitfalls of Allison (tied to a romance, only developing her with Scott, etc.) but none of the can-do attitude.

Grade and Episode Awards:

Grade: B-

Best Scene - Scott roars away Skeletor / Malia tells Stiles that she would never leave him but she'd leave the others in a second

Best Quote - Lydia: "What kind of shape is sociopathic b**?" / Stiles: "What makes you think we came alone?" / Scott: "I think I scared it." MMC: "I think you scared everything."

Best Action - Kira and Malia kick henchmen butt (albeit with the silliest nunchucks on the planet)

Best Reason to Watch - Malia

Best Reason to Fast Forward - Kira, except when she's kicking butt

Biggest Change - Stiles has a brand new attitude and it is tough. When he said, "We don't like to lose," my jaw dropped.

MVP / Best Snark - Malia, every time she opened her mouth

Least Likely to Ever End - the rave, where no one stops dancing even when someone breaks out nunchucks, others have guns, and one guy is throw into a wall halfway across the room

Best Declaration of Love - Stiles will never abandon his Jeep. Ever. And I adore him for it.

Dumbest Plan - It's not the Mama Fratelli negotiation/break-in. It's the fact that all these hunting clans mark their bullets with special designs. Way to make it easier for the police to tie your murders together.

Dumbest Question - Scott to Malia: "Would you kill half a dozen people to get out?" Of course she would. She just said she's eat her own to survive. I doubt killing some shady people who were going to kill her would be a blip on the radar.

Best Moment - Lydia drops the shotgun shell into the drink

Best Character Interaction - Stiles and Lydia bickering

Biggest WTH Moment - Teen Derek

The "Are You Kidding Me?" Award - Malia and Kira say they need a flashlight. Seriously? Your eyes are your flashlight. You know that infrared vision you both have. Gah!

Best Fake Out - as Stiles and Lydia walk through the hallway, the mood screams that they are about to die but when they open the door, it is just a rave

Best Reason to Double Check Your Info - The plan wasn't that terrible. It was all the terrible intel they had. Did they get a single assumption right?

Best Shot Framing - Mama Fratelli threatens Scott but in between them in the distance are the other 4 kids leaning against Stiles Jeep. Great visual.

Most Embarrassing - Kira dancing. When even Malia is laughing at your lack of social skills, you need some help.

Biggest Lesson - once again Teen Wolf explains the title. Once again, I don't care.

Biggest Plot Device - Scott figures out that Kate is alive while being tortured by Mama Fratelli

Biggest Anvil - the 2, count them, 2 pan ins on Malia's cut. Guess what's going to be a plot point probably next week. I'm betting the berserkers follow her to Beacon Hills.

Most in Need of Automotive Skills - Stiles. I love your love for your Jeep but you've got to be able to fix it better.

Best Cast Tweets - @MelissaPonzio1 and @lindenashby -  Melissa Ponzio and Linden Ashby, who had a great sequence about not knowing their kids were in Mexico and how much trouble they were going to be in when they got back

Best Fan Tweets -

@JustJeanine - @MTVteenwolf I think Stiles' jeep is the real unsung martyr of #TeenWolf

@getready2ignite - I'm really excited to see everyone grow as a Pack and not into separate romantic couples who fight baddies together. #TeenWolf

@diannamv4 - loving the fact that scott's s4 pack is a lot of badass ladies and one dude who fumbles around offering rides and moral support #teenwolf

@Boifromipanema - Awww damn. The SheWolf got Derek in the closet. Let him out so he can breath *breath breath #kateargent #teenwolf @MTVteenwolf

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