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Graceland - The Line - Preview

Graceland premieres Wednesday, June 11 on USA Network at 10/9 C.

When we last left off, Briggs found a way out from being charged with the murder of an FBI agent and pinned the Odin tag on another drug dealer. He's crafty that way, but all is not well. The experience has left him with nightmares and a tape that would re-implicate him is on the loose. Things look far better for Mike, who was re-assigned to Washington, D.C. as assistant to the deputy director. He's the latest agency hotshot. His dreams of running the FBI are getting closer, but first he needs another major win to convince the boss to finance an investigation he believes could stop massive amounts of heroin from entering the country. Graceland is far behind him until Briggs brings him back in with news that the Kaza cartel has a hit out for his alias, Mike the Marine. The info startles him, but Briggs sells him on the positives. Briggs: "I mean trust me. Just come out for a long weekend - 3, 4 days max. We'll squeeze in some surfing, destroy a billion dollar cartel, and restore our legend status at bureau. I mean who doesn't need a win." Mike calls him on not caring about what the FBI thinks, but Briggs needs this as much as Mike, given his tarnished reputation. In the end, Mike agrees. I'm guessing he'll be there for more than a few days unless this turns into 24.

Back at Graceland, things are different. There are gun games downstairs, a relaxed attitude, and Jakes is actually friendly. Like really friendly. It's weird. Also weird is seeing another agent in the mix. Zelanski is new DEA, who has already earned an unfortunate nickname. Probably the biggest change though is in Briggs, who is now far more serious and doesn't seem to drink at all. He's also sleeping with Charlie. I'm guessing all is forgiven there….well, until she learns the truth. Then it really will be entropy. And hell. For everyone. About the only who seems less happy than last season is Johnny, who is having an identity crisis. Poor baby. He's my favorite for now, although it changes weekly. Johnny's still loyal though and he makes a great right hand for Briggs. Less awesome is Mike who has turned into a douche and a reckless one at that. Of course since they can't take down a billion dollar cartel in the first episode, the mission goes sideways and one member is left fighting for their life. Overall this was a good way to jump start a new storyline and reunite the cast. I enjoy the changes that have been made in their lives over the past few months and I look forward to seeing them try to work together again. Graceland was always the strongest when they worked together and this season promises to be a lot of that.

Grade: B

Best Scene - Paige and Mike talk by the campfire

Best Quote - Mike: "We still going to be surfing by noon?" Briggs: "Probably not."

Best Twist - how everyone is reunited

Best Reason to Watch- seeing how all the Graceland residents have changed in the fallout

Smartest Plan - newbies, who didn't just surprise me

Motto - Find the Line

Best Reaction - everyone's lack of enthusiasm for the final announcement

Most Interesting Sub-Story - Jakes

Catch the all new season of Graceland on USA Network on June 11 at 10/9C.   Check out season 1 at to catch up on any episodes you missed beforehand.

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