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Quote of the Week - Week of June 22

A weekly feature highlighting the best quotes on TV as picked by the Spoiler TV team this past week. We'd love to hear your picks too so please sound off below the article.

Note - Not many people had quotes this week, so I padded with quotes from every new show I watched this week. Please add yours in the comments below and if you want to submit your nominations, tweet them to me @dahne1.

Dominion -

1. Arika: "You can claim that you had no choice but to kill these women after you interrogated them and found they were in league with Gabriel. I will be absolved of any involvement and see to it that Evelyn makes no reprisals. Or after you failed to elicit a confession from Helena's sacred handmaidens, you flew into a rage and killed them. You'll be known as the person who singlehandedly started an all-out war with Helena, one that Vega will surely lose. The choice is yours, David." (Dahne)

2. Michael: "You're still nothing more than a frightened child lashing out. Your quarrel is with a father who left you, not with mankind." (Dahne)

Girl Meets World -

1. Corey: "You missed the moment to stand by your girl. You were so busy trying to be her, Riley, you forgot the best thing you could do for her is be you." (Dahne)

2. Riley: "You're not allowed to abandon of friendship. I would never do that." Maya: "Riley, I'm pushing you away because I'm not good for you anymore." Riley: "Only I decide that. You know why?" Maya: "Why?" Riley: "Because if this is my world now, the first person I want in it is you." (Dahne)

Graceland -

1. Briggs about Mike: "So what do you think? Asleep? Dead? Indifferent?" (Dahne)

2. Charlie: "Mike, at some point you have to stop acting like you invented undercover." (Dahne)

The Last Ship -

1. Chandler: "You don't really think the Cubs are still in it." Slattery: "It's the weakest division in baseball. We were 6 games up when we left." Chandler: "That was June and they're the Cubs." (Dahne)

2. Chandler: "We've lost so much already but this is the most courageous and resilient crew with whom I have ever been privileged to serve. We will come through this together and we will prevail. Carry on." (Dahne)

Mystery Girls -

1. Nick: "Charlie, I was in denial too but it was on TMZ and I'm pretty sure they fact check." (Dahne)

2. Charlie: "Frank must have a roommate. He's playing some game." Holly: "Is it called 40 and Alone?" (Dahne)

Taxi Brooklyn -

1. Pena: "Alright kids, I've got to go. A lot of people dying to meet me today." (Dennis Harris)

2. Sullivan: "My mother hates him. She begged me not to marry him." Romba: "You should listen to your mother more." (Dahne)

3. Romba: "Hey careful with that thing. We don't want to remake Pulp Fiction, do we?" (Dahne)

Teen Wolf -

1. Malia (to Stiles):
“I would never leave without you. Them (looking at Kira & Lydia) - I would leave.” - Still laughing :) (Justyna Kubica and Dahne)

2. Lydia: "What kind of shape is sociopathic b**?" (Dahne)

3. Scott: "I think I scared it." MMC: "I think you scared everything." (Dahne)

Tyrant -

1. Barry: "Molly and the kids are still waiting for me. We need to check into the hotel" Khaled: "Of course. You didn't come all this way to hear an old man complain. It's good to have you home again Bassam" (Sandi)

2. Sammy: "So what's your connection?" Abdul: "My father runs security for your grandfather. My grandfather was head of security for your great-grandfather, and my great-grandfather was the head of security for your great-great..." Sammy: "I get it, I was just making sure we not related" (Sandi)

3. Doctor Son (Barry): "I told you we shouldn't have come." (Dahne)

Young & Hungry -

1. Gabi: "I mean he's way out of my league. I'm like an expired Twinkie and the girl he loves is a fancy chocolate ├ęclair." Sofia: "You're more like a ho-ho acting like a ding dong. Snap out of it, okay?" (Dahne)

2. Elliot: "It doesn't count if the name of the food is the recipe." (Dahne)

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