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Warehouse 13 - 5.01 - Endless Terror - Preview

It's been 4 seasons now since Myka and Pete were protecting the president and meeting Artie and later Claudia for the first time. Since then we've experienced a few near apocalypses, a time traveling woman of substance, a human lie detector, hundreds of guest stars, legions of villains, and even more artifacts. We’ve even sadly experienced death together - I still miss you Leena. Now our journey is about to end. Six more episodes and we leave the warehouse forever. (Or until we can convince SyFy to do some movies.) So it's lucky the premiere starts with a bang! Picking up directly where the season 4 finale ends, Claudia confronts Paracelsus in an artifact war. However, being the evil genius he is, Paracelsus realizes that Claudia's connection to the warehouse makes her vulnerable to his control. He forces her to show him what she knows and even to fight Pete and Steve. Worse, he combines their knowledge to modify a favorite artifact, causing the Endless Terror of the title. It's up to our fearless quartet to save the Claudia and the world again.

Overall this is a great premiere. It is very funny and full of action, including a sword fight, and the story is trimmed to the basics so there's very little filler. It's overloaded with at least 14 named artifacts and even more unnamed. Best yet, three favorite former guest stars return and at least 2 more are referenced. It's a glorious trip down memory lane that rewards long-time viewers and ends on a cliffhanger that is sure to intrigue. The only downsides are that one story line I wish they had pursued further ended and Claudia and Artie are in a very rocky place with little time to reconcile. Plus of course, there's only 5 episodes after this one. Other than that, it is Warehouse 13 at its snarky, quirky best. It looks like season 5, though short, will end with a bang.

Teasers -

1. At least 3 favorite former guest stars return, one of which looks to have a recurring role in the final season.

2. From this episode, it looks like at least one character will be gone before the end of the season.

3. Some of the artifacts used include: Bleckwenn's stethoscope, a bomb form Hitler's bunker, an elephant tusk, Joan of Arc's helmet, Louis the XIV's silverware, Sargon the Great's mirrors, and Theodosius of Bithynia's sundial.

4. References include: 2 of Hitler, Colombo, da Vinci, Harry Potter, The Olive Garden, Star Trek, Star Wars, and more.

5. Isabella is awesome. Lisa is pretty cool too.

Episode Awards -

Grade:  B+

Best Quote - Artie: "I'm still the same man that's loved you like a father since the day you put me in electrified handcuffs and kidnapped me. I'm just trying to protect me." Claudia: "You can't, Artie. You can't protect me anymore. You have to let me make my own mistakes and you have to let me get hurt if that's what's supposed to happen."

Funniest Character Interaction - Steve and Artie

Best Character Interaction - Myka and Pete

MVP - the regents' manual addendums

Worst Plan - Artie and the shield

Best Prank - Ralph Brunsky, Egyptian terrorist

Best Save - Isabella

Best Diversion - Yelling, "We're here," and knocking over some artifacts

The "Poor Baby" Award - Steve, who keeps getting beat up

Worst Motto - Scientia Sit Omne - Media ad Pinem Justificat

Other Quotes -

"And since when do you decide who does what?"
"Aw, dad." "Now or you're going to be grounded for a week."
"Hell of a time for a retreat." "I don't think a warehouse coup was on anyone's calendar."
"I am your partner; I'm not your girlfriend."
"I'm sorry. I left my Claudia-Artie codebook in my other pants, so spill."
"Jumper cables again. What could possibly go wrong?"
"Looks like your warehouse still has a little bit of a crush on me."
"Wait. Wait. Wait. Oh come on."
"Well it's this feeling that something is changing. I can't explain it, but something has begun. It's good and bad."
"You can say emergency all you want but it's still illegal." "Oh please, of all the illegal things I've done, this is probably the least illegal."
"You know I too was thought to be mad. We have that in common." "Except I'm a normal human being and you're a sociopathic murderer. Other than that, we're twins."

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