Monday, April 21, 2014

Last Week in TV - Week of April 13 - Episode Awards and Reviews

Welcome back to Last Week in TV, where two more shows have ended for the season - Community and The Crazy Ones. Good thing there is a steady stream of new shows premiering and nominated shows to watch. Speaking of, if you would like to nominate a show for me to watch, please fill out the simple, 2 question form below. Now shows, old ones, things still on the air and things that aren't are fair game as long as I can find a place to watch them and they aren't too risque for my prudish tastes. I'm looking to finalize my summer viewing for this column soon so if there is a show I should marathon, put those in too. As always, tastes vary so feel free to sound off in the comments below about your feelings on last week's TV. Until next week, happy TV viewing!

Overall Awards:

Best Episode - The 100 - 1.05 - Twilight's Last Gleaming

This was an excellent episode and for once, it was because of the Ark. A powerful story of sacrifice and hard choices, this episode shows that The 100 is not made solely of teenage fluff although the love triangle nonsense has got to go. To be honest, every time I watch this episode I choke up and I rarely cry at TV. Still to see a father volunteer to die in order to give his daughter more time to live, well that's powerful. Then to see a husband and others do the same thing. It's humanity at its finest, even if it is only a TV show. The best thing about The 100 is that it doesn't shirk the hard issues and it allows all the characters to make tough choices. Even better, those choices are not defined as good or bad, only by the perspective of the person making them. They are tough and the characters struggle with them. Even Kane, who had previously been the stock villain, was shown to have multiple levels in this episode. It was a masterful stroke that showed us that he really does have the Ark's best interests in mind even if he disagrees about what those are with Abby. By showing that he can be flexible when the situation changes, his character has become well-rounded and we see how tough these decisions are for him too. The 100 is a surprisingly deep and sometimes dark show, so don't let the fact that it's on the CW keep you from watching it. It is turning out to be one of the better new shows of the season.

Best Meta - Community - 5.13 - 
Basic Sandwich

This episode was meta-rific, a nod to Community's perennial bubble status and its fans constant struggle to keep it on the air. It was also a screw you to NBC, the network on which it airs, which has been known to change Community's air dates without much thought. Possibly the best show meta ever came at the very end when they ran an ad for future NBC shows called Thought Jacker, Intensive Karen, Mr. Egypt, Celebrity Beat-Off, and Captain Cook. In today's sad TV world, many fans didn't realize this was fake until partway through. However the best part came at the end when it said, "This summer or fall or, possibly next winter…" And then the people in the ad say, "It depends on what fails." BWAH!!! That is so how Community is scheduled on NBC. The ad featured Amber Tamblyn, Questlove, BJ Novak, Paul Schneider, and the school board guys in a Community spin-off. Amber Tamblyn is famous for her show Joan of Arcadia, which got cancelled by CBS and caused an uproar amongst its fans, one of the first major fan reactions I remember. Questlove was part of Chapelle's Show, which got canceled when its star walked off the project. BJ Novak was in the now cancelled The Office, which Community referenced in this episode, and the recently renewed bubble show, The Mindy Project. Probably the one getting the most attention though is Intensive Karen, which is considered a parody of the quickly cancelled Ironside. If anyone knows who the actress was, please let me know.

The second best meta of the episode was of course Abed, whose lines were spot-on. Consider this riff: "Annie, look I don't know people, but I know TV. When characters feel like the show they're on is ending, their instinct is to spin off into something safer. In Jeff and Britta's case, something that would last 6 episodes and have a lot of bickering about tweezers and glutens, starring an equally WASP-y brunette couple with a title like Better with My Worst Half, or Awfully Wedded, or Tying the Not but Knot is spelled without a K, or #CouplePeopleProblems and every episode you get to decide who wins the fight by going on…" If that isn't the state of the most popular comedies right now, while other, better comedies wither away with their bad demo ratings. Borchert is right. "Idiots won." Other fantastic meta lines include:

Abed: "The point is this show, Annie, it isn't just their show. This is our show and it's not over."
Carl: "Your school is still bankrupt, it is still unmarketable, and it is still on the permanent chopping block of anyone who has any say in its future." Dean: "Yeah, well around here we call that Wednesday."

Abed: "Speaking of days, I never got a chance to wish you a happy birthday, or Halloween, or Christmas, or any specific calendar event." Annie: "Well maybe next year." Abed: "We'll definitely be back next year. If not it'll be because an asteroid has destroyed all human civilization and that's canon."
-The first part is another dis on NBC for its wacky scheduling, which brings to mind the classic Community season 4 premiere video, "Troy and Abed airing….someday." The second makes a sixth season canon, if possibly not true. Come on NBC, you know you're going to make it happen. Just confirm 6 seasons and a movie already.

Nominated/New Shows:

Nominated Show:

American Dad - 9.09 - Vision: Impossible

To be honest, this nomination is the least in my comfort zone than any of the others so far. I don't do animation in the same way I don't do so-called reality TV. Therefore this was an unique experience for me. I wasn't sure what to expect from a Seth MacFarlane creation, but it certainly was not an animated, slightly risqué after school special. I didn't realize that animation was all about the moral or about stating it so blatantly, which would have annoyed me in a drama. Roger: "Even if we could stay alive in here, what kind of life would that be? Life is risky, but you have to get out there and take chances anyway." It's not that I disagree with the statement; it's just that I am used to TV being a bit more subtle in executing the theme. It reminds me of an 80's sitcom in that way and perhaps it is meant to. I haven't seen enough of the show to tell what is meta and what isn't at this point. I did like that it was far less crass than I expected a Seth MacFarlane creation to be and more sophisticated than anything I've seen from Family Guy or Dads. It also had a great circular storyline and the irony of the safety museum was fantastic. It was the best scene hands down for me. However, for a comedy I found myself laughing very little, especially in the middle. Part of it is that I consider myself a moderate and independent so making conservatives the butt of ALL the jokes and not slamming the left equally got on my last nerve. There needs to be a balance for me to enjoy a show. Part of it is that the dialogue was less snarky than most of the dramas I watch today. This show had surprisingly more heart than I ever suspected, but it had half the amount of laughs I expect from a comedy. Then again, animation is not my thing so take my grade and opinion with a Steve-sized amount of salt.

Grade: C-
Ranking: 1

Best Scene/Action - The Safety Museum

Best Quote - Roger: "So can I get an orange juice or is there a long a** story about that too?"

Best Character - Roger

Best Moment - the people are shepherded back into the fire and they go

The "Huh?" Award - Why is the fish snorting coke?

Best Irony - The safety museum is shot up by a disgruntled worker who got fired the day before / the safety museum has no safety precautions in it

Best Running Gag - An ultraconservative has an alien living in his house. My guess is that this is more meta.

Worst Plan - Hayley wants to keep the raccoon as a pet. There's no scenario where this ends up a good idea.

New Show:  I attempted to check out Metal Hurlant Chronicles but could not find it in time.  I have no idea what it is about or if it even qualifies as a show for Last Week in TV purposes.  I also intend to start reviewing Orphan Black but did not have time this week.  Since it is in season 2, it will go in the weekly shows category, hopefully next week.

Fargo - 1.01 - Pilot

I usually review all new shows if they come on a channel I get. Therefore I prepared to watch Fargo as well. However about 40 minutes into it I started falling asleep and 62 minutes into it I found out I still had another half an hour to go. Nope! I was out. I will say that it has great acting, but the pacing is snail slow - basically Hannibal slow - and I hated all the characters except the sheriff and his sidekick. Given that Fargo comes highly recommended by people who love all the shows I loathe, it is not surprising. So no grade or episodes awards for this one, since I didn’t finish the pilot. Nor will I.

Weekly Shows:

Crisis - 1.05 - Designated Allies

I am seriously frustrated with Crisis by this point. I need everyone to shut up. I need answers. I need the end to come near. It doesn't surprise me that ratings for this show are dropping. As for me, I'm dropping it now that the teacher-student relationship is confirmed. Tell me how it ends.

Grade: D

Best Scene - Meg tells Dunn to stuff it because everything's she's ever done is for Amber

Best Quote - Luke: "Messed up DC rich kid. Better parenting through chemistry, yo."

Only Characters I Like Left - Hurst, Finley, Anton, and Kyle

Biggest Shock - The FBI kidnaps the soldiers

The "Say What?" Award - Why would anyone go near anyone who has a kidnapped kid? They have to know that there's a chance they are being used for nefarious purposes.

The "Wow, What a Surprise" Award - The soldier passes out before the FBI can get ANY answers. I am thoroughly sick of this storytelling format already. You are now in The Following bad territory. How many episodes are left of this show?

Most in Need of Dying - The creepy guard who is stalking Amber and if I never hear again about the teacher-student relationship, it will be too soon.

The "Oh Shut Up, You Whiny Brat" - Francis, I have zero sympathy for you and all your whining just makes me want them to shoot you dead.

The "Shut Up" Award - The list is long and wide tonight. Beth Ann, Francis, Dunn, most of the other characters.

Resurrection - 1.06 - Home

Resurrection is still maple syrup slow, but it is still very interesting too. You do have to abandon your skepticism while watching because there is NO way that information about the returned hasn't leaked yet, but the characters remain honest portrayals of people faced with an uncertain situation. Leaving it on that cliffhanger makes me anxious to find out what happens next.

Grade: B

Best Quote - Bellamy: "What about what happened with Caleb?" Henry: "The thing is when do we ever have a guarantee in this life. If I lose him tomorrow, at least I'll have had these days with him."

Best Moment - Elaine and Ray bond over the douche that is Caleb

Biggest Aww Moment - Henry tucks Jacob in

Most Intriguing - New doctor Eric who is likely to bring the federal government in on this just to get his hands on Jacob

Worst Plan - Cop kidnapping Rachel. There is no way this ends well for anyone. I kind of hope Rachel has supernatural power and zaps Gary. Then she needs to go away like Caleb.

The "Rednecks Have Arrived" Award - Paul and his gun collection = big future problems

The "You are So Screwed" Award - Tom, who lied to his wife and got another woman pregnant 20 some odd years ago

The "Big Mistake, Huge" Award - Janine confides in Helen, the worst possible person she could have

Best Scene with No Dialogue - Sheriff looks at his wedding ring

Biggest Douche - Helen / Gary

Star-Crossed - 1.09 - Some Consequence Yet Hanging in the Stars

Note - From here on I am skipping all the star-crossed lovers drek unless it directly effects the real plot. Consider it always the Best Reason to Fast Forward. All episodes will have 2 grades in the future. One for overall and one without the shipping.

Coming to a crescendo, this episode combined 4 main players in a battle for the hearts of the Atrians and therefore the power. Castor showed himself willing to do anything in order to keep that power, even threatening to send his own nephew to the Crate. Saroya, instead, found herself over her head in a world that had changed since Nox's death. Roman just showed himself to be incompetent as a leader. Not because he trusted the wrong person. That happens. It's because he approached everything wrong, made rash decisions without thinking through the consequences, failed to understand his opponents so much so that he underestimated them, and then put himself before the needs of his people. Not a good start, Roman. The Atrians do need a leader, but you are not it yet. In the end, Vega won this round. By allowing the conflict between Roman and Castor distract them and by working on Saroya's very real fears, Vega got exactly what she wanted. She proved to be cunning and patient, two things that generally work well in a coup. No doubt she will become overconfident and villain monologue at just the wrong moment, but for now she's definitely positioned the best. It was fascinating seeing these 4 try to get the upper hand on each other and it made for great drama. Still the most intense scene of all was Drake with his mother. To know just how long he's wanted to be reunited with her and all that he has done in the pursuit of her freedom, his hurt reaction to her disappointment was unmistakable. He has become the most interesting character, torn in so many directions from such varied loyalties. Thus far, the only person who comes close to having as amazing a character arc is Grayson. I can't wait to see what happens between them.

Grade: B- / A

Best Scene - Vega trades the flight recorder for the Castor's hostages

Best Quote - Saroya: "This is a trap. You can't trust this human and you can't trust Roman." Drake: "Roman's family, the only family I've had for the past 8 years. Now we've got our problems, but I'm not going to turn my back on him."

Best Character Interaction - Saroya and Drake / Castor and Roman

Best Reveal - Saroya and Vega used to be best friends

Best Table Turn - Castor is the only one there when Roman goes to talk to the leaders and then holds Roman prisoner.

The "Get a Room" Award - Seriously, Drake and Taylor? First a bathroom and now a locker room? Not sanitary. Not to mention anyone could walk in on you. I see a visit by Shady Science Teacher in your future.

Best Plan - Castor plans to discredit and falsely accuse Roman so he is sent to the Crate, just like he did to Saroya. Brilliant in its simplicity and no need to bury the body.

The "Wow, that was Actually Smart" Award - Emery makes her first smart move by not trying to break Roman out herself but going to Drake so they can come up with a plan.

Most Intense - Drake tells Saroya that everything he's ever done was to get her back

The "It's Your Own Fault" Award - Why is Roman waiting until the morning to go to the elders? Castor has proven that he can manipulate anyone. Why give him time while you're canoodling with your girlfriend? Priorities, man! Roman showed a complete lack of leadership by going off to snog Emery instead of taking the next step to defeat Castor. He deserves whatever happens next for being such a complete idiot. Did he really think Castor was going to wait until the morning or go quietly? Bah! A pox on both star-crossed lovers.

Best Background Info - Castor says that he wanted to colonize earth because he didn't think they would find another suitable planet, but the pilot refused so he shot him. Saroya fought him and he crashed the ship.

The "Say What?" Award - Grayson can't see the tire tracks in the day but by night he sees them perfectly.

The "Not a Bad Idea" Award - Castor may be an evil murderer and he takes the exact wrong approach to everything, but separation is an interesting idea. History shows it would never work but it does give Atrians and the story line a viable third option to entertain.

Warehouse 13 - 5.01 - Endless Terror

Warehouse 13 came back in full throttle this episode and while I very much enjoyed it, there were some issues. First is the contrived conflict between Artie and Claudia. I would be fine with it if we weren't now down to 5 episodes. As we are, there is no time for Claudia to be acting like a brat and for Artie to be mopey. They need to fix this rift quickly because I am not spending my last 5 episodes telling characters to shut up and throwing socks at my screen. I was also disappointed that Paracelsus was dispatched so easily. I was hoping he would be around for a few more episodes at least. Not that I am complaining about Mark Sheppard being back as Valda. I love that guy. Still, Paracelsus had so much story left that it felt a little rushed when it didn't have to be. Imagine Anthony Stewart Head and Mark Sheppard on the screen together for 5 episodes! Now that would have been epic. Alas it will not be. On the positive side, this erpisode is chock full of references to previous seasons as a basketful of Easter eggs to the fans. Plus it introduced Lisa da Vinci and Isabella to the canon, quite the delight. I know it would be hard to work them back into the last 5 episodes, but I'm still holding out for some kind of TV movie. I hope this is not the last we see of them. I also enjoyed the fast-pace of the episode and the constant humor that makes Warehouse 13 one of the funniest shows I watch, even more so than some comedies. In other words, Warehouse 13 is back and even though the ride is short, I am going to enjoy it while it lasts.

Grade: B

Best Quote - Artie: "I'm still the same man that's loved you like a father since the day you put me in electrified handcuffs and kidnapped me. I'm just trying to protect me." Claudia: "You can't, Artie. You can't protect me anymore. You have to let me make my own mistakes and you have to let me get hurt if that's what's supposed to happen."

Funniest Character Interaction - Steve and Artie

Best Character Interaction - Myka and Pete

Best Clothing Choice - Paracelsus' duster jacket

MVP - the regents' manual addendums

The "Say What?" Award - Artie is awfully nonchalant about a missing artifact. He should be organizing a full on search by now. Hmm.

Worst Plan - Artie and the shield

Best Prank - Ralph Brunsky, Egyptian terrorist

Best Diversion - Yelling, "We're here," and knocking over some artifacts

The "Poor Baby" Award - Steve, who keeps getting beat up

Growing Up Fisher - 1.08 - The Man with the Spider Tattoo

While the moral was said directly at least twice in a 22 minute episode, I did like this one. Yes, it was in-your-spider-webbed-face, blunt and transparent but the character interactions wee spot on. I really like Katie as a character and it is nice to see her letting loose instead of always taking care of everyone else for a change. I also appreciate Joyce in this episode, which rarely happens. Yes she was still kooky but it was tamer in some ways. I'd like to see more of her interacting with Mrs. Han to be honest. I think they could be good for each other.

Grade: B

Best Scene - Pete and Mel rebond at the park

Best Quote - Gym Teacher: "Really? You're calling this a fight."

Best Character Interaction - Mel and Katie

Character Interaction I'd Like to See More - Joyce and Mrs. Han

Best Reaction - Joyce, Henry, and Katie freak out when Mel's new friend has a giant spider web tattoo on his face

The "Does That Really Work?" Award - Katie is fascinated by a kid who can do magic tricks. Is that really a plus in high school these days? It would have been a negative when I was a teen.

Best Unintended Guilt Train - Mel, who makes Katie feel bad about not giving him all the facts , by complimenting her on her fine moral character

Lamest, Yet Funniest Fight Ever - Rhythmic ribbon fighting. It's like sword fighting but with more flapping and less stabbing.

Most Savvy - Mel, who knows that Katie is having a party, even though she keeps hand signaling everyone to be silent

SHIELD - 1.18 - Providence

It's back-to-back hit episodes for SHIELD. Who knew that having the Marvel Universe fall apart would be exactly what this show needed to shake things up and make it more interesting? Of course it was the Hydra side of events tonight that captured my attention while I could have done without most of the SHIELD perspective. People bratting in a crisis does little for me, so Coulson was just irksome. The love geometry of Fitz's jealousy as well. However we did get the great comedic relief of Patton Oswalt's Koenig, which turned things around for the SHIELD side. Mostly though, they left this episode on a real high note. Having Ward go back to SHIELD now that we know he's doing so on Garrett's orders changes everything and should create some delightful tension next week. I wish he was going to be under for a longer time though. If Ward really is a double agent, his character's lifespan on SHIELD is very short and I would hate to see him go when he's suddenly become far more interesting.

Grade: A-

Best Scene - Ward explains how he infiltrated Coulson's team to Raina

Best Quote - Skye: "We have internet." Coulson: "Yea, and boy have I lowered my expectations." / Kaminsky: "Hail Hydra." Garrett: "Alright, alright, put your arms down Kaminsky. You look like a West Texas cheerleader at a pep rally."

Best Reason to Watch / Most Intriguing - Ward. Now that he's back with the SHIELD team, everything is more interesting. Who is playing whom? Will he make it out or is there a May interrogation in his future? How long can he keep his secret from them? These questions have me frothing for the next episode.

Best Character Growth - Simmons, who has the audacity to question Coulson's dictatorship, as she should

Best Humor - Agent Koenig speaks so seriously about the lanyards. They're a privilege, not a right.

Most Improved - Raina. I think it was her absence that made her far more tolerable to me in this episode or perhaps it is the fact that she truly believed. It's her first vulnerability.

Biggest Question - Garrett has a metal plate on his side. What's up with that and does it explain why he went to Hydra instead of sticking with SHIELD?

Biggest Douche - I don't care if this show always makes Coulson right. He had no right keeping vital information like the fact that they would have no fuel to go anywhere else from his people. This didn't just happen to him. It happened to them all.

Marvelverse Guest of the Week - Adrian Pasdar, here as Colonel Talbot, has apparently been playing the voice of Iron Man in a lot of things.

Best Acting - Coulson's mental breakdown and apology afterwards

Least Surprising - the slingshot program doesn't really exist

The "Oh Really" Award - Coulson: "I'm not comfortable keeping secrets from my team." Are you sure about that? You didn't tell them about running out of gas. You kept the secret of Skye's birth a secret from her for a long time. I call "liar, liar".

Best Non-Dialogue Scene - The faces of everyone following Coulson's crazy arctic walk

Turn - 1.02 - Who by Fire

TURN continues to be fascinating and well-paced with a second episode equal to the first. I like how both sides have their heroes and villains, which was fascinatingly played out between Rogers and Hewlett in this episode. Both are important in the King's army and yet they have very different approaches to how war should be waged. Every scene between them is intense and well-done. Kudos to both actors. I also found Simcoe interesting in this episode. Don't get me wrong. I still wish they had killed him outright. He's a plague that will escape to be an annoyance in the future, but for right now he's the only one bringing the snark. The only downfall right now is the Abraham and Anna relationship that proves even basic cable, even historical fiction, is not safe from the tentacles of that irksome plot device called the love triangle. Help us all! The sooner someone takes the knife to that cliché the sooner TV will be more palatable.

Grade: B

Best Quote - Simcoe: "A word? Do you suppose pain will rob me of reason?" Ben: "I should hope not." Simcoe: "You should not hope. It wastes your time and my rum, of which there is little left."

Best Character Interaction - Hewlett and Rogers

The "Are You Kidding Me?" Award - Even in a historical spy show, we have to get a love triangle. Bah! A pox on this never-ending clichéd boredom.

Ewww Award - jail surgery to get the musket ball out of Simcoe consists of sticking a knife in the wound repeatedly / unpickling the dead captain

Best Commonsense - Caleb tells Ben that Simcoe has about as much chance of knowing who the spy is as they do. Not killing Simcoe is going to come back and bite me. I can't stand that guy.

Most Puzzling - It never made sense to me that captive military officers were afforded luxuries that an armies own could not get. Different times I guess. While I know this is historically accurate, it still makes me suspicious that General Scott is the spy.

Best Played - Major Andre sends Rogers to ferret out what happened in Connecticut by playing on his need for revenge / Abraham comes "clean" to Rogers before he can grill him and shows him the letter

Worst Played - Why did they keep a dead officer's things in the house of a known patriot sympathizer after he was murdered? Shouldn't someone have collected his things and searched the room?

Best Guest - Amy Gumenick, who played young Mary Winchester on Supernatural, guests as Philomena, an actress who fancies Major Andre here. Glad to see her on another show.

Best Deal - If Hewlett has the drummer play retreat, Rogers will go away. Sounds like a fair trade to me.

Biggest Twist - Rogers lets Robeson live to be a spy for him and puts Abraham in charge of him

The 100 - 1.05 - Twilight's Last Gleaming

Grade: A-

Best Scene - The people of the Ark volunteer to die to save the rest of the people

Biggest Aww Moment - Reese's dad says goodbye to her even though she doesn't realize it

Most Heartbreaking Moment - The barrette falls from the dad's hand, the ultimate sacrifice

Best Quote - Chancellor: "Volunteer? For what?" Dad: "Section 17, sir. Anyway you do the math, some of us are going to have to jump ship if everyone's going to make it, so I'm going to jump." Abby: "You'd leave Reese without a father?" Dad: "This morning you told me my daughter was going blind. There was nothing I could do to help her. Turns out there is. Count me in."

Best Reason to Fast Forward - Everything about romance on earth. First off, it killed the momentum of a great Ark story and second, it's likely to continue to be a drag on future episodes. NO MORE LOVE TRIANGLES! NO MORE LOVE GEOMETRY! Don't screw with this show, CW!

Best Outing - Abby releases her husband's tape and tells the Ark's people about the culling / Raven tells Finn and Clarke that Bellamy shot the Chancellor and then tells Bellamy he didn't succeed in killing him.

The "Oops I Fell and Landed in a Horror Movie" Award - Octavia knocks herself out when she trips in the woods.

Biggest Character Improvement - Kane. For the first time he comes off as a real person and not just a stock villain. I like how we see his humanity and that Abby sees it too. They will never agree but now their interactions don't seem so one-sided, so good vs. evil.

Best Plan - Raven decides to shoot off rockets into the atmosphere to let the Ark know that they are alive down on earth

Most Manipulative - Bellamy says they need to wait until sunrise to go after the pod, but he really wants to take out the radio on his own

Best Confrontation - Chancellor tells Abby that she risked Raven's life / Kane tells the Chancellor that he cannot join those who volunteered to die because the people of the Ark need him for inspiration

Worst Plot Device - Raven wakes up approximately 60 seconds after Bellamy takes off with the radio. It's cheap and annoying.

Most Practical - The girl who hopes the Ark sent down some shampoo. Ha!

Best Cliffhanger - Octavia is found by a grounder / Abby and Chancellor see the rockets from earth

"The Answer is Always No" Award - Anytime anyone asks if they should split up, it means they definitely should not. If it isn't dangerous to split up, then they wouldn't be asking.

The Biggest Sacrifice and Why You Should Watch This Episode - the 320+ who gave up their lives so others may live

Surviving Jack - 1.04 - Rhythm is a Dancer

Another funny episode for Surviving Jack. Perhaps a bit too much bump and grind for my taste, but otherwise a solid episode with great heart moments and enough laughs to fit comedy. I really find Jack's devotion to Joanne, and vice versa, very touching. After years of comedies when I wondered why anyone stayed together at all, it's nice to revisit adults who actually seem to want to be together. I was surprised by Frankie tonight too, in that he just went for it without psyching himself out. While it didn't turn out well, it showed significant character growth. Mostly though, it was something in a comedy that surprised me, which happens less than in dramas. If you're not watching Surviving Jack, I suggest you give it a try, especially since Enlisted is still off the air.

Grade: B

Best Scene - Jack and Joanne try to find a night they can be alone together, the trials of a busy life.

Best Quote - Jack: "Wow, that went from zero to crazy really fast."

Best Character Interaction - Jack and Joanne

Biggest Surprise - Frankie up and kisses Heather at the dance

Least Surprising - Heather's date punches him out because of it

The "Say What?" Award - What kind of mother tells her daughter to protest so she can grind at a school dance?

Biggest Aww Moment - Jack forgoes a romantic night with his wife to console his son

Best Physical Comedy - Jack threatens Doug by leaning way into him until Doug is lying on the couch

Most Impressive Dance Decorations - That Homecoming looks pretty spiffy. In 1990, ours was basically balloons and streamers.

The Crazy Ones - 1.21 - The Monster

I'm all about saving libraries, given that I am a librarian, so this episode hit close to home. I like how creative the campaign was. I like that they raised awareness for libraries more. I wasn't such a fan that the majority of the cast felt that libraries were obsolete and would close them down with no real reason given to keep them open. Other than that, this episode made me laugh and I loved all the little references within it. Mostly though, I enjoyed all the Simon and Gordon scenes. These two have a great contentious relationship that makes me laugh every time. I really hope they can be on another show together at some point.

Grade: B+

Best Scene - The ending scene which starts off sweet and then turns into a launch into the finale

Best Quote - Simon: "You're such a villain. All you're missing is a poison apple and a magic mirror." Gordon: "Oh you haven't even begun to see the evil queen that I can be."

Best Character Interaction - Gordon and Simon

The "Oh What is the World Coming To?" - No one understands the "big words" the librarian is using

The "Selling Ice to Eskimos" Award - Simon really can twist any bad situation into sounding like a good one

Worst Book - Caveman Boy starring Stupidest Dodo and Littlest Mammoth

Best Plan - the book burning party as a way to get people to save the library, which ended up making money for the firm

Best Moment - Andrew slides across the table to hear Simon speechify

The "Say What?" Award - Who in the suburbs actually has a pitchfork these days?

Best Addition - the boozy librarian

Biggest Fit - Zack is hurt because Andrew isn't paying attention to him anymore

Most Overplayed - Lauren tries to pretend she didn't know Dillon is gay but way overdoes it

Best Reference - Gordon is in the middle of a Frankenstein/Quasimodo scenario and the ad crew, except Andrew, keep guessing Twilight and The Hunger Games.

The Crazy Ones - The Lighthouse (season finale)

The writing is on the wall for The Crazy Ones. No renewal notice and pushing two episodes together right before Easter weekend pretty much says this is the series finale, not just the season one. It's a shame because I have overall enjoyed the hijinks and especially the character interaction. I'm really going to miss these characters. Well maybe not the rampant guest stars that pop up just to be on and then go away as little more than a distraction from the plot. David Copperfield, I'm looking at you. So I wasn't really looking forward to Marilu Henner joining for the finale. I wanted it to be more in-house. Imagine my surprise when her character was the catalyst for the majority of great scenes. I could have done without Gordon and Simon wooing her for her vote, but I did love how Sydney interacted with her. It explained a lot. It led to some great Simon and Paige moments too. The Andrew and Zach exchanges were awesome as well.

Grade: A-

Best Scene - Simon tells Sydney that her mom cares while they wait to hear the board's vote

Best Advice - Simon: "Honey, don't have a file called Diary if your password is 12345678."

Best Character Interaction - Andrew and Zach / Simon and Paige

Biggest Regret - Without a second season, we will not get anymore Simon and Paige bickering

Biggest Twist - Megan asks Zach to attend the wedding and ends up being the bride

Best Rebuttal to an Impassioned Plea for Artistic Freedom - Gordon: "47 million dollars."

Creepiest Thing in the Whole Show - Zach dreams of Andrew in a nightcap right after he had sex

Best Improvement - Zach OS7

Best Use of Anger - Pounding out your anger at your ex on your chicken parmesan and blending out your frustration

Funniest Montage - Simon and Paige's emotional leverage sex

Community - 5.13 - Basic Sandwich (season finale)

Grade: B+

Best Scene - The NBC ad at the end

Best Quote - Abed: "That's an emoticon. That person wants to indicate happiness but can't convey it with language so they misuse punctuation to form a smile." Borchert: "That is so…stupid. Only an idiot would think of this. Idiots won."

Best Reason to Fast Forward - the freaking love triangle and Borchert

Best Continuity - Hot Lava reference

Best Rambling - Abed spouts about spin-offs and all of them sound like terrible sitcoms on right now, some of which have huge ratings. Well played, Community. Rail against the stupidity.

Best Reference - Dean: "What does this look like, an hour long episode of The Office?"

Best Decoy - Shirley, Hickey, and Duncan have a tea party to throw the school board guys off

Best Voice Over - the 70's guy saying, "The door is closing. (Faster than it opened.) For dramatic effect." Also the opening when it says, "Specially timed to the duration of the opening process."

Worst Debate topic Ever - Who's Hotter - Elliot Gould or Donald Sutherland? Um, can I get a neither?

Best Way to Go Off - Dancing to Dave Matthews Band

Least Observant - No one notices that the Dean is choking, even though they are all in the same tiny room together, so he has to save himself

Screencaps by Zap2It, Gotta Watch ItAlphaCoders, Brewvies, FB, Hollywood Life, Film Book, BTV Guide, Sidereel,, She Knows, Idiot Box, Watchaholics, KY3, SpoilerTV, Nerdist, and FOX.

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