Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Supernatural - Song-toScene Ranking B - Poll

We only have 8 more songs to choose for our song-to-scene rankings. Tomorrow we will return to the best title contest so I can get the song-to-scene one ready. It's been more time consuming to find the videos than I expected. Best title should take 4 days and then we will jump back to song-to-scene. Sorry for the confusion but happy voting today!

Song-to-scene Contest Clarification:

At the risk of repeating myself, song-to-scene does NOT mean your favorite song. We just finished that one. It is NOT your favorite scene. We will do that contest in another hiatus. It is NOT the song you remember most. It is NOT the song that you had a gut reaction to the first time you saw the scene. In fact, the best song-to-scene may even be a song you hate in a scene you dislike. It is simply the song that best fits the particular scene it is in - lyrics and mood. If the song could be switched out for half a dozen other songs and still have had the same impact, it is NOT a good choice either. Hopefully that helps clarify what we are looking for here.

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