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Supernatural - 8.08 - Hunteri Heroici - Quotes

Welcome back to episode quotes. I hope everyone had a great holiday and were ready for some quality Winchester time. I changed the picture today because for me it best encompassed the theme of the night - anvils, both literal and figurative. Throw in some puns and movement on the Sam-Amelia story and viola....Hunteri Heroici. Don't forget to nominate your favorite quotes from this episode for our summer quote contest. Also after this week's Citizen Fang, we head into the winter hiatus which can only mean one thing....more polls. This winter we are doing Supernatural songs. We've got the nominations in. Now we need to pick the winners.

Funny/Snarky quotes:

12. Amelia: "Don't talk politics. Don't say anything bad about the Cowboys and whatever you do, don't…do not use the words moist or irregardless." Sam: "There goes my opener."
11. Dean: "Listen, you see anything weird…anything out of the box, you give us a call." Cop: "Whatever you say Scully."
10. Cas: "So you really think this one man is causing all these shenanigans."
9. Cat: "Dumba**."
8. Sam: "Come on it's not that bad." Dean: "You can't tell me this place doesn't give you the heebs and/or jeebs."
7. Dean: "What's the word Cas?" Cas: "It's a shortened version of my name."
6. Dean: "Tunnel."
5. Dean: "Garth has a safehouse boat?" Sam: "Dude, I don't even ask questions anymore."
4. Cas: "What? I was being bad cop." Dean: "You were being bad everything."
3. Doc: "Give up? I've been dealing with this crazy for months. You idiot. Bring a gun to gag fight." Dean: "Yeah well I did bring this and X marks the spot."
2. Cop: "Agents, I was just about to give you a ring. Gotta ask. Do you boys chase the crazy or does the crazy chase you?" Sam: "Depends on the day."
1. Cas: "Can I uh at least ride in the front seat?" Dean and Sam: "No."

Mytharc/Story-moving quotes:

9. Dean: "Think I'm going to pass. I'm not really into stealing from sweet old ladies."
8. Sam: "Fred's radioactive Cas. You zap him, no telling what will happen."
7. Dad: "The look a lot of guys get after they've been through the meat grinder. The one that lets you know they've seen a lot of cr** they can't forget. Second their feet hits solid ground, they start running and they don't stop. Not until they find something to hold on to." Sam: "You think that's what I'm doing here, just holding on."
6. Dean: "So what now? Move to Vermont. Open up a charming B & B." Cas: "No, I still want…I still need to help people so I'm going to become a hunter." Sam: "Uh, really?"
5. Dean: "So this Animaniac can step through walls, can toss an anvil?" Sam: "Yep but he's warping reality to do it."
4. Dean: "What's going on in Tranland?" Sam: "Well uh Garth finally got them to his houseboat but Kevin's having a lot of trouble reading their half of the tablet. So far bits and pieces. Nothing about boarding up hell."
3. Dean: "She's right you know. I mean the whole heart jumping out of the guy's chest. The…the…the delayed fall. That's straight up Bugs Bunny." Cas: "So we're looking for some sort of insect-rabbit hybrid? How do we kill it?"
2. Sam: "Amelia? Baby? You okay?" Amelia: "It's Don. He's alive."
1. Naomi: "Bottom line - unless I ring my bell, you stay out of heaven Castiel." Cas: "Well then what should I do?" Naomi: "What do you want to do?"

Emotional quotes:

6. Dean: "How are you feeling Cas?" Cas: "I'm fine." Dean: "Well just I…I know that when I got puked out of Purgatory it took me a few weeks to uh find my sea legs."
5. Fred: "Cartoons, eh you know I always loved them when I was a kid. They made me feel…happy, safe. They were…." Sam: "Something to hold on to."
4. Amelia: "I'm a mess but when I'm with Sam I'm happy dad and I haven't been happy in a really long time. So please just…uh, let us be messes together. Give us a chance."
3. Sam: "Look it can be nice living in a dream world. It can be great. I know that and you can hide and you can pretend all the cr** out there doesn't exist but you can't do it forever because eventually whatever it is you are running from, it will find you. It will come along and it will punch you in the gut and then….then you've got to wake up because if you don't, then trying to keep that dream alive will destroy you. It will destroy everything."
2. Sam: "My uh….my brother used to do that." Dad: "Yeah?" Sam: "Yeah." Dad: "He a good guy?" Sam: "Yeah. Yeah uh he…he was. The best. Uh I…uh lost him and I…I ran." Dad: "I'm sorry to hear that."
1. Dean: "Talk to me." Cas: "Dean I…when I was bad, I had all those things, the Leviathans writhing inside of me….I caused a lot of suffering on earth but I devastated heaven. I vaporized thousands of my own kind and I just…I can't go back." Dean: "Cuz if you do the angels will kill you?" Cas: "Because if I see what heaven's become…what I…what I made of it, I'm afraid I might kill myself."

Special Quote Awards

Best Use of Comic Sans Font:
Dean - Hunterus Heroicus / Mahoney - Grotesques Villainus

Best Tie-Up of a Loose Plot Line:
Sam: "Looks like suicide." Cop: "It was. Guy left a note. He invested everything in Roman Industries and lost it all when they crashed and burned last year."

Oh Kill Me Now Line (aka Worst Line of the Night):
Dean: "Alright well let's blow this termite terrace. Cas, you get to ride shotgun. You done good."

You Know You're Dating a Real Genius Quote:
Cas: "This is Mrs. Tate's bracelet. Where did you get it?" Dean: "Answer the question." Nurse: "My boyfriend gave it to me."

Possible Story Moving, Headache Inducing, Anvil Dropping Quotes:
Orderly: "Creepy right. A lot of these people, they just tune out and live in their own heads. It's like maybe the real world is too much for them and they just run and hide you know."
Dad: "This…it won't last. You are living in a dream world."

Worst Headache Inducing, Anvil Dropping Quote:
1. Cas: "Yeah I could be your third wheel." Dean: "You know that's not a good thing right?" Cas: "Of course it is. A third wheel adds extra grip, greater stability."

Punalicious Quotes:

Cas: "It's all waves. A bank has been robbed. It sounds loony." Dean: "Define loony."
Sam: "I…I mean picture him in a…in a bubble of weird and anything that touches it gets daffy."
Dean: "That's all folks."
Dean: "Alright let's gear up. It's wabbit season." Cas: "I don't think you pronounced that correctly."
Dean: "What's up Doc?"


I am not a cartoon fan and I'm certainly not a Dabb & Loflin fan, so I went into this episode with a lot of trepidation. Like many episodes that I go into with bottom barrel hopes, this one exceeded my expectations especially in the rewatch. While I did not find it near as funny as expected and anvils (both figurative and literal) were raining down like April in St. Louis, I found this episode to be completely middle ground. After watching it, nothing stood out as extremely good or extremely bad and in the long run it is utterly forgettable to me. Some of the constant things that always annoy me were there - increasing angel powers, no gloves at crime scene, secondary characters saving the day. These always take me out of the moment but it's getting to be an every episode thing these days and therefore still annoying but nothing special. The only thing that really irritated me beyond the norm was Dean offering Cas shotgun. That was beyond the pale for me and created a possible future scenario that would have had me ranting. However, since Cas is not joining them right now, the whole thing is tabled for a future rant. What I liked best were the special effects. The VFX team is really hitting it out of the park this season and much kudos to them. I don't know if they have a bigger budget or they got new equipment and people or what, but everything from Purgatory to the cartoon world in Fred's mind has been awesome this season.

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