Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Supernatural - Favorite Song - 3B - Poll

Yesterday's polls were complete opposites. Carry on Wayward Son won by 89% over Knockin' on Heaven's Door but Eye of the Tiger just snuck past Wanted Dead or Alive by 6 votes. If trends remain, it will be gone in the next round as Carry on Wayward Son decimates all its competition. Today will be the hardest voting for me because 3 of the 4 songs are in my top 5. I hope both polls are closer than they have been.

We also continue our search for the 16 song-to-scene wildcard positions. Daily reminder - this is not which song you like best or which scene you like best. It's the song that best matches the scene in lyrics and instrumentals. Again you can vote for up to 5 choices. We will have 3 more general rounds after today's and then narrow the winners down to 16 on Christmas Eve. I will however be taking Christmas off from poll creating. We should start the song-to-scene contest on December 26. Post any questions below.

Songs Still in Contest:

1. Carry On Wayward Son
2. Renegade
3. Back in Black
4. Eye of the Tiger
5. Wanted Dead or Alive
6. O Death
7. Don't Fear the Reaper
9. Knockin' On Heaven's Door

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