Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Teen Wolf - Bingo - 6.02

I can't believe the season 6 is finally here.  It's sad that it is also the last season, btu Bingo makes everything better.  So it's a new Bingo card for a new season.  I've added a few new squares tailored for this season, but sadly remoed all the Kira and most of the Stiles squares.  I miss them already. for tonight, but I'm always on the hunt for great new Bingo squares.  If you have a suggestion either comment below or tweet me @dahne1.  Also if you get Bingo let me know and I'll shout you out on the podcast.  You can play online, print out a few choices, or create your own.  It's twice the fun and half the danger of a drinking game.  Or as Merry Merino does it, mark a square and eat a cookie.  

Bingo Card Links:

Set of 8
Make Your Own

Official Card:

Teen Wolf Bingo - 6.02
Lydia finds something horribleSomeone liesSlow motion for no reasonMalia looks confused and/or kick buttSomeone should have listened to Stiles
A new bad guy is revealedA parent is helpfulA party breaks outSomeone gives a stirring speechWolfsbane or mountain ash mention
Werewolf powers go wonkyA main character criesSomeone implies Liam's specialRecurring character bleedsIt rains in Beacon Hills
Someone is thrown against a wallVillain monologueDeaton is no help at allSomeone stares intently into spaceKeeping a secret backfires
Malia makes inapropos commentAnyone mentions an episode titleA teen skips schoolSomeone's shirtlessBig plot twist

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