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Younger - 2.05 - Jersey, Sure - Preview and Episode Awards

Younger airs on Wednesdays at 10/9 C on TV Land

Last episode, I lamented the lack of strong relationship moments in lieu of cheap jokes and double entendres. No such problem here. This episode may be the single best Josh and Liza episode yet. I'm no shipper but even I was rooting for this couple at the end. In fact, I've never liked Josh more. He shows a maturity that has been lacking before and his ability to roll with situations makes him better able to cope than Liza. Josh looks for the good, the adventure, in things while Liza sees the problems, which culminates in Josh being the voice of wisdom. I really like how they are developing his character this season.

The episode opens with Liza and Josh in bed teasing about spooning when Josh gets a notice that Caitlin, Liza's daughter, is now following him on Instagram. Josh thinks it's sweet; Liza freaks out. The last thing she wants is for her new life to collide with her old one. Sadly she doesn't get her wish. Spurred on by Caitlin's mention of a hot new guy in Liza's life, a couple from her New Jersey days stop by the club where Josh's band is performing and ask the two over for dinner. To Liza's horror, Josh says yes. What ensues is a bit of culture shock and a huge dose of reality hitting Liza. Let's just say Michelle doesn't pull punches.

The B story line is less exciting, mostly because Jade is the biggest part of it. While she was irritating in the last episode, she's downright obnoxious here. Still it leads to one of the driest Diana comebacks ever. Miriam Shor does dead eye sarcasm so well. Kelsey though is NOT amused. She's feeling the pressure of putting her whole budget into one book and Jade isn't playing by her contract. In fact the more Kelsey pushes, the more Jade rebels. Finally beyond frustrated, Kelsey and Lauren spend the evening trying to track Jade down via social media. It's good to see the friends share extended screen time together again. Check out the episode yourself on Wednesday at 10/9C on TV Land.

Grade: A-

Best Reason to Watch - Josh
Best Scene - Liza's Risk explanation to Maggie
Best Character Interaction - Liza and Josh
Best Hardball - Kelsey threatens Jade's agent
Best Metaphor - Risk, the game
Worst Night - you know it's a bad evening out when you resort to ………..
Least Surprising - Jade's little twist
Most Excited - Josh about New Jersey and the trellis
Most Willpower - anyone who doesn't immediately Google "truffle butter" when the episode ends (I didn't but it's mostly because I knew I wouldn't be able to unsee whatever it was.)
Most Annoying - Jade
Most Mature - Josh
Most Screwed - Kelsey
Biggest Problem - Caitlin
Biggest What the Heck - people would ever spend that much money for a burger
The "I Don't Get It" Award - I'm not sure a trellis is worth celebrating for any reason, even if it's pretty cool looking
The "You're Probably Right but Stuff It" Award - Michelle

Best Quotes -
"But what about me? Why am I not on the board?" "Because you're home. You're the safety zone."
"Come on. If we're gonna have this relationship, we have to talk. You can't hide from everything."
"Did you eat the whole thing?"
"Google it. Google it now."
"How does this happen?" "Oh you know how these things happen." "No, I don't. I honestly don't."
"How'd you get to be big spoon, huh? I'm supposed to be big spoon. Okay, never mind. I like being little spoon."
"Well the book signing should be fun."
"We're not serious?"
"You know that's not how you play Risk but go on."
"You need me to tell you to pick you? Woman up."
"Your life is not a board game. It's a spider web." "Then I should be okay, right? Because I'm the spider." "I think you're also the fly."

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