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Quote of the Week - Week of August 31

A weekly feature highlighting the best quotes on TV as picked by the Spoiler TV team this past week. We'd love to hear your picks too so please sound off below the article.

Doctor Who -

1. Robin Hood "Splendid, enchained!" Clara "Yep!" Robin Hood "Trussed up like turkey-cocks! Thanks to your friend." The Doctor "Shut it, Hoodie! I saved your life." (Sandi)

2. Clara "Can you explain your plan without using the words 'Sonic Screwdriver'. Because you might have forgotten, the Sheriff of Nottingham has taken your screwdriver. Just saying, it's always the screwdriver" The Doctor (pauses) "Well, okay okay. Let, let's, let's hear Robin's plan first." Clara "Oh for god's sake!" (Sandi)

3. Robin Hood "Clara told me your stories." The Doctor "Well, she shouldn't have told you any of that." Robin Hood "Once the stories began, I could hardly stop her. You are her hero, I think." The Doctor "I'm not a hero." Robin Hood "Well, neither am I. But if we keep pretending to be, perhaps others will be heroes in our name. Perhaps we will both be stories. May those stories never end." (Sandi)

4. The Doctor: "This is not a trick, this is a TARDIS." Robin Hood: "Whatever it is you bony rascal, I’m afraid I must relieve you of it." (Nirat Anop)

5. The Doctor: "I have no sword. I don’t need a sword. Because I am the Doctor. And this is my spoon!" (Nirat Anop)

Falling Skies -

1. Hal: "Because it's so easy to trust you these days." Hal, when ex-girlfriend Maggie and his betraying bro Ben urge him to have faith in their rescue attempt. (Sharon Seymour)

Legends -

1. Martin: "The canisters Martin procured during the sting contained a mixture of dimethyl ether and polyvinyl acetate." Maggie: "Hairspray!" Maggie, identifying the fake bio-weapon passed off to Martin. (Sharon Seymour)

Mistresses -

1. Joss: "By 'laid back,' I think he meant lay back and let the servitude wash over you." Joss , responding to sister Savi's observation that her engagement party proved considerably more swank than advertised. (Sharon Seymour)

Outlander -

1. Claire: "Absence, hear thou my protestation, Against thy strength, Distance and length, Do what thou canst for alteration, For hearts of truest mettle, Absence doth join and Time doth settle." (Nirat Anop)

2. Jamie: "You're not to judge things you don't understand, stay out of it Claire." (Nirat Anop)

3. Claire: "Well you can't sleep out here. At least come into the room, it's warmer." Jamie: "Sleep in your room? With you? No, I couldn't do that. Your reputation would be ruined." Claire: "My reputation? You've slept under the stars with me before. You and ten other men." Jamie: "That isn't the same thing at all." Claire: "Well, at least let me give you the blanket off my bed, or is that too scandalous?" Jamie: "I'll be right here." (Nirat Anop)

4. Rupert: "It was your honor we were defending, the louth called you a whore. You're a guest of the Mackenzie, we can insult you but God help any other man that does." (Nirat Anop)

5. Claire: "I believe your left hand gets jealous of your right, that's about all I believe." Jamie: "Eh, you're a witty one." Rupert: "I've never heard a woman make a joke." Claire: "There's a first time for everything." (Nirat Anop)

Teen Wolf -

1. Mama McCall: "Oh Scott, you can save people's lives but you cannot save them from life. Life is full of struggles." (Dahne) Mama McCall is the biggest source of wisdom in Teen Wolf. This is my second favorite speech of hers after the "be your own anchor" speech in the season 3B premiere.

2. Sheriff: "Malia, what's your favorite food?" Malia: "Deer." Stiles: "Pizza. She likes pizza." (Dahne) Malia makes me laugh and I sorely needed that in this episode. I love everything about this scene.

3. Stiles: "I have never been so happy to have been almost murdered." (Dahne) From the same scene as above, this is a classic Stiles-ism. Plus it helps that it looks like the money woe storyline is about to be resolved and that cannot happen soon enough.

4. Lydia: "You're not taking him anywhere." Doctor: "Well unless you're family, I don't think you can make that decision." Lydia: "We're close enough." (Dahne) While I don't always think fo Deaton as part of the family, I love how this pack takes care of its own. They have created a family that keeps getting stronger the more they go through.

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