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Grimm - 3.01 - The Ungrateful Dead - Recap

Previously - All hell broke loose when Prince Eric and Baron Samedi turned people into zombies, and Adalind tried to get her powers back.

15 minutes ago (aka last May), zombies surrounded Monroe, Rosalee, and Juliet as Nick chased after Baron Samedi. Neither group is particularly successful. Nick gets turned into a zombie and stuffed in a coffin. The others get stuck on top of a shipping container, kicking off zombies. Slightly more successful is Renard, who hexenbiests out and take down zombie minions himself. Still things don't look very good for the Grimm Gang. Renard overhears Baron Samedi talking to Prince Eric about taking Nick to the airport but before they can rescue Nick, they have to rescue themselves. Enter one happy Hank, whose ankle injury from last year is now resolved. Wu says things are pretty boring now, which is the universal signal for everything to go wrong…and it does. Juliette calls Hank, while the Grimm Gang toss zombies off right and left but in typical zombie fashion, they keep coming. Monroe finally goes blutbad, and thankfully the cavalry arrives. Well, the Portland PD in full riot gear. Hank, Wu, and Franco take lead. I really like the Wu-Franco banter in this one and hope they both get more screen time this season. Wu: "Whatever kind of drug this is, I hope I never see it again." You and me both, honey, although I admit it's been a lot more fun for me than you so far. Juliette yells down at Hank that Nick is missing, so he calls only to have Renard answer Nick's phone. Renard briefly recaps as Nick is hoisted on the plane.

Renard picks them all up once Juliette stops screeching about Nick. Seriously, she was a drag for most of season 2. They need to make her a character instead of a plot device this year, but this episode did nothing to decrease my boredom with her. The Grimm Gang exposits Prince Eric's dastardly plans and how Nick's natural Grimm abilities might skew his zombie reaction. Renard: "All this madness was just a side show to distract us from what they were really after." Juliette: "Nick." With everyone caught up, Hank calls the airport to stop the plane. Might want to warn them not to get too close, Hank. Even Renard looks mildly unhappy that they're getting others involved, or maybe he's just ticked at his brother. The redshirts (cops) arrive but instead of parking the police car in front of the plane, they engage Baron Samedi. They also split up. Yeah, this won't end well. Samedi zombies them both, which isn't near as gross as the pan-in on Frau Pech's still beating heart. Thanks, Stefania. Frankly, I repressed Adalind and her subplot so this came as an even bigger shock. Stefania puts the heart in a box covered with wax and calls for Adalind. It's a jarring inclusion, since we immediately head back to the airport to watch the plane with Nick in it take off. Juliette demands Renard stop the plane, but really, what can he do? They exposit some more and Juliette slaps Renard. Juliette: "Your family' responsible for this. I swear to God you better get him back." Renard reiterates that he can't do anything right now; the whole scene is pointless. Meanwhile, back in the action, Wu calls to tell Hank they've got the zombies contained, except the one that drops from the sky in front of him. Bwah! Hanks tells Wu help is coming and asks Rosalee to whip up a lot more antidote. Juliette: "What about Nick!" Shut up, Juliette.

(Note - The scenes in this section are intercut haphazardly and flip back and forth. I have organized them differently to better make the plot flow.)

Monroe asks about the comatose redshirts. They will be unconscious for a while, so they aren't a threat….but Zombie Nick sure is. He punches open his coffin to Baron Samedi's surprise. The Baron administers a venom booster, but to no avail. Plan B - telling Nick to obey him because he's Nick's master. Yeah right. Zombie Grimm is ticked and he's taking everyone on the plane down, including the pilot. Holy plane crash Batman! One Grimm down…but not out. The same can't be said for Baron Samedi, who likely will not see better days. Back at the subplot that won't end, Stefania snarks about hexenbiest blood carpet stains before telling Adalind that she has to cut off Frau Pech's hands, feet, and eyeballs. Oh joy! If that doesn't inspire morning sickness, I don't know what will. Adalind looks queasy but does it. Sadly that's just step 1. Next, the woods. Adalind: "Can I clean up first?" Stefania: "You might want to wait." Uh oh, that doesn't bode well. Stefania orders her son to bring a clawed hammer made out of a hand. It looks like a haunted house prop. They trek through a beautiful, brightly lit forest to the field where Dorothy and company got tranquilized in the Wizard of Oz. Nice to see evil likes the classics. I expect a flying monkey but instead Stefania takes the lid off the box holding Frau Pech's heart and hurls it. It makes a decent Frisbee/UFO. Step 2, Adalind digs where the Frisbee landed. Adalind: "How many tests do you have?" Bwah! Exactly what I was thinking. I half expect the dirt to cause her hands to blister, a la season 1 Buffy, but nope. This task is far less disgusting than the last.

Since watching Adalind dig is not entertaining, the story shifts to Rosalee watching a yellow liquid boil. Thankfully a riled and overloaded Monroe enters with a plan to storm Austria to save Nick. He's counting on the Portland Wesen to back him up; he might be overreaching there. Juliet is raring to go as well, and I love that Monroe doesn't trust Renard. He shouldn't. Rosalee stands as the voice of reason, reminding them that the royal family is not to be trifled with. Plus, she's more concerned about making enough antidote. Luckily a jar Monroe breaks starts spewing yellow vapors, giving Rosalee an idea. Rosalee: "What about an inhalant?" Monroe: "Oh you mean we get them to smoke it?" Rosalee: "No, breathe it." Ha! Monroe's a little overenthusiastic about smoking it. I smell a back story there. Best of all Juliet gets her first non-annoying scene since kicking zombies off the roof. She exposits about the Williams Ester Synthesis, which basically is a process of turning liquid to gas. And here I thought that's what boiling was for. Juliet shows Rosalee how to do it - one crisis solved! Rosalee and Juliet make a good team here and I'd like to see them work together more in the future. Monroe jumps in with the wit, completing Team Spice Shop. Monroe: "Oh, so basically we just create like a Molotov cocktail except it doesn't explode….we hope." Ha! Perfect delivery as usual. I guess Plan Wesen Round-Up is off for awhile. Renard has a different solution. He calls Castle Spy to order a hit on Prince Eric, who protests that assassination will have multiple ramifications within the Resistance and might get him killed. His Royal Jerkness doesn't care. Renard: "Stay close to the family, and…uh, don't forget to look shocked." Way to care about your constituents! He doesn't much care about anything but revenge. Hank calls him on putting revenge before Nick, but he's between two royals throwing a temper tantrum over a favorite toy. Renard: "My brother will be dealt with." Hank: "Well somebody's got to get Nick." Luckily, Zombie Nick is pretty strong, pulling himself out of the wreckage of the plane. Unluckily, he's also on the loose and pretty ticked.

At least Team Grimm has good news. They created the antidote just as the last of the Portland, non-Grimm zombies are rounded up. Wu and Franco snark and look like they need a vacation. Team Grimm rushes to the container but Wu isn't convinced about opening the doors. Rosalee: "If we don't do something fast, they'll kill each other." Franco: "That'd be alright with me. Sorry, but that's the mood I'm in." Bwah! I don't blame you buddy. Monroe explains about the gas form and makes noise to get the zombies to go to the other end. Monroe: "Whoa, that might've worked a little too well. Any time, guys?" Rosalee and Juliette throw the jars in and now they wait. Franco: "How will we know if it worked?" Monroe: "I don't know. I think it's kind of like popcorn, you know. When it stops making noise, it's done." Wu: "Or they're dead." BWAH!!! I love these guys together. Eventually the potion works so one problem solved. Sadly, they're interrupted by the plane crash news, but since we already know Nick is alive, there's not much tension there. It does allow Juliette to be all, "Nick!" some more. (sigh) Hank and Renard soon realize Nick escaped. So what does zombie plane crash survivor do? Go to the nearest bar of course. Nick enters Shirley's Tippy Canoe, where the bartender promptly makes me laugh. Bartender: "I don't know what he's had too much of, but he's had way too much of it." Bwah! Some guy machos with Zombie Nick and he promptly takes him out, starting a chain reaction. 5 minutes later, everyone has either fled or is injured. The bartender grabs a gun, but hands it to Nick while he flees. Smooth! Nick, in an interesting aside, hurls the gun at his reflection in the mirror. This is the most intriguing moment for me because it hints that Nick is there inside his zombie casing, possibly unable to stop himself. Lots of potential story lines there.

Back at the plane crash, the rest of Team Grimm arrives. Monroe: "You said that if he got infected, a Grimm might react differently." Renard: "I'd say he reacted a lot differently." That's an understatement. Hank breaks in about a 911 call and they all head for the bar. Bartender: "Don't go in there. He's crazy. He's got a gun. There's people hurt….Oh, you're a cop. Good, go kill that SoB." Ha! Hank and Renard start to head in but Monroe stops them, saying he can track Nick. Rosalee agrees that Nick smells different now and warns Monroe to be careful. Inside, the bar is trashed, and still they are doing better than Adalind. I'd almost feel sorry for her if she hadn't worn out her welcome by the first time she died. Stefania: "That's deep enough." Adalind: "Thank God." Stefania: "I wouldn't." Adalind dumps Pech's body parts and the box in the hole she dug and looks up sarcastically. Stefania: "It must be buried with your hands." Adalind: "Of course it must." Ha! While this character and subplot already drives me nuts, I do love the snark break. Adalind waits as flowers around her start dying and green smoke rises from the ground. Adalind: "Oh, that's creepy." Thanks, Captain Obvious. Phantom green hands touch her head as Adalind's eyes glow green. Yippee! We're done with this subplot….wait? What was that? Still more tasks to complete? Adalind and I together: "Ugh, really?" As Adalind gathers a million dead poppies, the police arrive at Shirley's. Renard takes control of the situation and sends them to create a perimeter before telling Juliette and Rosalee that Nick has fled already. Renard: "We need to find him before he kills somebody, 'cause there's no coming back from that." Duhn, duhn, duhn. On that note, Monroe tracks Nick who is distracted by a family returning home. This can't be good! It's also the cliffhanger as the screen goes black and a closing card appears: "This ain't over yet." Uh oh! Until next time….

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