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Supernatural - 8.21 - The Great Escapist - Quotes

Changing the format around a little for this one, mostly because I don't want to watch the episode again and I have less time because of work right now. I've put story moving and emotional quotes together and put in my least favorite lines as a category instead of Quote Awards. Feel free to give your opinion about this new format below. I can go back to the original format for my last two episodes if people prefer it. Just let me know. Also attached are the last nomination forms for season 5. All of season 5 nominations close shortly. We will proceed to season 6 next time and finish nominations during the hiatus. The nominations will most likely be attached to the first set of polls we do similar to how we did it last summer when nominations began. Once all nominations have been tallied, we may have a run-off for the last quotes to make it into the contest but it should begin sometime in June.

Funny/Snarky quotes:

8. Crowley: "Naomi, darling…miss me?"
7. Crowley: "How'd you figure it out?" Kevin: "Ah it started when they forgot the secret knock. Really it…it was the way they acted. I don't think on their best day Sam and Dean would go into own and get me a BBQ dinner. Not…not when there are leftover burritos in the fridge." Crowley: "So…my demons were too polite." Kevin: "Yeah."
6. Dean: "Come on man, it's me. Now it's wet me." Kevin; "You forgot the secret knock. What's the point of a secret knock if you don't use it."
5. Crowley: "Those guys aren't half bad." Brown Noser Demon (BND): "No sir. You chose well." Crowley: "Of course if I wasn't running everything, I could have played Dean myself."
4. Server: "I swear to God Lance, the guy just disappeared." Lance: "You on that crack again Perry?"
3. Dean: "They taught word of God at Stanford?"
2. Crowley: "This is the king."
1. Crowley: "I was born to direct."

Story-Moving/Emotional quotes:

8. Dean: "So you…get a ruffle in your feathers and just decide to disappear. Go stick your head in the sand forever? You've got no idea what's been going on out there." Metatron: "Nope, that's the whole point."
7. Dean: "We thought we lost you kiddo." Kevin: "I'm good. Second half of the tablet and I got it. 3rd trial. I didn't tell Crowley."
6. Crowley: "You, Fake Sam. If you're going to tip our hand, I'll have to scrub Kevin's short term memory again and that's risky so watch the patois in there." FakeSam: "Patois?" Crowley: "Your slang. "Special K, nose to the Godstone." That's the way Dean speaks. Sam is…more basic, more sincere. Remember I want 2 distinct, authentic characterizations." Fake Sam: "Yes sir."
5. Crowley: "Hi C as. That's right Cas. I've got me an angel on the payroll. It's that kind of universe these days."
4. Crowley: "You think I can't make you tell?" Kevin: "I know you can't. And you do too." Crowley: "You know what? I've already won. I have the angel tablet, you little smudge and I've got deals and plans up the jacksie. I don't need you."
3. Kevin: "There's only one reason I wouldn't. Which means if you're watching this then I…then I'm…I'm dead. I'm dead you b***. So screw you, screw God, and everybody in between."
2. Kevin: "You know the Winchesters are up to the third trial. That they're going to shut the door on hell." Crowley: "I'm not worried kid." Kevin: "You have no idea what's on this demon tablet. Think of the power you could have gotten with this if you weren't running around like a chicken with its head cut off."
1. Crowley: "You like it? I had my R & D people melt down one of your angel blades. Cast it into bullets. Seems to do the trick." Naomi: "How dare you?" Crowley: "I'm the daringest devil you ever met luv."

Least Favorite Quotes:

10. Every part of the brothers debating over taking care of Sam.
9. Metatron: "I'm the scribe of God. I erased it." - Why not throw paint on it like earlier? Argh!
8. Cas: "How…how many times have you torn into my head and washed it clean." Naomi: "Frankly, too damn many. You're the famous spanner in the works. Honestly I think you came off the line with a crack in your chassis. You have never done what you were told, not completely. You don't even die right do you?" - There goes canon.
7. Naomi: "I'm just going to have to pull you apart aren't I?" - Did Amanda tick off Ben? Terrible lines!
6. Sam: "We're heading somewhere….the end." - Yeah right Sam. You've got at least 2 more seasons.
5. Cas: "In the words of a good friend, bite me." Naomi: "Oh we'll bite. Don't worry."
4. Cas: "We were supposed to be their shepherds, not their murderers." Naomi: "Not always Angel."
3. Everything about farting mules - 10 year old humor
2. Dean: "We should have moved him here." -Duh.
1. Miscellaneous - "Well if you talk to Garth…." "Garth still MIA?" "Garth says there's a good little place on the other side of town." - Garth mentions, need I say more

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