Friday, November 5, 2010

Preview - Burn Notice - Eyes Open

Spoiler Alert - This article contains information previously leaked on SpoilerTV and some teasers. If you wish to go into the Eyes Open episode with no information, it's best to wander away now.

We are one week away from new episodes of Burn Notice, and I know you are excited. Eyes Open, the premiere of the winter half of Burn Notice, airs on Nov. 11 on USA at 10/9c, and if this episode is any example, we have a lot to look forward to. It's classic Burn Notice. Just like always, the story is split into 2 situations. The civilian case where "a vengeful lawyer starts killing off gang members" and the story arc of Michael and crew trying to get back the briefcase taken last episode.

While in the hospital, we get exposition on Michael's condition and Maddy visits. Maddy shows she cares by guilting Michael into staying in her garage since Jesse is no longer using it. Well done acting by Sharon Gless here. Michael caves and we are a go! (The writers do a nice job of tying previous seasons into this episode.)

Michael, in typical fashion, does not understand the concept of rest and recuperation. Soon he is off and running (well, maybe not running) on a new case. Of course it helps that his hospital has turned into a first response trauma center after someone lets off a bomb in Miami. Michael's not one to let innocent people get blown up in his town, so we get a client who doesn't realize they're a client. 10 minutes in and there's already been an explosion and Fi pulls a gun. Got to love Burn Notice.

"Next time you show up unannounced, no one will ever see you again."

Mayhem ensues when Michael outsmarts everyone by playing dumb very well. Sam alternately worries and plays backup, Fi is both caring and insulting, and Maddy makes her point by playing the mom card. In other words, par for the course. The biggest change though is Jesse. Betrayal really works for him and this Jesse is a far more interesting character than anything we've seen before. If you've read the spoilers, you know Michael and Jesse are working together to find the spy NOC list. Still, I was surprised Jesse was working with Michael instead of against him. Hmmm.

"Our marriage is on the rocks."

As the episode continues, Michael has high hopes but a new strategy. "I never thought I would hear these words from you." We learn crime, obnoxiousness and flattery really do pay, keep spare change ready, and if the only good thing people can say about you is that you have no parking tickets, you may want to work on your people skills.


I really liked this episode for its classic feel, yet it still offered surprises. Towards the end, I yelled, "What? Didn't see that coming." at my screen. The characters were spot on, the plot had good action, and there was a lot of humor. Usually I like Fiona best, but in this episode, Maddy wins the "You Rock" trophy. What can I say? She's awesome. I can't wait to hear what you think.

Don't forget to watch Burn Notice on Thursday, Nov. 11 on USA at 10/9c.

Pictures from USA network and TV Fanatic.

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