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Last Week in TV - Week of Oct. 11 - Reviews and Episode Awards

Hello and welcome back to Last Week in TV. It's been a late night kind of week at my day job so I apologize for not getting to all the shows I wanted to this week. Thankfully we have our awesome guest reviewers, who keep picking up my slack. Thanks to them all! This week the nominated show was Nashville, which I enjoyed despite it not being my kind of show. I tend to favor more action-oriented and less character drama shows but I loved the commentary on our celebrity culture throughout the episode. Just as a reminder - once I review a nominated show in a season, I will not review it again. This allows me to cover far more shows in a year. Because of that I am glad to announce that Jessica will be the newest guest reviewer joining us and she'll be adding Nashville to the column on a regular basis. We also welcome Toni, a longtime commentator on this column and SpoilerTV in general, who will be reviewing NBC's Chicago franchise. Welcome, Jessica and Toni. I love that we are getting so much more variety in the series showcased here this season. Next week I will be reviewing The Americans, a show I watched throughout much of its first season but dropped due to time constraints. It's still on my to-watch list so I'm anxious to see how this episode stacks up to the ones I remember. If you would like to nominate a show (other than Nashville or a show I review regularly), just fill out the short form below. I'm anxious to try some of the shows I've been missing. Until next week then, happy TV reviewing.

Nominated Episode

Nashville - 1.01 - Pilot

To me, Nashville is Dallas with less big hair and much better music. It's also more real. Well in some parts. Now I don't know anything about the Nashville music scene but I'm guessing all the relationship drama and hardly subtle hints will be about as real as AutoTune. However the change in the music world is fascinating stuff and people are being shunted to the wayside in the big transition. Switch Rayna and Juliette's names to Reba and Taylor and you've got a pretty good summation of country/pop music today, hopefully minus the cat fights and general witchiness. And that's where Nashville gets very interesting. Both Connie Britton and Hayden Panettiere play their roles with abandon, even with the catfight in the beginning. While Rayna definitely comes off as the better character and person, Juliette is sufficiently layered so that she doesn't completely come off as the next 20-something celebrity train wreck no matter how hard she is trying to be one. There's a real character trapped under layers of superficiality and since Nashville is in its 4th season, I suspect they have fleshed her out better than the pilot does. They need to or else this will get one-sided way too fast. As for the plot, it moved fairly quickly in part because of the humongous cast, most of whom we barely caught a glimpse of. I'm not even sure I caught most of the regulars' names since they flittered on and off the screen so quickly. Hopefully they culled the cast somewhat to make it more manageable or else I don't see how the writers can juggle them all. Better to take an Empire approach and keep the focus somewhat narrowed but add in guest stars for an episode or two. For my tastes, they also need to tone down all the melodrama. I'm not a nighttime soap person so it felt like there were 16 emoangsty drama tropes in 42 minutes. I can do without the illegitimate kids, junkie bottom feeder moms, evil mustache twirling dads, and unrequited love geometry. It's the frank talk about ageism and flash over substance in our current celebrity culture that makes Nashville unique to me and for that it goes on my summer to-watch list. I'm interested in where this is going but if I'm being honest, I probably won't get far with it. Once the melodrama and love shenanigans (flash) take over the real-world discussion (substance), I'll drop this show as fast as anything starring a Kardashian. In that regard, I have a feeling that Nashville itself is going to become its own meta as enjoyable as most of the pilot was.

Grade: B
Ranking - 3+
Audience - those who like good music and great acting all wrapped up in one super soapy bubble

Best Reason to Watch - Connie Britton, who can sell any character and can sing to boot
Best Scene - Rayna tells off the record company (I know I wasn't the only one clapping.)
Best Character - Rayna right now but it could change rapidly
Best Song - Scarlett and Gunner's
Best Mean Girl Verbal Catfight - Rayna vs. Juliette
Best Plan - even with her reservations, Rayna still shows up for her husband's mayoral kickoff
Best Pep Talk…By the Devil - Wyatt convinces Teddy to run for Mayor. I've only seen 30 minutes of this show and I already know this guy is a snake. Be careful.
Biggest WTH - I think this cast rivals that of Lord of the Rings. How can they fit this many people in one 42 minute show? I can't keep most of them straight. They need to cull the cast or have people show up on alternating weeks.
Biggest Scandal - I'm guessing one of Raina's kids is actually with Deacon instead of Teddy
Biggest Brat with a Sympathetic Background - Juliette and her deadbeat mama
Most Likely to Hook Up - every single person on this show is bound to hook up, break up, and then hook up with someone new in an endless cycle
The "And It's All Downhill from Here" Award - AutoTune and package over substance, that's where music has gone
The "Welcome Back" Award - Connie Britton from Friday Night Lights / Robert Wisdom, formerly douche angel Uriel on Supernatural / Eric Close from Without a Trace / Hayden Panettiere from Heroes

Best Quotes -
1. Rayna: "So you're telling me after 21 years at this label, if I don't open for your little ingénue who wouldn't make it as one of my backup singers that you're not going to support me." Marshall: "Those are your words, not mine, but still I need to know your decision." Rayna: "Well you can kiss my decision as it's walking out the door."
2. Teddy: "Don't do that. You're beautiful and if you ever get a facelift I'm gonna leave you."
3. Manager: "Looks like we've got a little work to do on that 'Be Nice' deal."
4. Rayna: "She's got Randy doing her records. She wants you in her band. What? She coming for my house next?"
5. Wyatt: "Your first order of business as a mayoral candidate is to grow a pair."

Episode of the Week

Scorpion - 2.04 - Robots

Awww, that was a fun, uplifting hour of TV. Sure it was predictable and sometimes illogical but trust Scorpion to keep viewers' attention with its always present ticking down clock and a light, sweet moment to send them on their way. It's never going to win any awards but I always end up glad I've watched it. This week that's enough to skyrocket it to the top of the list. What made this episode particularly good was the amount of personal growth for both Happy and Walter. Both characters need more rounding, although I have been pleasantly surprised at how much more I've liked Walter throughout the season so far. Nice job of toning down his edges, writers. Allowing Happy to admit that she has feelings was a great touch since she's generally either snarky or reticent. I also really like Peri Gilpin's return to my TV. She was awesome in Frasier and I think she brings a softer touch to the show, which even Molina couldn't get. For the record, I liked Molina too and hope that occasionally she shows up again. Both are a huge improvement on Merrick. However the real kicker is the ending with all of them just enjoying each other's company. I adore them dancing together and being silly. For a team that was largely business in season 1, their more relaxed endings means that I can smile myself right out of the episode and feel like it was time worth spending. I love a feel-good ending.

Grade: A-

Best Reason to Watch - Walter and Happy's personal growth
Best Scene - Happy and Walter talk about not being robots
Best Aww Moment - Toby gives Happy a dollhouse
Best Ending - rooftop dancing
Best Back Story - Happy as a kid
Best Overused Trope on Scorpion - the high stakes countdown to sure death
Best Deductions - Toby, who guesses the highly classified mission by eye flutters / Sylvester, who gets the correct coordinates via a TV commercial
Best Product Placement - Go Pro camera
Best Return - Happy's dad, whom I wouldn't mind seeing more of
Biggest Ouch - dislocated shoulder to fit into the escape hatch
Biggest What the Heck - How is it at all conceivable that Walter doesn't know Morse code? Shouldn't he have mastered that in preschool?
Biggest Shocker - Walter has issues with the military guy in charge
Most Fun - Sylvester dancing
Most Old School - Sylvester's teacher sized compass
Most Heroic - Happy and Hall decide Walter's plan is a 3-person job so all 3 are willing to die for the crew
Worst Job - Paige having to babysit Ray
The "You're Not at All Expendable" Award - Cabe, they need you. I need you. You are the keeper of the common sense.
The "Yeah, I Don't Know about This" Award - Why open the hatch the whole way? That seems more likely to make the pressure so high that they can't close it again.
The "Say What?" Award - Ray is now crashing at Scorpion? When did that happen?
The "Oh Please" Award - I watched Bones. I know that scientists can make oxygen based on the scraps of stuff they have in their purses. Well, at least in Hollywood.
The "Welcome Back" Award - Peri Gilpin from Frasier / Travis Van Winkle who trades life on the Nathan James in The Last Ship for smaller quarters but a similar role here
Best Music - Dancing in the Moonlight by King Harvest

Best Quotes -
1. Happy: "In case we don't make it out of here, I just want to say I'm not really a robot." Walter: "Thank you for clarifying. I did know you weren't made of circuitry." Happy: "We both play a good game of denial. It might be the one thing where I can beat you but….right now my dad is up there trying to save me, the man I've been looking for over 25 years. I just never expected to want to live as badly as I do right now." Walter: "I saved 9 sailors' lives instead of us. I supported that act with calculations, but perhaps there was some sentimentality attached." Happy: "And you let that certifiable lunatic stay in our garage." Walter: "Maybe we're changing. Maybe…maybe I'm not a robot either." Hall: "You're not normal people, are you?"
2. Sylvester: "See I don't like the mojo of playing Battleship with an actual battleship."
3. Paige: "Toby, you've got to narrow it down." Toby: "We're working with a half-eaten hoagie and a piece of chalk. It's not like we're mind readers."
4. Walter: "They'll be needing me to code. I'll get my laptop." Happy: "And I will be building something so I'll get my tools." Sylvester: "And I will get my party hat because I don't have to go on a submarine." Cabe: "And I'll be going to keep anyone from wanting to kill them. Welcome to Scorpion."
5. Happy: "Sitting here is certain death. What we're talking about is just likely death." Hall: "I should volunteer then." Cabe: "I'll go. I'm the biggest and most immune to hypothermia." Walter: "You know if you leave there's a good chance that you die before any of us." Cabe: "I'm the most expendable. We can't risk Happy and you. You know the sub. Greater good." Walter: "Greater good."
6. Happy: "Toby calls us robots but tell me, what's more fascinating than a robot?" Walter: "Oh he endlessly analyzes feelings. Sylvester's a mess of feelings. Paige helps us sort them, but without the metal gears, the machine…it doesn't run." Cabe: "I guess my role is to kick the machine when it starts talking and doesn't focus."

Guest Reviews

Chicago Fire - 4.01 - Let it Burn
By Toni

Welcome back, Chicago Fire! At the end of season 3, Casey was working a human trafficking case with CPD, leaving us with an ominous cliffhanger. Gabby found out she was pregnant and doing something completely opposite of any other TV show I've seen, she went to Matt's apartment, I assumed to tell him. What she found was a ransacked apartment and a dead body. At the start of the season 4, Casey is in trouble with Nesbitt and the goons who want a little black book. In comes the small crossover with CPD. It's really ironic that Casey is beating Nesbitt only to have Voight pull him off and say, "Take it easy." It was just one of those moments that made me laugh. I know not everyone does but I love when these shows cross over. It's like one big, dysfunctional family and I enjoy that. This episode was good for me because we have a continuing story, two new characters, Severide's new story (albeit redundant), crossovers, and scenes at Molly's, which I love, while there wasn't a lot of time wasted on unnecessary story with Otis, Mouch, and Herman. The episode seemed to fly by but it paved the way for a whole lot of story this season. I think it's going to be a good one. There seems to be something for everyone.

-I'm not a fan of Dawson and there was a lot of her here. The fans will be happy. I'd like to see them use other characters more.
-Severide's story seems to be a rehash with nothing but a different reason to have him off of the truck. It's not original at all.
-Patterson is a douche.
-It looks like we have Severide's new love interest. I liked what I saw of her.
-Cruz continues to make me wonder "why is he here and Shay is not?"

Grade: B

Best Reason to Watch - The chief, who was everywhere/Casey and Dawson reunite and she tells him about the baby
Best Character - Chief Boden. He had little patience for BS in this episode.
Best Scene - Squad and Truck unblock the road in front of a burning building, by "any means necessary" and it was awesome.
Biggest Twist- Severide quits 51
2nd Twist - the very people who were blocking 51 from the fire at the crack house are now suing the city. Their reason? 51 had a slow response time because they are a poor neighborhood. Let's see how that goes. They could all be guilty of involuntary manslaughter for blocking emergency personnel.
Best Cameo - Chief Riddle, played by Supernatural alum, Fredric Lehne.
Best Reaction - Chief Boden is NOT impressed with the entry of our new candidate.
Worst Twist - Riddle stripped Severide of his rank
Most Welcome - Jimmy came to apologize for disrespecting the Chief and Firehouse 51 while his brother played it off as a hazing joke. Wrong answer older brother. The chief showed him the closed door and it was great. Jimmy showed a lot of character here. I think I'm going to like him.
Biggest Eye Roll - The intro of the new candidate, Jimmy, played by TVD's Steve McQueen. Not at all his fault, his brother just made him look foolish.
Least Surprising - Upper management has yet another problem with Firehouse 51. I'm getting tired of those guys.
Most Awkward - I was embarrassed for Jimmy. Boden fired him in two minutes and that has to be a record.
Most Ridiculous / Most Bizarre -The newly arrived couple from Portland.
Worse scene - Sylvie and Chili perform CPR. No way would I ever believe watching this scene that either of them passed EMT training. Never. I don't think I care what they have planned for these two this season.

Best Quotes:
1. Patterson: "I'd like you to remain with the company. Your reputation as a firefighter is not in question." Severide: "No, just my ability to lead."
2. Herman: "And the moron of the year award goes to..."
3. Boden: "Truck 81, Squad 3. Open up this street by any means necessary."
4. Herman: "You happy now? Is that what you wanted? He was a human being. You people make me sick."
5. Casey: "I don't ever want to let you out of my life again." Dawson: "I'm pregnant." (Thank you for not dragging it out)

Heroes: Reborn - 1.05 - The Lion's Den
By Laura Markus

It was kind of an uneventful episode. Certain scenes were amazing with really intense stuff going on. The standoff between Erica and Noah, later joined by Harris, Quentin, Taylor, and Miko jumping through an entire glass wall was epic (Ha, I made a pun). Erica is giving off some vibes similar to that of Angela Petrelli. Speaking of which, where is she? Where's Mohinder? Where's Matt? Where's Micah? At least we got to see Phoebe, although she might have killed Farah, which is not okay with me. Furthermore, the stellar acting done by Zachary Levi was not in vain. He broke my heart about 7 different times in this episode. And I think he used to be a dentist before he started hunting Evos with Joanne? That's kind of cool. I like how he called Joanne's brother. There were some low points of the episode too. Aside from her daring jump and getting her sword back, Miko's storyline is boring me a bit. I'm sure it'll pick up steam soon enough. As well, Carlos's story is kind of just sitting there. I did like how the police captured Captain Dearing, and Carlos, as El Vengador, gave him the option to stay put and get taken or to run away and stop chasing after Evos. Tommy finding out he was adopted was sad, and I just LOVE the Penny Guy. Here's hoping the show picks up really soon; content and ratings-wise!

Grade: B

Best Reason to Watch - Two words: Zachary Levi. He's killing it in this role!
Best Scene - Luke burning the picture of Joanne and Dennis and watching his son's room go up in flames.
Biggest Tease - Noah talked about Hiro, Mohinder, and Molly all in one scene. Insane.
Worst Special Effects - Miko jumping through the glass wall. It just looked fake to me.
The "Are You Serious?" Award - Did they really kill Farah off? Another person of color got killed off?
Funniest Moment - Every week is going to be the same thing. Quentin's sass and ending every sentence in "Man" always make me laugh.
"Missing in Action" Award - Joanne. Hmmm, I wonder where she ran off to. I hope she gets back with Luke soon.

Nashville – 4.04 – The Slender Threads That Bind Us Here
BY Jessica

This was probably the most depressing episode of Nashville to date as it focused on Deacon and Scarlett dealing with Beverly’s death. I thought Charles Esten was outstanding in this episode. The way he portrayed Deacon’s grief and misery was very realistic, and it was heartbreaking when he destroyed his house. I hate that he blames Scarlett though. The Scarlett/Deacon relationship is one of my favorites on the show so I hope the rift between them doesn’t last too long. The postpartum depression storyline continued. Juliette is getting worse by the minute with Adderall, sleeping pills to counteract the Adderall, and finally an injection to make her numb. I’m so tired of this story. I think it’s very serious (and realistic as Hayden herself has postpartum depression), and I’m glad they’ve touched on it, but it’s time to get Juliette help and move on. Maybe they can salvage Avery and Juliette’s marriage and make me like her again. Elsewhere, Rayna brings Markus Keen to town. He’s supposed to be a huge name and he would be great for Highway 65, but I really can’t stand him. Nashville already has a huge jerk in Jeff Fordham, and we really don’t need another one. Can we focus on the plethora of men we already have on the show? Zoey made a return to Nashville this week. I’m not a huge fan of hers, but it was nice to see Scarlett talk with someone who is not her current or ex-boyfriend. I like that she finally realized Gunnar has always loved Scarlett. Maybe she can make Scarlett realize this and make her doctor boyfriend leave town?

Grade: B-

Best Reason to Watch- Deacon deals with Beverly’s death
Best Scene- Deacon destroys his house and punches the mirror as Maddie watches in horror
Best Actor- Charles Esten
Character That’s Growing on Me- Layla Grant. I enjoyed her scenes with Rayna and Will this week. If only she would dump Jeff.
Most Cringe-Worthy Scene- Jeff and Layla kissing. Gross.
Biggest Jerk- Markus Keen
Storyline I’m Tired Of- Juliette’s postpartum depression.
Character I Wish Would Leave Town- Jeff Fordham

Best Quotes -
1. Jeff: “Glad to see you’ve finally done right by my client.”
2. Rayna: “Shut up, Jeff.”
3. Will: “It’s all right to be happy with what you’ve got even it ain’t perfect.”
4. Avery: “I was wrong about Juliette. Whatever she used to be… whatever she used to feel… It’s gone. She’s gone.”
5. Deacon: “My whole life my sister was a fighter. You know that. She never gave up. Ever. Scarlett gave up.”

Once Upon a Time – 5.03 – Siege Perilous
By Missions

While I really loved the first two episodes of the season, I was not really a fan of this episode. It definitely had its amazing moments, as Once Upon a Time always has; however, at times in the episode I was quite bored. A lot did happen though. The best part of the episode was the fact that it was David-centric. I really like David and especially Josh Dallas, who finally got the screen time he deserves in this episode. In both settings he worked together with Arthur to get the toadstool (Camelot) and find the thief (Storybrooke). Both storylines were very interesting, especially the one in Camelot, where David had to fight in order to get the toadstool but in the end lost it in a little pond. But did he really lose it? No. At the end of the episode we see how David takes the Siege Perilous proudly while Mary is suddenly approached by Lancelot who warns her about Arthur. Shortly after we find out that Arthur stole the toadstool and therefore David did not lose it. Now we have to see which effect it has on the rest of the people in Storybrooke and how it might be an important development towards Emma becoming dark. In Storybrooke we find out that the toadstool has been brought there as well and even Regina figures out that it played an important role back in Camelot and will also play a very important role in Storybrooke. In addition to that, Rumple finally wakes up which we find out when the “rose” stabilizes and Belle rushes over the shop just to find out that he has disappeared. But where is he? Well, of course the Dark Swan took him while taking orders from the actual past Rumpelstiltskin. She tells Rumple how she will turn him into a hero while she will forever be the dark one. So as you see there was a lot going on, for my taste even a bit too much. Therefore my review is a bit all over the place. I prefer when they concentrate on only a few storylines and dig a bit deeper into them. Perhaps, that will happen in the upcoming episodes. I hope at least! Nonetheless, it was a good episode that left me wanting more.

Grade: B

Best Reason to Watch – Finally a David-centric episode! Last season he barely had any screen time and that really bothered me because I really like his character. Besides, it is nice to look at his pretty face!
Most Interesting Character - Arthur! The reveal that he was the one who stole the toadstool was very interesting and made his character way more inttiguing. I wonder what exactly he will do and if Lancelot and Mary will be able to stop him.
Best Character Development - Definitely David! Him taking the Siege Perilous was awesome. Unfortunately, it is all just part of a plan. Also Rumple finally has been given an interesting storyline.
Best Scene - David fights the knights leading to him “losing” the toadstool. / David takes the Siege Perilous while Mary is approached by Lancelot who warns her about Arthur. / Arthur revealing to Guinevere that he was the one who stole the toadstool. / The Dark Swan tells Rumple that she will turn him into a hero while she remains the Dark One.
“Welcome Back Award” – Lancelot! Nice to see him back. I am very curious to see what role he will play in everything.
Biggest Question – Where the hell is Lancelot in Storybrooke? / What will Arthur do? / What effect will it have on having Emma becoming dark?
Worst Scene – I am sorry Captain Swan lovers but I hated that scene! It was a nice reference to their first date in “The Apprentice” but I just am not a fan of those scenes. Besides, I just found it to be very weird. I did however include some quotes from that scene.
Most Boring Character – As much as I like Hook, I found him boring in this episode. I understand why he is acting like he is but I just cannot sympathize with him at this very moment. Also, Robin!! He has become completely boring and almost was of zero importance in this episode.
Character Most Worthy Of a Better Storyline – Zelena! I hated the fact that she was pregnant with Robin’s child and it has its repercussions. Rebecca has no material she can work with, which is a pity since she is such a good actress.

Best Quotes-
1. Zelena: “There you are my lovely voice. It’s so nice and friendly.” Regina: “Shut up!”
2. Arthur: “These people seem friendly, but they threaten everything we hold dear.”
3. Regina: “I can be a far greater nightmare than you could ever imagine.”
4. Emma: “All I need is your trust, I promise.”
5. Hook: “Do you love me? If you tell me you don’t love me, I will let you go.”

Agents of SHIELD - 3.03 - A Wanted (Inhu)man
BY Swanpride

This week I noticed that the show has come up with a construct which works surprisingly well. It has set up three storylines for the season (The Inhumans, Simmons and the Hunt for Ward), and each week puts one of them in the forefront as the most urgent one, while at least one of the others is allowed to breathe and delve fully into the emotions. This week The Inhumans were pulled to the forefront, but nearly equal time was spend on Simmons' slow recovery. I can't say how glad I am that the show actually addressed some of the possible consequences of being on another planet, even one which allows human survival. I am equally glad that even a traumatized Simmons is still Simmons. Though they naturally had to throw a curveball in the end. The main plot doesn't work quite as well. It does a lot to flesh out Lincoln's character - more by hinting details about his past, but also by showing a Lincoln who is a far cry from the peaceful doctor we have seen so far. In addition, it gives the audience quite a rundown of what exactly he can do with his abilities. There is no question that he would be a great asset, which makes Coulson's decision even more questionable. It is high time that someone calls him out on his readiness to sacrifice everything and, even worse, everyone for Daisy's sake. Plus, he is normally smarter than that. While trying to work with other agencies might be a good move, he should do it on his terms. On the Ward news front, pairing Hunter, who never shuts up, and May, who tends to be an epitome of silence was an inspired choice by the writers, but at this point their story felt a little bit like treading (or kicking) water in preparation for the big confrontation which might happen far, far down the line. This week they mostly provided some comic relief between all the drama.

Grade: B

Best Reason to Watch - Just pick a storyline, at least one of them should satisfy you
Best Scene - Daisy visiting Jemma. It was very sweet and a nice reminder of their friendship.
Best Character Interaction - Lincoln and Daisy. There wasn't really that much built up to the kiss, but the actors sold it in a way that it kind of makes sense.
Most Resilient - Ward's second in command. Wow, the guy really can take a beating. After last week I expected him to be at least in the hospital with a few broken bones.
Best Friend - Mack, who acts like a protective older brother towards Daisy
Most Underused - Bobbi. It is high time that she gets more to do than modeling a lab coat and being the sounding board for various characters.
Best Action - May taking out three wannabe rapists
Worst Twist - Coulson's actions this episode are very contrived, and it didn't help that the advertising kind of gave it away.
Best Wardrobe Choice - Daisy's black top. Want one.
Biggest head scratcher - No quarantine and no proper debriefing for Simmons? I call BS on that one.

Best Quotes -
1. Fitz: "You are self-diagnosing which is a sign that you are on the mend."
2. Jonathan (Lincoln's friend): "You are killing me with these details."
3. May: "How about I do you a favor and not tell anyone that a tiny little Asian woman kicked your a**?"

New Shows

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend - 1.01 - Josh Just Happens to Live Here!

Ever watch something and at the end you still have no real grasp on what it's trying to be or how you feel about it? That's my general mood about Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. I'm a huge fan of musicals but none of these songs caught me. I like successful women characters but not ones that are so neurotic that they keep sabotaging themselves. I love wacky sidekicks but Patty came off just as bad if not worse than Rebecca in this pilot. Still I see the bones of potential and I like that the CW keeps experimenting with its programming. Greg so far is an awesome character, full of snark and yet not full of himself. Patty could easily come into her own and be a favorite. Yet the key to this show's success will lie in whether people embrace the batty Rebecca and find the humor in her flaws or if she'll get on their nerves. As for me, it's way too soon to tell but I do know this. This show should be a ½ hour comedy at best. It's not hour long dramedy material. I also know that there is no better fit content-wise for Jane the Virgin, so if Monday night fails it's not from lack of trying.

Grade: C
Ranking - 2+
Audience - those who love Jane the Virgin and don't mind musicals

Best Reason to Watch - there's nothing like it on TV
Best Scene - the end where the rapper is apologizing to all the women he objectified even if he still uses derogatory names for them
Best Character - Greg, who is snarky fun
Best Song - the reprise of West Covina
Least Appealing Character / Most Insecure - surprisingly it is Paula and not Rebecca, given her need to throw out random facts and stalk Rebecca
Best Moment - the Suits take off the school marching band for budget cuts
Best Dating Tip - stalking looks good on NO ONE
Best Aside - the rapper freaked out by how much it takes for Rebecca to get ready, who goes to apologize to all the girls he's dissed
Biggest Huh? - Rebecca's time speech to the partners
Biggest Product Placement - Sprint
Least Professional - Darryl breaks down and cries on Rebecca's first day
Least Worthy of Changing Your Entire Life For - Josh
Most in Need of Being Smacked - Rebecca when she curses her mother at camp
Most Delusional - Rebecca, who thinks it's love but it's really a nervous breakdown
Most Likely to Drive Someone Insane - Rebecca's mom
Worst Date - Rebecca, who makes out in every room of the house to find Josh
Worst Plan - It's not bad enough to move to follow a guy. It's really bad to move to follow a guy you haven't seen in 10 years and with whom you've exchanged about 15 words since. But it's really, really bad to be stupid about it. Why in the world did Rebecca move to the exact same town and get a job in it? Are there no other neighboring towns she can stalk him from? No one's going to find this charming or even sane.
The "Exactly How Old are You?" Award - Do adults actually wait by the phone for someone to call these days?

Best Quotes -
1. Rebecca: "I'm actually here because I'm meeting a friend but I don't…I don't see him." Greg: "Great. Maybe I know him. Is he eight-years-old or an alcoholic 'cause that's what we've got here?"
2. Darryl: "I hope you don't mind but I handed out copies of your résumé. I mean we are just so honored and well, confused frankly to have an attorney of your caliber here."
3. Rebecca: "I mean the motto is live, work, play." Greg: "We have a motto?" Rebecca: "Yes, on the website." Greg: "We have a website?" Rebecca: "It takes a few minutes to load but it's very informative." Greg: "This is where I live. Yea for me."
4. Greg: "Wait. So you left a job in New York to live near the beach. We're 4 hours from the beach. People say 2 but those people are dumb."
5. Rebecca: "I'm gonna go do this thing. Doesn't mean that I don't care. I'm just gonna go do the thing. I will come back later and let's circle back about the Jew thing 'cause that's a conversation that we need to have."

Truth be Told - 1.01 - Pilot

For all that people pan this pilot and hate on this show, it was just rather blah. It's boring but I wasn't offended as some people were. Sure making every single thing about race got tiring after the opening rift, but the real problem is that it's not funny. At all. The characters don't seem to have the potential to be funny either since they are largely stereotypes. Yet it's still early so anything can change and I'd be far more willing to give this the benefit of the doubt after the pilot than say The Muppets or Dr. Ken, both of which were way worse. This felt like it wasn't trying hard enough while the other two felt like they were trying too hard to be edgy and relevant and missed on both counts. As for Truth be Told, it's basically TV oatmeal. It's not going to get you excited, but if there's absolutely nothing else in the house it's palpable. Shame because the two leads are capable of a whole lot more.

Grade: C
Ranking - 2
Audience - Saved by the Bell fans who love Mark-Paul Gosselaar and those suffering from white guilt who feel they must support it

Best Reason to Watch - the diversity of the cast
Best Character - Angie
Best Character Interaction - Mitch and Russell
Best Neighbors - What kind of friends without children agree to come to your daughter's tea party complete with tiaras? That's some friendship dedication.
Best Comeback - the valet's John Mayer comment
Least Funny - making a big deal out of a kid using the word vagina
Most Embarrassing - car Dubsmash
Most Snore-worthy - most of the jokes which are stale
The "Welcome Back" Award - Mark-Paul Gosselaar, most well known for Saved by the Bell but also Franklin & Bash and NYPD Blue / Tone Bell, who was the only good thing about Bad Judge

Best Quotes -
1. Mitch: "You've got to say something." Russell: "I'm not wasting my breath, Mitch. It's a valet stand, not Selma." Mitch: "Then I'm saying something." Russell: "No, no." Mitch: "I'm your best man. That did not end at your wedding. I'm your best man everywhere we go." Russell: "I should have made my brother my best man."
2. Russell: "Wait. So who's wife are we hiding from?" Mitch: "All of them. All of the wives."
3. Angie: "Well if you see something, say something but if you just think it's something, shut the hell up. My girl T needs this night out."
4. Tracy: "So what's happening here is you're making a problem where one doesn't exist." Russell: "Oh that's his jam."
5. Mitch: "You haven't been blessed with a sweet, angelic 4 year old. We want to die."

Weekly Shows

Blindspot - 1.04 - Bone May Rot

Now that's more like it. Last week's episode had me rolling my eyes. This week's episode had me on the edge of my seat. After all, nothing's more terrifying than the idea that something you can't even see is about to wipe out millions of people. Plus there's an interesting debate to be had about how much medicine is too much medicine for the planet. Not that releasing deadly diseases is ever a good solution. For the record, neither is killing your spouse before you kill yourself. Just saying. What is a good plan is to keep Jane's identity a mystery. I love that there is some doubt now because it allows the mystery to continue. Plus it keeps the interaction between Weller and Jane from getting too creepy. Other highlights from this episode include the fight scene, Reade explaining his beef with Jane, and the introduction of Patterson's code-breaking boyfriend. Not that I expect him to last much farther. He's likely to be dead, evil, or hired in the next few episodes. The only lingering issue that troubles me is Tom. He's way to black and white about Jane, which makes him annoying. Plus inter-agency conspiracies are getting a bit old. Let's focus on that in season 2 and keep chipping away at the tattoos for now.

Grade: B

Best Reason to Watch - the case of the week was interesting
Best Scene - Dr. Suri's villain monologue, which is a strange pick for me since I usually hate those
Best Entrance - Jane flying in to save the day like always
MVP - duct tape, saving the world
Best Twist - Jane may or may not be Taylor and I am voting for NOT
Best Reference - MacGyver
Best Redirect - Mayfair stops Patterson from bugging her about the case file by questioning how she cracked the new code
Biggest Huh? - Why would someone have a 10-year-old play babysitter overnight to a 5-year-old? Wouldn't it make more sense to have the 5-year-old stay at the neighbor's house where they have actual adults?
Biggest WTH - Okay if you want to shoot yourself instead of explaining yourself, fine. Why shoot your innocent husband too?
Biggest Dummies - Why are you all standing around watching the deadly disease bag explode? You can see it just fine from the control room. If it didn't contain, you all would be bleeding out right now.
Least Surprising - the vials are missing
Least Interesting Subplot - Zapata's gambling addiction, unless it's an undercover assignment
Most Mustache Twirling Villain - Tom, the pro-assassination CIA bureaucrat
Most Likely to Die Soon - David, Patterson's boyfriend, because he already knows too much
Most Contrived Way to Make Sure the Two Leads Have Quality Time - make it so one has to share intimate details about his childhood with the other in order to spark memories
Worst Liar - Patterson, who trips and stumbles over her explanation
The "92nd Verse, Same as the First" Award - I think Reade makes good points about Jane but let's can them. It's not like Weller will pay attention so just give it up. We don't need the same conversation every week.
The "Well That Explains It" Award - Weller was on babysitting detail when Taylor went missing so no wonder he feels guilty
The "Welcome Back" Award - Joe Dinicol from Life with Derek / Paul Fitzgerald from Younger

Best Quotes -
1. Suri: "All these diseases that we're trying so desperately to find a cure for are actually the last ditch effort of a dying planet trying to wipe out the thing that is actually destroying it - us."
2. Weller: "Is she Taylor Shaw or not?" Patterson: "Both tests are conclusive but both can't be true. I don't know who she is."
3. Reade: "Oh come on. Your usual type's a mix between gladiator and Viking." Zapata: "I do not have a type." Reade: "I catch bad guys for a living, alright. The last 2 dudes you dated scared me." Zapata: "Then you scare easily because they were a loan officer and soccer coach."
4. Reade: "We should be in there with them." Zapata: "I'm glad we're not. You really want to be stuck in a room with Weller right now? No window, no way out. That'd be the control freak's worst nightmare."
5. Tom: "This doesn't have to be a straight favor. What do you need from me? Let's make a deal here." Mayfair: "I need for you to get out of my office."

The Flash - 2.02 - Flash of Two Worlds

Sorry Jay, I don't like you. You come off as a condescending douche most of the time and we already have a better Barry. We don't need you or your plot device shortcuts. Go back to your own earth. I'm also not a fan of everyone being down on Barry for being cautious and not trusting another new guy saying he wants to help. It's smart and I would think that all of them had learned from their Wells experience. Caitlin in particular comes across as out-of-character. First off, I refuse to believe that she gets dumber because of a crush. If Jay makes her an overly trusting scold, then he needs to go right now. Second off, she just lost her husband 6 months ago. It's way, way too early to start having her flirt and fawn. Back the truck up right this second. I don't need you to launch another ship and make this random guy appear more important than he really is. Not cool. Add to it that I hate Cisco being a meta, alternate universes and time travel are shortcuts for shoddy writing, and the bad guy of the week bored me, and this was not The Flash's finest moment. It feels an awful lot like they are trying to fix something that was never broken in the first place. Still they are trying to improve Iris, so there is that. Plus Patty is intriguing in her overzealousness and enthusiasm.

Grade: C

Best Reason to Watch - at least they are acting like a team this week
Best Scene - Stein calls out Cisco on his new nifty powers
Best Character Interaction - Barry and Patty, who at least had some fun
Best Father/Son Moment - Barry reassures Joe that they will find Patty
Biggest Twist - Iris' mom comes back. Not sure if this is a good or bad thing yet. Laurel's mom was awesome on Arrow.
Biggest Fan Girl - Patty fawning over Barry's forensic reports
Biggest WTH - Caitlin seems to be fawning over Jay when she just lost her husband
Biggest Laugh - dialogue like, Jay: "He's an unstoppable demon with a face of death."
Biggest Thanks - Joe for asking the questions about what the heck is happening so I don't have to
Biggest Huh? - Why does it seem like Barry is jealous of Jay?
Biggest Shout Out - Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Cheesiest Costume - Jay's helmet, which looks like the one the girl wore in Adventures in Babysitting
Smartest Plan - locking up Jay until they have more info
Worst Plan - shooting the sand guy
Worst Reason to be a Villain - Wanting to kill off all your competition to be the best. Who is this Zoom? The Evil Queen from Snow White?
Most Irksome - Flash calling the other guy Flash
Most Condescending - Jay who keeps calling Barry "kid"
Most Suspicious - Patty Spivot because she is way too good to be true
Most Randomly Annoying - News about Oliver from Arrow shows up on the news in this show. Just stop.
The "Nope, Just Nope" Award - nothing can happen to Stein because he's the only one who can kind of explain this science mumbo jumbo to me
The "Hey, At Least Someone Remembers Ronnie" Award - Stein sadly reminds everyone that he isn't one half of a Ronnie duo while they seem to be glossing over it
The "Things That Don't Make Sense" Award - Why doesn't Jay have his superpowers if all the others from his earth do?
The "One is Quite Enough, Thank You" Award - I really do NOT need another Flash. Barry is enough. I like Barry.

Best Quotes -
1. Joe: "I'm gonna be honest here. I don't understand what the hell any of you are talking about." Cisco: "So Jay is saying he's from like a mirror world or a parallel universe that's very, very similar to ours." Stein: "Multiverse would be a more apt description." Joe: "Nope, not helping." Cisco: "Bless your heart."
2. Joe: "Are you aware of what happened to my previous partner?" Patty: "Detective Thawne, yes. I know that he died and the one before him, Fred Shire, died too. But the one before that's not dead, just transferred. I'm sure it had nothing to do with you."
3. Cisco: "Did you just say War of the Americas?" Barry: "I wish you would have just told us you lost your helmet. It would have saved us all a headache."
4. Patty: "Hey, he's kind of like your dad, right? So do you have any advice on how I can crack his No code?" Barry: "Yeah, I've been trying to pick that lock since I was 11 so if you figure it out, how about you let me know."
5. Patty: "You know you got lucky, right? You think you were chosen, the rest of us don't mean anything, but it's not true. You were just at the right place at the right time. Getting those powers didn't change who you are. They only highlighted the worst parts of who you already were."
6. Jay: "This world is in danger." Cisco: "What other worlds are there?"

How To Get Away with Murder - 2.04 - Skanks Get Shanked

H2GAwM is nowhere near as exciting so far this season as it was last season. Partly it is because it's reaching for the lowest common denominator to pump ratings. Everything's about sex and incest these days. In that, this episode was miles better than the last one. Still I find the characters are not as engaging even though I liked this case and it had several good moments. For one, I cannot stand Connor. He's always playing the victim and whining while shifting blame. He gets zero passes because if he truly wanted to be sympathetic, he'd turn himself in. Right now he just comes off as a brat like he did mid-season 1. Be part of the solution or shut up! I did like Michaela in here with the exception that it feels like she's in a been there-done that plot. She's basically Wes 2.0 and it's going to backfire just as much. To be honest, the twists are starting to feel a little been there-done that too. They need a much bigger twist to be happening because if it just Annalise bleeding out, it's not much different than the whole Sam story last year. Mostly I want to feel like I'm watching something new instead of the same old, same old and I want at least some of the characters to be intriguing again. Right now I am most interested in what's up with Asher, a sentence I never thought I would utter.

Grade: B-
Current Theory - Annalise is arranging this whole being shot thing herself. My guess is that she took the poison she procured from Frank in order to slow down the bleeding so that she could be saved in time. It's a big hoax that has something to do with the prosecutor and the students and Nate are all in on it with Annalise. Those pills are definitely coming into play sooner rather than later.

Best Reason to Watch - everyone's betraying everyone tonight
Best Scene - Annalise knocks Connor down a few pegs like he deserves
Best Character Interaction - Annalise and Nate's wife
Best Twist - score for virginity / Caleb is part of whatever is happening with Annalise
Best Plotline - Ashton gets a plea deal to spy on Annalise
Biggest Creeper - Rebecca's foster brother
Biggest Say What? - Bonnie tells Asher that she killed Sam for….reasons?
Biggest Tease - we still don't know anything about Asher's past or who this girl is
Most Awkward - Nate's dying wife calls Annalise to her bedside to help her to die
Most Repetitive - all the freaking recapitations of scenes we just saw
Most Likely to Screw Up - Annalise is so focused on what Nate's wife said that she can't concentrate in court
Most Stupid / Least Sympathetic (Definite Psycho) - Zoe flips out in court and threatens to kill someone in front of the jury
Least Sympathetic (Possible Psycho) - Caleb, who if innocent has a right to be angry but doesn't have a right to keep reminding people that he's their boss and thus proving he's a douche
The "Pot and Kettle" Award - Connor is a smug jerk for someone who is also involved in covering up a murder. He gets no points from me and needs to be Gibbs' smacked out of his whiny, blame everyone else tendencies. Ugh, what a pretentious, irksome character. I don't care if he is a fan favorite because he's hot.

Best Quotes -
1. Lauren: "Just because they're smiling doesn't mean they don't want to kill each other."
2. Annalise: "Make me out to be the villain if that helps you sleep at night, but don't you ever screw with my cases."
3. Laurel: "Go for it. Look at all the fun we got out of Wes dating Rebecca."
4. Connor: "You don't know that." Nate: "Maybe not but I do know that worrying about things that are out of our control is the only way we get in trouble right now." Laurel: "Really, I think killing someone is another way we can get in trouble."
5. Laurel: "I stole Zoe's phone." Frank: "What?" Laurel: "I think she's a sociopath." Frank: "You stole our client's phone. You're the sociopath."

Limitless - 1.04 - Page 44

I liked this episode because it not only followed up on Brian's character growth from last week a little, but it also had a faster moving plot. At first I wasn't sure if they were going to be able to juggle 3 disparate plot lines but they handled it with aplomb and I ended up liking all three. The treason plot became a good tie into the main story of breaking into Naz's office to steal the NZT files. I loved the dichotomy of the spy talking about how it was his little choices that got him into that mess while also showing Brian start down the slippery slope of being a mole himself. It left an ominous feeling over where Brian himself is headed and how far Sands expects him to go. In this, it reminded me of Burn Notice and that's always a good thing. I really liked though how Brian struggled over the decision because of his loyalty to Harris. That shows the continued character growth I was hoping for. The C plot of Maciel and the dead guy had its good twists as well. I liked seeing Harris support Brian's side case even though it didn't make her look all that good. The biggest thing that bugged me in this one was the importance they gave to Harris' father being tracked by the FBI. How is this new? As soon as NZT was mentioned, it was a given that the 2 plots would tie in. It feels like much ado about nothing, although it could get awesome if it is also tied into Morra. All in all, Limitless is the most improved show from the pilot for me.

Grade: B

Best Reason to Watch - by having three escapades at the same time, the pacing was brisk
Best Scene - Maciel thanks Brian for getting him out of jail
Best Plan - Harris goes to see her father's paintings
Best Dilemma - Should Brian break into Naz's office or not? It shows a lot of character growth in a short amount of time because old Brian would have done it in a second.
Best Remedy for a Broken Heart - learning how to explain quantum physics and double the lifespan of mice
Biggest Huh - How is it possible that Brian can't remember Ike's real name if he's on NZT? I thought the whole point of it is that he could remember everything.
Least Surprising - the FBI knew about Harris' father taking NZT and had him under surveillance
Most Surprising - this is as big of a deal as the music makes it seem
Most Cold - Sands, who threatens to kill Brian's dad if he doesn't get what he wants
Most Interesting Storytelling Device - 2 Brians
Worst FBI Agent - Harris for telling Brian to blow off the treason case
The "Ecstasy and Agony" Award - Brian gets top-level clearance…to go through someone's month-old garbage

Best Quotes -
1. Brian2: "Have you gone maybe a little nuts? Naz is leaving her office right now as we speak. The clock is running. You do not have enough room on your to-do list to help Arthur Maciel." Brian1: "There's still 2 days left and besides, Rebecca just…you know, confided in me. I can't steal files from her boss' office right now." Brian2: "So it will be easier to betray her later then?"
2. Harris: "And Brian, when I said I had your back I didn't mean breaking and entering. Next time, don't set off the alarm."
3. Boyle: "Please don't spill coffee on the top-secret file."
4. Naz: "You will have access to knowledge that if applied improperly would leave you vulnerable to charges of treason. You know I need to know that you understand this and take it seriously and that t-shirt isn't helping." Brian: "Uh, well I'll tell you this much. I don't want to go to jail. So, I'm good."
5. Harris: "Brian, you're on NZT. Are you seriously telling me you can't get out of an office building?"

Quantico - 1.03 - Cover

Quantico is winning in the flashback / flash forward competition for me, even over heavy competitor How to Get Away with Murder. While in the latter show it is used for cliffhanger shock value, Quantico is using it effectively to layer multiple aspects of the terrorism case. That is still the weakest link though as the training helps us get to know the characters better. Sadly this week's training was not near as engrossing as last, mostly because the test itself made zero sense to me. There are better ways to grow teamwork than breaking everybody apart. I did like the focus on Simon though because he's become quite the complex character. How Mark Pellegrino fits in as his boss is baffling though. It almost feels like they were grooming Alex to play this role, but not because they wanted to frame her. Instead it feels like they were grooming her to find the truth, although why they would let it go this far I have no idea. Either way, I'm staying tuned because I love the pacing of these last couple of episodes and I'm genuinely interested in how the whole thing plays out. Plus each character is more fascinating than the next.

Grade: B

Best Reason to Watch - everything is perfectly twisty
Best Scene - Shelby and Alex reconcile
Best Pay Back - Raina punches Nimah to give her a black eye too
Best Twist - Simon is in league with the Deputy Director
Best Character - Simon
Biggest Douche - tie - Shaw / Natalie
Creepiest Kid - Shaw's son saying he was getting paroled sounded like a threat instead of sharing good news
Most Likely to Get a Job on a Crime Procedural Show - Simon
Most Intriguing - Simon got kicked out of the training but he's still an agent
Most Dramatic Announcement - Alex was being framed since she started at Quantico…and it's hot in St. Louis in the summer
Stupidest Plan - getting others to say their version of the truth about someone and then posting it to create conflict doesn't make sense in a job where you have to rely on teamwork, even with Shaw's endgame
Best Plan - Simon makes it look like duress while helping Alex
The "Welcome Back" Award - Mark Pellegrino from Supernatural, The Returned, Being Human, Revolution, and much more / Anna Khaja from Stitchers

Best Quotes -
Best Quotes -
1. Caleb: "Profile me all you want. I'm an open book." Shelby: "Yeah, I've heard of it. American Psycho."
2. Raina: "I'm not mad at them, Nimah. The things they were saying…they were talking about you. Your aggression, your bad performance that I have to match. You are average. That's why I'm mad. I didn't even want to be here in the first place and now that I'm here, I'm not allowed to do my best. I'm stuck doing your best."
3. Alex: "Are you going to vote?" Shelby: "I may not like what anyone said about me but I like myself and if I voted, I wouldn't."
4. Caleb: "Tell me what you see, Alex." Alex: "I see a narcissistic sociopath that's in over his head." Caleb: "Huh, I see a butterfly."
5. Shelby: "You reach a river in the forest. Do you cross it or go around?" Amin: "I would have checked a map first."

Rosewood - 1.04 - Vandals and Vitamins

For the majority of this episode, I had made up my mind to drop Rosewood for good. I hated that Villa was still a prick to everyone. It got on my nerves in episode 2 and it wasn't getting one iota better. I can't handle douchey characters when they complain about things that are going to happen anyway. One more time listening to her carp about Rosewood getting involved when I knew he'd be there anyway and all the socks in the world would have been depleted. That's why the end of the episode was so important. They're finally acting a bit like partners which makes her a little more palpable. Rosewood has his own character flaws in that he has to always be the smartest guy in the room. It gets annoying after awhile too. That's why I loved Dr. Foster so much. He was equally smart…until they inexplicably made him a complete moron. Foul on that play. Still the best reason to watch this series is Mama Rosewood, who has a big heart and a big butinsky tendency, which makes it easy to see both sides. It is on the fact that she's joining the team that I have not dropped this show completely, although realistically it may get buried under the avalanche of other shows that also get booted to marathon status.

Grade: C+
Verdict: marathon later

Best Reason to Watch / Best Character Interaction - Rosewood vs. Foster
Best Scene - Rosewood and his mama make up and hug
Best Career Move - Villa gives all the credit to her boss
Biggest Mistake - Making Foster a killer instead of making him a grouchy sidekick. That's one great character.
Biggest Ouch - Rosewood tells his mama to back off and she leaves his spare key
Biggest Oops - Villa is snarking about the rich and powerful guy and he's right behind her
Biggest Moron - Dr. Foster admits to killing two of his patients in the non-comic version of the villain monologue. Ugh! Just ugh!
Biggest What the Heck - They go out searching for Rosie's exes but never bother to see if they even have kids when they are narrowing it down. That's some shoddy research.
Biggest Awww Moment - Villa reassures Rosie about his girlfriend / Rosie reassures his mama about her place in his life and offers her a job with him
Most Snarky - Dr. Foster
Most Persistent - Mama Rosewood, whom no one should get on her bad side
Most Jekyll and Hyde - Kat, who offers to help Rosewood track down his possible teenage son but then suddenly feels the need to push her credentials in his ex-girlfriend's face to feel more secure
Least Shocking - Rosewood does NOT have a son
Worst Plan by a Smart Guy - trying to kill someone who the whole world knows is accusing you of murder
Worst Plan Ever - telling someone they are father to a teenager in a letter (even if it ended up being untrue)
The "Say What?" Award - How exactly would it be Rosewood's fault if he didn't help a child he didn't know he had? Someone needs to take responsibility in that equation and it would be the mother that never told the father about the kid. Back off, Mama Rosewood.
The "It was Old 2 Episodes Ago" Award - The #1 problem Rosewood has is NOT that it is utterly indistinguishable from a score of other shows but that Villa is still highly antagonistic against Rosewood. We all know they will end up working together so why do we have to listen to her grouse about it Every. Single. Time. It's beyond frustrating now and my stockpile of socks dwindles far too quickly.
The "Welcome Back" Award - Adrian Pasdar from SHIELD, Burn Notice, Heroes, and Judging Amy

Best Quotes -
1. Rosewood: "Dr. Foster, thanks for making the time to see me." Foster: "I didn't. I was hoping you'd leave." Rosewood: "Oh okay." Foster: "This seems to be the only way to make sure that happens."
Rosewood: "Well when you want to see the best, what's 90 minutes you know?" Foster: "Not long enough to get you to leave."
2. Rosewood: "I want you to come work for me, part-time as much as you want to. I don't even know what your role's gonna be but what I do know is how the police are annoyed with me. They are frightened to death of you so that's gotta be useful." Donna: "Are you sure about this? We will not always get along, you know." Rosewood: "But we are always going to be family, the only family that I'll ever have, so I would love having you closer."
3. Pippy: "Yo bro, she has no job, nothing to do. Let her sink her teeth into this so she doesn't sink them into us. I'm just saying."
4. Rosewood: "The tour's over?" Foster: "Not until you see the exit."
5. Villa: "It was just something my husband used to do. He…we would sit down to watch a movie. He's got his candy. Never eat the greens, weird superstition of his. It annoyed me when he was alive. I miss it like crazy now that he's gone."

Other Shows

How To Get Away with Murder - 2.03 - It's Called the Octopus
Grade: D
~This truly sucks as an episode. I don't care one jot about any of these characters' sex lives. The only interesting parts are the hints of back story on Asher and Frank and the fact that Nate is on Wes' plan to find the truth.

Rosewood - 1.02 - Fireflies and Fidelity
Grade: C
~Way, way too much bickering and Villa is a huge douche this episode. I did like the therapist twist at the end.

Rosewood - 1.03 - Have-Nots and Hematomas
Grade: C+
~Villa is still a douche to about everyone and Rosewood suddenly becomes brain dead in a car going over 100 mph. Still the scenes with his mother raise the grade as does the case and Villa may be heading in the right direction.

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