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Quote of the Week - Week of May 10

A weekly feature highlighting the best quotes on TV as picked by the Spoiler TV team. We'd love to hear your picks too so please sound off in the comments below.

Agents of SHIELD - Fitz: “Science, biatch.” (Sharon Seymour)

1. Oliver: "Felicity, I can't defeat Ra's al Ghul." Felicity: "Oliver Queen can't. The Arrow can't. Both those men tried and both those men failed. You remember what you said to me during our night together in Nanda Parbat? You're no longer either of those men. You've become someone else, become something else. This is different now - because despite your best efforts, you've allowed yourself to feel something. I know you think that that's a weakness. It's not. It's your key to beating Ra's. Don't fight to die. Fight to live." (Tonya Papanikolas)
2. Merlyn: "I saved your lives. I believe the words you're searching for are 'thank' and 'you.'" (Tonya Papanikolas and Daniel van deer Veer)
3. Oliver: "Ra's took the Arrow identity from me. I couldn't be that person even if I wanted to be. And I don't want to be. You told me that I couldn't be the Arrow and be with you. I want to be with you. You told me that I have become someone else. And I would like to maybe discover a little more about that person - if you'll come with me." (Tonya Papanikolas)
4. Felicity: "Barry!" Barry: "Thank you, Felicity, you just outed my secret identity to a super villain. No offense." Malcolm: "None taken." (Daniel van der Veer)
5. Malcolm: "We trade Damien for the virus. That is remarkably ruthless and cold blooded. I approve." (Daniel van der Veer)

Bates Motel - Dylan: “Hey, you can always think of me as being the guy who hit on you right before you had a lung transplant.” Emma: “Are you hitting on me?” Dylan: “Well, if you don’t know, then I’m doing a pretty shitty job.” (Sharon Seymour)

Battle Creek:
1. Clint: "I feel sorry for you. I have more people that care about me in prison than you have out." (Dahne)
2. Russ: "I can't go through the rest of my life knowing that man saved me. He's a narcissistic, manipulative a** who the whole world treats like a god when he's really just the exact opposite." Ford: "Can I give you some advice?" Russ: "Sure." Ford: "Stop being a douche. What that guy did back there, you don't do that to manipulate somebody. You do that, you sacrifice yourself because you care." Russ: "No you see, you don't know him, okay? Milt always needs to be the hero. You know how many times this guy has had his picture in…" Ford: "It's a federal case and he asked for your help, right?" Russ: "Yeah he asked me because he knows that I'm better at it than he is." Ford: "Shut up. He didn't ask you because he needs your help. He isn't being a hero. He's being your friend. Lighten up. Loosen your sphincter for 20 minutes. Go have a beer with the guy. Let him into your life. Maybe get a life." (Dahne)
3. Milt: "You trust him? You….trust someone that I don't." Russ: "I'm just following the evidence, man." (Dahne)
4. Milt: "Is there anything you can tell us about the escapee…uh, Mr. Ford?" Warden: "Sure. He's an idiot. That's why I don't think I'm gonna need your help. He's gonna do something stupid and get himself caught."
5. Russ: "It's just a pointless, futile gesture to make him look good…" Ford: "Who cares? Sometimes the only way to care is with a pointless, futile gesture."

The Blacklist:
1. Liz: "I know you think you care about me. But every time you do something that makes me think you really do, you do something else that reminds me that you simply aren't capable of it." Red: "I'm a sin eater. I absorb the misdeeds of others, darkening my soul to keep theirs pure. That is what I'm capable of." Liz: "What sin of mine could you possibly have absorbed?" (Tonya Papanikolas)
2. Liz: "I don't need to know who I am to know what I want." Tom: "What do you want?" Liz: "You." (Tonya Papanikolas)
3. Liz: "You're my sin-eater." Red: "Tried to be. But I failed. I never wanted you to be..." Liz: "What?" Red: "Like me." (Tonya Papanikolas)

1. Castle: "One day you will look back and you will realize that every experience you ever had, every seeming mistake or blind alley, was actually a straight line to who you were meant to be." (Tonya Papanikolas)
2. Kate: "You asked how do I expect to lead. By continuing to fight for what's right, not for what's easy. My job is to protect the citizens of New York - and I will do it by doing my job better than anyone else and getting results. I don't cross the line. I put myself on it. And if you have any other questions, then you can ask the families of the victims that I have served." (Tonya Papanikolas)
3. Castle: "I couldn't help but wonder: If it wasn't for him, for that day in the woods, would I even be here? Would we be here?" Kate: "Babe, we're not here because of him. We're here because of who we are in the face of people like him. That's why you write mysteries. That's why I became a cop. We're both trying to bring justice to this world." (Tonya Papanikolas)

The Flash:
1. Cisco: “I’m really not enjoying being one of the good guys this week. I’m really not!" (Sharon Seymour and Dahne)
2. Lisa: "How come you haven't given me a code name. I heard you came up with Captain Cold. What do you think I should be called?" Cisco: "Female inmate." (Dahne)
3. Barry: "You know I just learned the hard way not to trust the bad guy." (Dahne)
4. Joe: "You know the difference between right and wrong and you weren't willing to blur the lines between the two. That's the kind of man you are and that's what makes you different than the Arrow. So please, no more walks on the dark side. Agreed?" (Dahne)
5. Joe: "Damn. You can't get that at Radio Shack."
6. Roy: "They're moving us." Mark: "Where?" Roy: "Funny, I didn't get an itinerary."
7. Cecille: "As your friend and quite possibly the attorney who will one day be prosecuting you, I'm telling you get as far away from this as possible."

The Good Wife - Charles Lester: "What is it with all these tough-talking women? You know a word you don't hear very much anymore? Demure. How about bringing that one back?" (Sharon Seymour)

1. Trubel: "Goodbye, Juliette." (Dahne)
2. Hank: "He's kind of dead, Nick. I don't think he's going to be answering any questions." (Dahne)
3. Wu: "Okay this is crazy. I'm going back." Hank: "No, no, no, no. This is the way Nick wanted." Wu: "Okay I'm sure Nick can handle this guy but he killed Nick's mom. What if he kills Nick?" Hank: "Then we finish what he started." (Dahne)
4. Hank: "We're gonna need you on this." Trubel: "You've got it. I never should have left."
5. Meisner: "Down with the king."

1. Ravi: "After the boat party, whenever you woke up in a body bag, how did you know you were a zombie?" Liv: "The craving brains didn't really speak to werewolves." (Dahne)
2. Clive: "Dr. C., you mind if I take your assistant on a field trip?" Ravi: "I'd sign her permission slip, but my hands are covered in viscera." (Dahne)
3. Ravi: "Can I ask…if you hadn't been able to get a job with access to pre-killed brain supply, what would you have done to feed yourself?" Liv: "Well I wouldn't have had the brains of murdered homeless teens delivered to my house like pizza." Ravi: "Lowell didn't know." Liv: "Then he didn't want to know." Ravi: "You believe in his position, you would have? What a luxury to not have to know for sure." (Dahne)
4. Clive: "Do you have time to look at a couple of YouTube videos?" Ravi: "Of failed twerking videos? Yes." Liv: "But no one lip synching to Frozen."
5. Liv: "The two of you are liable to give zombies a bad name."

Mad Men:
1. Betty: "I don't want you to think that I'm a quitter. I've fought for plenty in my life. That's how I know when it's over. It's not a weakness, it's been a gift to me - to know when to move on." (Tonya Papanikolas)
2. Don: "I know you think you know how to hustle. But this is a big crime, stealing these peoples' money. If you keep it, you'll have to become somebody else, and it's not what you think it is. You cannot get off on that foot in this life." (Tonya Papanikolas)
3. Betty (in letter to Sally): "Sally, I always worried about you because you marched to the beat of your own drum. But now I know that's good. I know your life will be an adventure. I love you." (Tonya Papanikolas)

1. Mike: "For every one you've lost, how many have you saved?" Gibbs: "I haven't saved enough." Mike: "What about yourself? Who's going to save you?" (Daniel van der Veer)
2. Sadiq Semar: "Who are you?" Joanna Teague: "A very angry mother with a short fuse." (Daniel van der Veer)
3. Daniel Budd: "I am many things to many people." Tony: "Well, to me, you're a terrorist." (Daniel van der Veer)

Once Upon a Time:
1. Rumple: “We were happy in there, we were in love.” Belle: “I was already in love. Everything we had in the book, you could have had here, you could have been a good man with a good marriage for real. Why wasn’t it good enough?” Rumple: “Because I didn't believe it. Who could ever love me?” Belle: “I knew what I was getting Rumple. I wasn’t going to pull back.” Rumple: “But I made you do just that. There's a whole world out there Belle, go with Will.” Belle: “I don’t love Will and I’m not letting you die alone.” (Nirat Anop)
2. The Apprentice: "The best way to show your love for those who are gone is to tell their stories." (Nirat Anop)
3. Emma: "Love is a part of all happiness and you have to be open to that." (Nirat Anop)
4. Regina: “There has to be another way.” Emma: “There isn’t. You worked too hard to have your happiness destroyed. You figured out how to take the darkness out of me once. You need to do it again as Heroes.” (Nirat Anop)
5. The Apprentice: “The truth is what you must write. I hope you can resist the temptation of the quill. The power to change reality is only outweighed by the cost.” Henry: “No one should have that much power.” The Apprentice: “It would seem that this time we have found the right person for the job.” (Nirat Anop)

Orphan Black:
1. Helena: “You want to be my sandwich?” Sarah: “What?” Helena: “In Siberia, when planning escape you take weak person with you, they’re called sandwich because you eat them [Helena laugh].” Sarah: “You wanna know why I left Kira with Mrs. S? Cuz I was too young and I felt tied down and trapped so I would leave Kira with S for days on end and one day Mrs S wouldn’t let me see her.” Helena: “Why she does this?” Sarah: “Cuz I was high or hangover or some shit and she was right to do that but I left town with Vic, just to show S what a mistake she had made. I missed nearly a year with my kid, just being selfish. I didn’t get to watch her grow up or share her secrets or be her mum. So you wanna hold this stupid grudge you go ahead, fine with me.” (Nirat Anop and Darth Locke)
2. Helena: "In convent I was left four months in broom closet. I do not rot.” (Nirat Anop)
3. Helena: "My seestra. She tears my heart." (Nirat Anop)
4. Mrs S: "They're all just people, love. Even your Mark." (Nirat Anop and Darth Locke)
5. Shay: "Loving is short; Forgetting is long." (Nirat Anop)
6. Felix: "You, baby Jesus. Come upstairs with me." (Nirat Anop)
7. Helena: "Shut up about the butter." (Nirat Anop)

Penny Dreadful - Mr. Lyle: “The British Museum holds the world’s largest collection of historical pornography — aside from the Vatican, of course.” (Sharon Seymour)

1. Dean: "Oh, I ain't your boy, Cletus." (Samantha)
2. Cop: "They're practically gods around here." Dean: "Yeah, well, I kill gods." (Samantha)
3. Crowley: "I've done things you can't even imagine. Horrible, evil, messy things, and I've loved every. damn. minute." (Samantha)

Veep - Amy: "You are the worst thing that has happened to this country since food in buckets. And maybe slavery!" (Sharon Seymour)

Wayward Pines:
1. Ethan: "Where's my phone and the rest of my things?" Nurse Pam: "Oh, we don't have anything of yours, but I can certainly put on my Nancy Drew detective hat and check into that for you." (Nirat Anop and Dahne)
2. Nurse Pam: “Hold still Mr. Burke or I’ll jam this bad boy right to the bone.” (Nirat Anop and Dahne)
3. Nurse Pam: “Be a good sport, come out, I’ll give you a present. The present is anesthesia for your surgery, Mr. Burke. I hope you understand that the sedative I gave you upstairs will render you unconscious. Any moment now. If you don’t come out and surrender, I promise you won’t roll into surgery right away. You’ll wake up on the operating table but you won’t be able to move, this is because of the monster dose of Suxamethonium I’ll have administered. The only movement you’ll be capable of is blinking. The surgery will take hours and you’ll be awake, alive and alert for every agonizing second.” (Nirat Anop)
4. Sheriff: "You didn't make it too far, did you?" Ethan: "How do I get out of here?" Sheriff: "You don't." (Dahne)

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