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Quote of the Week - Week of Sept. 28

A weekly feature highlighting the best quotes on TV as picked by the Spoiler TV team this past week. We'd love to hear your picks too so please sound off below the article.

The Big Bang Theory -

1. Leonard: "Marriage is scary. You're scared. I'm scared, but it doesn't make me not want to do it. It…it just makes me want to hold your hand and do it with you." (Dahne)
2. Leonard: "It's nice to see a busy couple keep the spark of bureaucracy alive." Sheldon: "Ignore them, Amy. They're just jealous because they'll never have a relationship as good as ours." Penny: "Isn't this when he says bazooka or something?" (Dahne)

Boardwalk Empire -

1. Margaret: "Nothing changes does it? Men to guard you, plans within plans. Things you say and things you don't." Nucky: "Maybe I've had my fill." (Darth Locke)
2. Joe Kennedy: "Remember sport, safety in numbers." (Darth Locke)

Castle -

1. Lanie: “You do know that living patients aren't my thing, right?” (Sharon Seymour) ~Lanie gets clarity on Kate's request that she search Rick for clues

Chicago PD -

1. Sgt Voight: ""Nah, nah. I just sent a teenager away for murder and I got a friend layin' in the morgue. I'm just gonna sit here and drink this beer." (Ben Norton)

Doctor Who -

1. Clara: "Courtney Woods. Doctor, she's been crazy, she's uncontrollable. She took your psychic paper. She’s been using it as fake ID." Doctor: "To get into museums?" (Sandi)
2. Clara: "I am done and I told him that. What is that face for, why don't you believe me?" Danny: "Cos you're still angry. You'll never finish with anyone while they'll still make you angry. Tell him when you're calm. Then tell me." Clara: "How did you get to become so wise?" Danny: "Same way as everyone else. I had a really bad day." (Sandi)

Forever -

1. Henry: "I've made an incredible discovery about my condition." Abe: "That you can pass on the secret of everlasting life?" Henry: "Better. I may have just found a way to die." Abe: "Youth is wasted on the immortal." (Bradley Adams)
2. Abe: "Because sometimes I worry. I mean, I think... Who's gonna take care of you when I'm gone?" I love Abe. He's so caring. Despite Henry's inability to die, he still worries about him. (Bradley Adams)

Gotham -

1. Oswald (answers phone) "Hello...Yes, this is he...Well, I'm looking at your son right now and he doesn't look good...Ma'am, I assure you your son is not trying to trick you...No, he will die a horrible unless you...No,no, really truly, he isn't joking. I'm not joking. I will poke his eyeballs out!...How can you say that, you saw the video I sent. I'm not lying...Madam, ma'am, calm yourself, if ten thousand is too much I'm sure we can...Hello? Hello?" (hangs up) "Well, that's disappointing. She didn't believe me. You must be quite the scamp." (Sandi)

Gracepoint -

1. Beth: "Promise me, Ellie, because I don't know your boss. You and me we go back. The boys go back. I'm relying on you to catch them." (Ben Norton)
2. Ellie: "He's…um, he's from the city." Jack: "Sorry to hear that." (Dahne)

Once Upon a Time -

1. Regina: "Always the villian, even when I'm not." (Nirat Anop)
2. Emma: "Henry brought me to Storybrooke to bring back the Happy Endings. My job is not done until I do that for everyone, including you." (Nirat Anop)
3. Emma: "Be patient." Hook: "I have all the time in the world, unless another monster appears and kills me." (Darth Locke)
4. Charming: "No one's been incinerated yet, so that's a good sign." (Darth Locke)

Red Band Society -

1. Nurse Jackson: "You're in withdrawal." Kara: "Withdrawal?" Nurse Jackson: "Yes, you're a drug addict." Kara: "No I'm not. I just like pills - pills to stay up, pills to fall asleep and pills to help me study." (Tonya Papanikolas)
2. Leo: "The thing I don't get is why. Why would he lie about something like that?" Dash: "Because he's a Ponzi-scheming Decepticon." (Tonya Papanikolas)

Person of Interest -

1. Reese: (picks up payphone) "Hey. Does this work? (smashes phone into the biker's face) Yep, works just fine." (Bradley Adams)
2. Finch: “If we lose and Samaritan wins, the world as we know it will vanish, and no one will even notice it until it’s far too late.” (Bradley Adams and Darth Locke)
3. Finch: "You don't understand, Mr. Reese. The creator of the game isn't a isn't even human. It's Samaritan." (Darth Locke)

Scorpion -

1. Paige: "Sometimes it is okay to admit you don't know all the answers." (Ben Norton)
2. Gallo: "Your Trojan horse is a 2 for 1 sub coupon." (Dahne)
3. Toby: "Well rappers may have 99 or so problems but misplacing paychecks is not one of them." (Dahne)

Selfie -

1. Eliza: "I was praying that the whole company forgot about my epic fail or at the very least was willing to make like Elsa and let it go." (Dahne)
2. Eliza: "When Siri is the only person who's there for you, it kind of makes you realize that being friended is not the same thing as having friends." (Dahne)

Sleepy Hollow -

1. Ichabod: "So the blessed rite between a man and a woman…" Abbie: "… has become a billion-dollar business — and some great, guilty-pleasure TV." (Sharon Seymour) ~Abbie introducing Ichabod to the concept of the wedding industry
2. Abbie: "This is insane!" Ichabod: "So much of my life can be characterized under those auspices." (Sharon Seymour) ~Abbie and Ichabod consider whether to raise a monster to fight the Headless Horseman

Stalker -

1. Jack: "I'm getting a vibe - like I just made a really bad first impression...." Beth: "A vibe?"
Jack: "Yeah, like you don't like me." Beth: "Don't be silly. I'm sporadically rude." (Tonya Papanikolas and Bradley Adams)
2. Caldwell (Victor Rasuk): "Kurt Wild's real name is Buford Posey." Larsen: "Good call with the name change." (Bradley Adams)

The Strain -
1. Vasiliy: "How did you get started doing all this stuff?" Dutch Velders: "It's a long story - another time." Vasiliy: "I assume you answered an ad in misfits quarterly. No - some correspondence course for anti-social anarchists." (Tonya Papanikolas)
2. Dutch: "I specialize in passionate, destructive relationships." Fet: "The best kind." (Sharon Seymour) ~Dutch's answer to Fet's “Men, or women?” inquiry is even more provocative than he expected

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