Thursday, October 10, 2013

Arrow - 2.01 - City of Heroes - Best Scene Poll

Since this is our first Best Scene poll for Arrow this season, here's the basics for anyone who has not participated before. Polls will be posted on either Thursday or Friday. There will be 10-12 voting options and the last one will always be Other. If you do not like the choices, please tell what your choice would be in the comments. There has never been a time in Arrow where I do not have at least twice as many scenes written down as I am allowed to post, so if your favorite scene isn't there, it is nothing personal. It just means that there are a lot of awesome scenes in Arrow. In fact, sometimes I have to combine some things to narrow the choices.

For each poll, you will be allowed to choose only one scene but we encourage you to name your runners-up in the comments as well. Polls do not close, but there is only one vote per IP per poll. Sometimes I will also throw in a bonus poll. These do not have the same choice limitations so they may be longer, although I still cannot put every great option in there so I edit for length. This will usually have an Other choice as well. As always, happy voting!

Since this is the Arrow season premiere, a bonus poll is of course necessary. These are just some of the much narrowed down great quotes list. Sometimes it is for the words themselves, others for the delivery. Vote your choice and happy voting.

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