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Supernatural - 1.02 - Wendigo - Short Take

Brief synopsis (including the ending):

After a week of unsuccessfully searching for Jessica's killer, Dean and Sam leave Stanford for Blackwater Ridge in Colorado, where John's coordinates lead. Campers are missing, including Tommy, brother of Hailey and Ben Collins. They team up with Hailey, Ben, and a guide named Roy. Sam realizes they are hunting a wendigo, a monster man who turns to cannibalism to survive a harsh winter and can only be killed by fire. Roy gets cocky, which means he gets dead, and the wendigo captures Dean and Hailey. Sam and Ben follow the trail of M & Ms Dean leaves behind to the wendigo's lair, where they find Dean, Hailey, and Tommy. Dean tells Sam to get the family out while he plays bait. The wendigo traps Sam and the Collins family, but Dean kills it with a flare gun. At the ambulance, Hailey thanks Dean and kisses him on the cheek. Sam and Dean decide they hate camping; Sam chooses to drive.

Favorite scene: Dean and Sam talk by the campfire. The whole purpose of the show is defined by one conversation.

It's in the details:

The first time I saw this episode, I completely jumped when the hand came out of the grave.

Dean offers to let Sam drive after he awakens from a nightmare. Great brother moment.

Dean's complete faith that John will have the answers they need.

Sam gulps when the ranger calls them on their alias.

Hailey asks for id before letting them into the house because she's actually a smart PiP.

Hailey admires the Impala. Seriously, who wouldn't?

Dean identifies with Hailey's family situation throughout the episode .

Teen goth girl stickers on the laptop.

Dean's expression right before he says "Nothing" and tosses the bag at Sam.

When Hailey stops Dean to confront him, Sam and Dean have a silent head nod conversation. Sam doesn't move on until Dean nods that he can handle it. Great, subtle brother moment. BEST LITTLE MOMENT OF ALL!

Dean's provisions.

Dean kneels down by Hailey to give her hope.

Sam figures out a wendigo lured them away from the camp.

Sam's small smile in the campfire scene.

Hailey reassuring Ben that it will be okay.

Ben finds the M & M trail

Dean twirls the flare guns

Dean winks at Hailey before going off as bait.

Sam steps in front of the Collins family as the wendigo gets closer.

Dean's shock when Hailey kisses him on the cheek.

Top 5 lines:

5. Dean: "Nobody likes a skeptic Roy."
4. Dean: "This book, this is Dad's single most valuable possession. Everything he knows about every evil thing is in here and he's passed it on to us. I think he wants us to pick up where he left off. You know, saving people, hunting things - the family business."
3. Dean: "Oh sweetheart, I don't do shorts."
2. Dean: "It's trying to draw us out. Just stay cool. Stay put." Roy: "Inside the magic circle."
1. Dean: "Chow time you freaky b***. Yeah, that's right. Bring it on baby. I taste good."

Other Lines:

Brad (Sore Loser Guy): "Dude you're cheating." Gary (Dead Glee Guy): "No, you just suck."
Dean: "Recycle man."
Dean: "I don't know….maybe we should know what we are walking into before we actually walk into it."
Sam: "So it's probably something else. Something corporeal." Dean: "Corporeal? Excuse me professor."
Dean: "Whatever we're talking about, we're talking about a creature and it's corporeal, which means we can kill it."
Dean: Yeah, what are we going to tell her? She can't go out in the woods because of a big scary monster."
Hailey: "And you're hiking out in biker boots and jeans?' Dean: "Oh sweetheart, I don't do shorts."
Dean: "Tell me, did Bambi or Yogi ever hunt you back?"
Dean: "Besides, it's probably the most honest I've ever been with a woman. Ever."
Dean: "What do you mean I didn't pack provisions?"
Dean: "You want to tell me what's going on in that freaky head of yours." Sam: "Dean…" Dean: "No, you're not fine. You're like a powder keg, man. It's not like you. I'm supposed to be the belligerent one remember?"
Sam: "I've got to find dad. I've got to find Jessica's killer. It's the only thing I can think about."
Dean: "Ok, alright, Sam we'll find them, I promise. Listen to me, you've got to prepare yourself. I mean this search could take awhile. And all that anger, you can't keep it burning over the long haul. It's going to kill you. You've got to have patience man."
Dean: "For one, them. I mean I figure our family is so screwed to hell maybe we can help some others. Makes things a little bit more bearable. And I'll tell you what else helps, killing as many evil sons of b** as I possibly can."
Sam: "So we've got half a chance in the daylight and I for one, want to kill this evil son of a b**."
Sam: "It's better than bread crumbs."
Dean: "Looks like someone's home for supper."
Dean: "Hey, you want some white meat b**. I'm right here."
Hailey: "Must you cheapen the moment?" Dean: "Yeah."
Dean: "Man I hate camping."

Episode Score = 3

Scorecard - Here's how the rankings break down in my scorecard.

1 = One of the best episodes in all of Supernatural, or in all of TV for that matter.
2 = A great episode when judged against other Supernatural episodes.
3 = A good Supernatural episode, which means it's better than almost anything else on TV
4 = A poor episode when judged against other SPN episodes, meaning still better than most TV.
5 = A bad episode, meaning only better than some TV.

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