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Supernatural - SPN Fan Week - Fan Fic version

It's almost here! A new episode of Supernatural airs tonight and nothing, absolutely nothing, is going to keep me away. Not you CW, not blizzard conditions, not even friends and family. I'm turning off the phone. No interruptions at all. What can I say? I'm a little excited. I know I'm not the only one.

Don't forget to tell everyone you know (and complete strangers) to tune in to Smallville and Supernatural tonight. We want the numbers high and the buzz burgeoning. If you know Nielsen families, bug them. They don't have to watch it even - just turn the show on. Who knows? Maybe their interest will be peaked and we will have new fans who count in the ratings.

Back to SPN Fan Week though. We have our winners in the Mystery Spot and Anticipated Episode polls. Dean smooshed by a piano got 24% of the votes for Best Mystery Spot Death while tonight's episode, Like a Virgin, is the one fans are most looking forward to. It got 30% of the vote. Sounds like there will be plenty of people tuning in to see what happened to Sam and SPOILER who the big bad for this season is.

Today's Challenge:

Today we celebrate all those great writers in the SPN fandom. From supernatural tales to brotherly vignettes, Supernatural fans have written millions of pages based on the show. They've crossed Supernatural with every other conceivable fan base and made some characters come to life that were only on the screen for a minute (Talking about you Pastor Jim and Caleb.) They've made some characters stronger and in my opinion better (yep - Jo, that's you) and filled in gaps we've all been questioning like what the Winchester childhood was like. Whether you are a fan of fan fiction or not, you have to agree that SPN fans have great imaginations and they are not afraid to unleash heaven and hell on the Winchester verse.

So today, comment on all your favorite fan fiction writers and your favorite stories. One of my favorites was written in season 1 and is the length of a short novel. It's about a case the Winchester brothers take shortly after Dean's ordeal in Faith. It contains Sammy's college friends and a unique ghost story along with flash backs to the Winchesters as teens. It's called In Reverse by sodakey. It will take a long time to read, but I do it every year. You can also tell us your favorite places to go to find fan fiction. Mine is


1. Credit the author when you talk about the story.
2. Provide the link if you know it.
3. This is a family-friendly site so try to keep it clean. For the love of all things djinn-happy, warn people if it is rated R or above or if it is WINCEST. I hate getting into a story and then needing the brain bleach.

Other things to do:

1. PROMOTE Supernatural tonight. Use all the web-based sites you know. Call a friend who might not know. If you're in a blizzard, this is a great time to get home-locked people to try it. Our goal is to have the best ratings we ever had.

2. Once you watch Supernatural, talk about it. Let everyone know you watched it. Keep buzz building. Most of us don't count in the ratings, but we can make our presence known. Go back to that CW feedback box and gush about how much you love Supernatural. This time let's break the comment box by the positive feedback of finally seeing new episodes. We've already told them how much we dislike the station. Now let's show them how much we love the show.

3. Keep writing the cast and crew with our appreciation. Tell them what you liked about the episode or how much you are looking forward to an upcoming episode. Keep encouraging them to do the awesome work that keeps us coming back for more.

Supernatural Cast & Crew
8085 Glenwood Drive
Burnaby BC
V3N 5C8

4. Join an online Supernatural party. Here's your invite to SammWinchester's.

5. Join in the today's topic: All I've Learned in Life, I've Learned From the Winchesters. What has watching Supernatural taught you? For instance, "People are crazy."

6. As always, let a Supernatural fan know you appreciate them.

Thanks to everyone who participated in SPN Fan Week. You made my wait more bearable and helped me have fun while doing it. I really appreciate you guys, even those of you that don't comment but are there with us in spirit. The Supernatural fandom is awesome when we have a common purpose. Let's remember all the fabulous things we have done together the next time the details tempt us to divide. Because like I said before, as long as the Impala's roaring and the Winchesters are saving, things are good. Thanks for being a big, fun, crazy family and have an excellent Supernatural night tonight. Here's to new episodes! Happy SPN Fan Week!

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